WGAN-TV Matterport Workshop 3.0 Part 3 of 5 Short Story #642- Zooming Your Snapshot

Hi All,

Did you know that you can zoom in and zoom out when creating Matterport SnapShots?

In this WGAN-TV Short Story (above) Matterport Workshop 3.0 Part 3 of 5, Matterport Content Marketing Manager Amir Frank shows us how to zoom in/out in Matterport Workshop when creating Matterport SnapShots.

Plus, Amir gives us some additional tips when using this Matterport Workshop feature 3.0.

What questions do you have have using Matterport SnapShot in Matterport Workshop?

Happy New Year,


P.S. Watch all five full episodes of WGAN-TV Matterport Workshop 3.0 Training Week in the WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport)