Video: How to access Nodalview Panoramas and HDR Photos | Video courtesy of Nodalview YouTube Channel (6 April 2020)

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This is one of many Nodalview training videos uploaded to the Nodalview YouTube SA/NV Channel today (Monday, 6 April 2020)

Transcript (Video Above)

Remember, a tour is a virtual visit to a house or an apartment, for example.

To create a virtual visit, we're going to enter the tour we would like to edit. In order to enter a tour, you simply have to click on panorama.

And you will have access to all the 360-degree shots, but also to the AGR pictures taken with the Nodalview [iOS | Android] app.

So we are now in the B123E - Louise 401 tour, with four panoramas and 15 pictures. If you notice that some shots are missing from your tour, it might be possible that they have yet to be uploaded from the Nodalview app on your smartphone.

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