Video: DaVinci Resolve - Reframe Qoocam 8K, Insta360 One R & GoPro Max FREE & DOESN'T SUCK! | Video courtesy of CreatorUp YouTube Channel | (14 February 2020)

Video: Edit 360° Video w/ DaVinci Resolve 16 - Tripod Removal, PanoMap, Spherical Stabilizer + Ignite Pro | Video courtesy of CreatorUp YouTube Channel | (21 February 2020)

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From CreatorUp YouTube Channel for the top video (above):

Finally, a complete FREE professional solution for reframing 360 videos with Easy Ease and Cinematic Motion Blur in Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 16 for GoPro MAX, Kandao Qoocam 8K, Insta360 One R and Insta360 One X. If you don't want to pay for Adobe Premiere or FCPX, this is the solution for you. We will go over the best way to stitch and import 360 footage from 360 cameras into your computer, and how to approach 360 reframe from a storytelling perspective.

0:00 - Overview of what you are going to learn
2:46 - How to stitch Qoocam 8K for BEST output (Qoocam Studio tutorial)
4:27 - GoPro MAX export suggestions
5:09 - How to stitch Insta360 One R for BEST output ("No-Stitch" vs "Stitch" workflow)
7:05 - Focus on STORY: a different way of thinking reframing in 360
8:04 - How to storyboard in 360
9:05 - reframe 360 in DaVinci Resolve 16
10:32 - DaVinci Resolve 16 project organization & Timeline basic
13:52 - Reframe 360 step by step
22:23 - Reframe Qoocam 8K, color grading, and export (the full workflow from start to finish)
25:24 - How to color correct and color grade a 360 Video
28:03 - How to export your reframed video in DaVinci Resolve

And, for the bottom video (above) ...

In episode TWO of How to Edit 360 Video with DaVinci Resolve 16, we are going to learn how to view immersive 360 videos in the FREE version or in Fusion, how to remove a tripod or a drone with Latlong Patcher, and how to stabilize shaky 360 footage with VR Spherical Stabilizer. We are using real 360 footage from Insta360 ONE R, Qoocam 8K and Labpano Pilot One 8K as exercise files. We will also introduce FXHome HitFilm Ignite Pro 360 plugins for Resolve.

0:00 - What we are going to learn
3:29 - Project setup
4:26 - Optimize Media in DaVinci Resolve - the Proxy workflow
6:27 - How to View in 360 - Fusion 16 360° View In-depth
9:08 - FXHome Ignite Express and Ignite Pro - another FREE or cheaper solution
11:11 - 360VR re-orient with Fusion PanoMap
13:13 - Remove Tripod and Drone - Paint Fix in 360 WITHOUT Photoshop
16:23 - Stabilizing ANY 360VR Video with DaVinci Resolve VR Spherical Stabilizer
19:40 - How to render and publish on Facebook 360 and YouTube VR

Source: CreatorUp YouTube Channel

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