Hello WGAN Forum:

Lots of interest being generated about this new offering for WGAN Forum Members from EyeSpy360!

Recently, I asked Andrew, CEO of EyeSpy360, if he might put together a marketing piece to assist us in selling these services to prospective clients. He was kind enough to provide a DRAFT, v1.0 from which to make edit recommendations.

The following link contains 2 files: affremedia.com/misc.html . The 1st is the DRAFT marketing piece just mentioned and the 2nd is the eXp Realty marketing piece they put together for agents. The eXp doc is being provided, because it contains components I believe could be helpful in the DRAFT marketing piece for us. Thus it is enclosed for your comparison/contrasting purposes.

Anyhow, if you wouldn't mind, please weigh in with suggestions and mods for the DRAFT doc. After a few days, the goal is to consolidate your suggestions into an email back to Andrew so they may apply our thinking to the final piece. Then, it will be made available to anyone who wishes to use it in the marketing.

Thanks in advance for your inputs.