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Selling tactics for Business tour services.10800

Club Member
Queensland, Australia
Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
I have watched a few dosen videos and read a lot of guides how to sell but majority(like 99%) of them are just talking about the same "find what problems business is having and offer them a solution. That actually puzzles me a lot to the point that I do not believe I cannot find anything useful for me this way. What puzzles me:

1) I have never seen anybody who would jump out of joy and start telling a person they do not know what problems their business is experiencing. If somebody unknown comes to me and ask me I would probably say "I am ok" or start questioning who is asking and why I need to tell an unknown person about my problems.

2)Let's say I am in a good mood to chat about my problems with just about anybody and I am running a restaurant and my stove does not work. So I reply "bloody stove stops working every day and does not work right now" or "two waitresses are sick today and I have 5 tables reserved for a big party".

Let's Assume that person who is asking me is a salesman for commercial stoves and also can offer a repair service. That's good for him and he gets a lead and can try to sell a product or a service because he is just offering a solution to the current problem. If it is not a stove problem but waitresses being sick that's bad for him because he cannot solve a problem.

3)Now if he is a trusted photographer what's the point for him to ask "what problems do you have in your business?" unless he expects to hear "Slow sales", "no orders" or "very few people coming to my restaurant"?

What are chances to hear that from a business running by mums/dads? In my short experience with sales by talking to at least 30 unknown to me before owners none of them has said that and I do not believe anybody will ever do.

So what are real steps when you are selling something that people are not looking for now & technically have 0 interest in. It is just you who are sure that after they see that more customers are coming, calling or just viewing your business they most likely to love it?

These are the questions for walk in sales and cold calling.

And now if you advertise your business tours service online how do you attract these small business owners so they can at least want to try to get more information from you?
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Cincinnati, OH
leonherbert private msg quote post Address this user
Look at their Google Business Page and see what it looks like. Note down all points that can be improved on, from phone numbers to reviews. Note to see if they virtual tours and photographs and how often they are updated. Ask to speak to the owner and give them the sheet. Discuss with them the critical importance this has for their business. 75% of what you told them they can do themselves. The other 25% you can assist with, you show them on your ipad what the virtual tour looks like.

Apparently sales is a numbers game, I know I don't put in enough numbers.

Referrals from these happy clients is where you will get most of your business.
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Fast Start
Peterborough, United Kingdom
angusnorriss private msg quote post Address this user
@Wingman I see your point and here’s how I approach it if in a cold-call conversation

Me: have you considered a video listing to get on page 1 of Google?


Do you know how much business you would get if you were on page of 1 Google for (their search term).

Restaurant Owner: No. And what’s a video listing?

Me: it’s a video walkthrough of your premises. It’s over 40% more effective than text and boosts your ranking 52x what it currently is.

(You can calculate traffic for search terms on SEOMoz or Google’s Keyword Planner.)

Owner: How long does it take?

Me: up to 7 days to produce video content. Then between 3-6 months for your rank to start climbing and appearing higher up.

Here’s a Google report of a similar client I helped (reference their google analytics if you can).

Close: Would you like several thousand more customers to find you like this? Shall we schedule a scan?

(More snippets here and stats)

I tend to use Mattervids to produce the video and put it on YouTube all tagged up with descriptors.

I also publish to Google maps.

Give them 1 number to pay and a small annual/monthly hosting fee so they don’t lose touch with you.

Markup your incurred cost of Mattervids and Google Publishing. I don’t baffle them with science of how I do it and lots of separate charges.
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Cincinnati, OH
leonherbert private msg quote post Address this user
@angusnorriss Good take thanks for the input
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WGAN Forum
Founder &
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Screen Grab


An upcoming WGAN-TV Live at 5 show -- 5 pm EST (GMT -5) Thursday, 16 January 2020

How to Speak the Language of Decision: S.U.C.C.E.S.S. in Selling 3D Tours and Real Estate Photography

Hope you can tune in.


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