WGAN-TV Matterport Meets Insurance Underwriting and Risk Management- #1175-How Matterport Service Providers can tap into Insurance Underwriting Business in 2020

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A discussion of how Matterport Service Providers can tap into Insurance Underwriting Business in 2020 in this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1175 above). A transcript of this Short Story appears below.

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Transcript: WGAN-TV: Matterport Meets Insurance Underwriting and Risk Management

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Transcript (of video above)

- So beyond becoming proficient in all the different tools and solutions that Matterport offers, beyond getting certified in some Matterport certification program that we'll look to in 2020, what is the Matterport Service Provider, what can they do today to say, "Okay, I watched this show for an hour "and fifteen minutes, I get it, sounds exciting, "I Want a piece of this business", do they start looking up in their markets, risk engineering, insurance underwriting, do they call on their local--

- I would recommend on our website to go to our service provider page and express interest and share their information if they are not already registered with us and let us know that they're interested in serving this segment of the market and we can obviously work to keep them in the pool of capture partners that we want to provide.

I'm currently not at liberty to say a lot about what we're creating, but it's going to be pretty exciting and we're aggressively working on really building up our platform to be able to allow this segment of the business to expand exponentially. And it will be something that will have public face in-tune to share with all the current service providers,

I think they're going to like it, and I think it's really going to do a great job of serving the need of the demand in the insurance industry, but I think at large, many industries that have the use for this.

- It's very exciting, I think, you know I bought my camera in July of 2014, there wasn't, you know, I was probably one of the first that bought a Matterport camera, there wasn't a network of us. I think today there's probably thousands and thousands that equal critical mass and now it's being able to cover certainly in the United States, but how do you then efficiently match up service providers, buyers of Matterport Tours with sellers of Matterport Tours?

- So like I said, I'm not at liberty to share all because it's not complete yet, but we are looking at a global solution that makes it extremely easy for anyone that would like a professional capture to be able to nearly one click request and then immediately identify geographically providers in those locales and be able to respond quickly and help providers get good alignment with business potentially. This isn't, in the past, something that Matterport is not something that we want to say, "You're going to build business and we're going to help you "create and run a business."

That's not who we are. But we are providing a medium that has a great opportunity for individuals that both have the means and the capability to create a system that they can operate a business with. I imagine that there's a number of people that this might be the primary function of their business, but we can't make any claims or guarantees to anybody today, how this looks.

We know that the opportunity is huge, we know that we're going to try to fulfill a easy capture, a way to get aligned with that business and I know that we really value the people out there in the ecosystem, the service providers, the capture partners that we have, and we want to make sure that we continue to enable them to be successful.