WGAN-TV S.U.C.C.E.S.S. in Selling Matterport 3D Tours and Real Estate Photography #1209-How To Get New Clients And Improve Business with MasterMessaging Founder David Kurkjian


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I could imagine that you have received an objection to the price that you charge.

So, how do you overcome this objection?

In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1209, above), MasterMessaging Founder David Kurkjian talks about communicating value to justify the price of your Matterport tours.

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- We asked of our Community, We Get Around Network Forum Community, what kind of objections do you hear constantly? And I think a typical comment is, "I got a quote from another photographer who can do it for much cheaper than that." Can you help me understand, with that typical objection by a member of the We Get Around Network Community, how do you apply the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Formula?

- Yeah. So, unfortunately, and again there's no silver bullet to the answer to that question. But there is an understanding of the principle that your audience heard earlier in our conversation, and that is the communication of value.

So anytime you get pushback on price, "Well, I can get it cheaper. "I can get it somewhere else," or, "I don't necessarily need it today," what they're literally saying to you is, "Dan, you did not do a good enough job "in communicating the value of your product or service "to justify the price that you just asked for."

So unfortunately, if it's at the end of the conversation, again you just need to chalk it up to, "I did not do a good enough job "of creating this contrasting worldview." When you do an excellent job of creating the contrasting worldview, it mitigates the likelihood that they're going to compare you to somebody else because they understand the value that was represented in the conversation that you had. So that's the reality or truth that you can get away.

And again I've been asked this question hundreds of time, "How do I overcome the price objection?" And my answer is do a better job of communicating value next time.

- So let's say that we can communicate the value and we're absolutely, they're spot on, imagine that three times, "Here's how."

- Right.

- But there's a photographer that does exactly what you do, who's, "We'll do it for less." So how do I, how does our Community, that is typically using the same solution that's now offered by more than one photographer, differentiate themselves so that that's part of that value proposition?

- Yeah, the only other way to come back to that would be to ask some, "Compared to what," okay? So you're saying that there's somebody else that can do exactly what I do for a price point that's much less. So what is it that they, what's this future state that they created for you? What outcomes did they talk about that they're going to be able to create for you? If it comes down to, again if it's exactly the same, unfortunately, I don't have an answer for that.

Other than I would find it hard to believe that if somebody in your audience use the technique and the principle that we've just discussed, unless the other company that the prospect spoke to did the exact same thing in creating this future state, I don't think they're going to compare you to that other company. Because that other company would've just spent all this time talking about the technology, not the outcome.

- Yes. And I would say, if we really pressed really hard and to say, "Well, what differentiates you "from the next photographer and the next photographer?" Well, it may be that the one photographer offers not just still photography and this 3D tour solution but also offers aerial photography and videography. And we can do that all with one order rather than having to source it to two photographers or three photographers.

- Yeah.

- We carry $2 million in liability insurance. Did the other photographer do that? "So imagine that they come in and they break something or they fall down or something happens on the job," would that be an example of differentiating?

- Yeah, and so, and I'm glad you said that, because it just jogs something in my thought process. When you paint this picture of, "Hey, what if you could do this, "what if you could this, what if you could do this," you can and here's how. To your point, when you give the explanation of how, that's when you'd want to incorporate the things that are unique to your solution, some of the things that you just suggested.

Because now when they hear that, and they hear the how of how you do it, they're going to compare that how with the other company that they're making reference to that they can get it from cheaper and they're going to realize, "If I want this future state that Dan just communicated, his how has some unique things in it that are going to allow that to happen. Therefore, I need to pick Dan." So that would be a way to do it.

- And I would say those that are watching WGAN-TV Live at 5 today with you, I would say are also the photographers who've probably been at it the longest, thinking about, "Hey, I'm just not getting as many new clients as I would like. I'm not winning, getting as much business from my existing clients since I want, I don't understand, I've been doing this for five years."

Well, bingo, that person who is selling at a cheaper price point may very well be just got the camera, is looking to get some new clients is coming in at a lower price point. So it maybe ... if you're going to fly a plane, do you want your pilot someone who's been flying for 10 years or someone who just started?"

- [David] Right.

- Because it's not when things go, when things go right, we all can fly the plane.

- [David] Right.

- Don't go right, you want the seasoned, experienced photographer that can make the judgment call. And the example I guess I think of, and I certainly have not gotten it down to a few words, but when the photographer goes to a home and is often the homeowner's still in the house that you're representing that real estate agent.

- Yeah.

- "Who do you want in the house? Someone who's a seasoned, experienced person whose going to say and do the right things, that speak well about that agent versus somebody who is a person with a camera that just got it, who's doing it for less but may not represent the client in the best, the agent in the best possible way to their client?"

- Yeah.

- I haven't said that right. But I think what I'm trying to struggle for is to say, there really are ways for photographers to differentiate themselves from other photographers even though it might seem like we all shoot the same solution.

- I would agree with that. And again, but you have to always tie it back to the outcome in the future state that you've painted the picture of. Whatever it is that you believe is unique to your business has to support what you said in, "Hey, what if you can have this?" Well, you can by working with one of the most experienced 3D photographers in Atlanta.

"We've been doing this for over 20," again whatever the spiel is, "We've been doing this for over 15 years, which means when we interact with your customers, the home buyer or the home seller, they're going to have a very professional impression of your agency because of our knowledge of how to do ..." again there's ways to say that but it has to always be tied back to the outcome.

Because they're looking for any supporting information on how you're going to create this future state. And then the other thing that I'll say is in a commoditized market like you're describing, the uniqueness can actually show up in the way that you're communicating with your prospect.

So I firmly believe that your audience, if there are individuals in the audience that'll take what they've heard today and apply it to the conversations, they're going to stand out as being unique and different just in the way that they're communicating with the prospect.

- A big difference than somebody that says, "How much?"

- Right.

- And all you do is answer the email with, "I charge X per square foot."

- Right, right. Perfect point, yeah.

Source: How to Speak the Language of Decision: S.U.C.C.E.S.S. in Selling 3D Tours and Real Estate Photography