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Will you say Matterport Digital Twin going forward; or Matterport 3D Tour?10822

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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user



Screen Grabs courtesy of Matterport Website. (Highlighting of Digital Twin by Dan Smigrod)

Will you say Matterport Digital Twin going forward; or Matterport 3D Tour?

Hi All,

I noticed in December 2019, that Matterport has started saying Matterport Digital Twin instead of Matterport 3D Tour in its press releases.

I like it. Going forward, I will also say Matterport Digital Twin instead of Matterport 3D Tour.

Even before I got started with Matterport (July 2014), I was shooting 360ºs with my DSLR to create virtual tours. As many of us are (painfully) aware, the generic term, Virtual Tours, has been used to describe:

✓ slide shows with music
✓ a single 360º photo sphere
✓ a tour of 360ºs photos
✓ a 3D Tour
✓ Virtual Reality
✓ VR

And, even before there was virtual reality, the International Virtual Reality Photography Association (IVRPA) used the term Virtual Reality to describe 360ºs photos.

Plus Matterport tried True3D to try to differentiate itself.

No wonder that we are all confused about what to call a Matterport (intentionally and incorrectly used as a noun).

If we are confused, imagine our clients!

Clearly a Matterport is different than a slide show with music or a tour of 360º photos.

Enter Digital Twin.

I recall hearing the term Digital Twin for the first time at a SPAR3D conference a few years ago for what we all think of Matterport, Cupix, iGuide and other 3D (or Digital Twin solutions). I liked it then and I like it now because Digital Twin is descriptive and sufficiently separates itself from slides shows with music and 360º tours.

"A digital twin is a digital replica of a living or non-living physical entity," according to Wikipedia, siting an April 2018 IEEE Multimedia story titled, "Digital Twins: The Convergence of Multimedia Technologies" that says the term as been used since the early 2000s.

"... digital twins are being redefined as digital replications of living as well as nonliving entities that enable data to be seamlessly transmitted between the physical and virtual worlds. Digital twins facilitate the means to monitor, understand, and optimize the functions of all physical entities and for humans provide continuous feedback to improve quality of life and well-being," says the IEEE story.

Given that Matterport thrives in the AEC space, it makes sense to refer to a Matterport as a Digital Twin. The added benefit of using the term, Digital Twin, in other verticals is that Digital Twin is both descriptive and helps Matterport separate itself from solutions that clearly are not digital twins.

What are your thoughts? Will you switch to saying Matterport Digital Twin or stick with Matterport 3D Tour or Matterport Tour or Matterport 3D Showcase Tour?


Chief Photographer and Digital Twin Creator
We Get Around Atlanta

Screen Grab from a Matterport Media Release (12 December 2019). Highlight of Digital Twin by Dan Smigrod
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Astroprojector private msg quote post Address this user
Honestly, I do really care what its called as long as I can convince people that they need virtual tours.
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photosintheround private msg quote post Address this user
I definitely like the name “Digital Twin”. That being said, I think that Digital Twin and Virtual Tour are two different things. Digital twin would be a noun and a virtual tour, which is a verb, takes place inside a digital twin.
Of course a “virtual tour” could also be a noun?
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johnwheatley private msg quote post Address this user
@photosintheround, not that it matters much, I think "tour" is a noun or a kind of verb depending on context. "virtual" before "tour" is an adjective describing what kind of tour (noun)it is. For example, if you want to take a virtual tour, then "take" is the verb, and "virtual" describe what kind of "tour" (noun) is being taken. If you want to use the verb infinitive of tour, as in, "I am going to tour the building," then "am" is really the verb, while I am not sure what to call the other part of the sentence, "going to tour," maybe verb infinitive? Anyway, if you wanted to turn virtual tour into an action (verb) then you would need to turn the adjective, "virtual" into and adverb, "virtually."

Why did I write all this? I was just trying to figure it out myself. I think best out loud like this.
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photosintheround private msg quote post Address this user
@johnwheatley, THANKS!!! I always appreciate a good grammar review!!!!!

I agree with you!!

So...... Digital Twin is definitely a noun....and Virtual Tour is definitely a noun.

That would make Digital Twin a "place" type of noun and Virtual Tour a "thing" type of noun.
Both nouns.....just not interchangeable.

I think that my idea makes sense..... that a Virtual Tour takes place inside a Digital Twin!!!
Does that make sense???


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johnwheatley private msg quote post Address this user
@photosintheround - Makes sense.
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