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"six sight unseen listings per year…now, in the three and a half years"10823

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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Screen Grab courtesy of

Hi All,

"For Dallas Fort Worth Keller Williams agent Jay Acker and his company, Real Estate by Design, Matterport walkthroughs have led to his team’s sight unseen transactions doubling over the past three years," according to this Matterport sponsored content article appearing on today (13 January 2020). "'We were, on average, selling six sight unseen listings per year…now, in the three and a half years of having Matterport, we are trending to 12 to 16. These are homes people have never set their eyes on,' he says."

"With the ability to have an accurate viewing of the home from anywhere, there aren’t any surprises when they see the place in-person. People buying sight unseen vary from young professionals moving to an apartment in a new city, to ‘snowbirds’ moving south to follow the sun."

Source: Matterport via Inman

In your marketing pitch to agents, should you be telling them to tell prospective home, owners, "plus, when you engage us to sell your home, a Matterport Digital Twin of your home may help get an offer from an out-of-town buyer even without doing an actual walk-through."

Your thoughts?



P.S. The article also has some other helpful nuggets to market Matterport Digital Twins to real estate agents ...
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Bon Secour, Alabama
Chemistrydoc private msg quote post Address this user
I have personal experience with at least 6 agent clients of mine who have sold even luxury condominiums here using the Matterport as the sole "property visit"- no actual on-site tour. I know of one buyer from as far away as Arizona who made the purchase decision on a $1.1 million property from just viewing the listing/Matterport. More remarkable is that this state (Alabama) is a so-called "buyer beware" state where buyers have relatively few consumer protections.

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