Tip: Why and When to Accept a Matterport Scanning Project at a Deep Discount

Hi All,

I want you to make the most money from your Matterport Service Provider business, so why and when do I recommend accepting a Matterport scanning project at a deep discount?

First, some backstory. My vision for your Matterport Service Provider business is that one day, you will land a trusted client that will want to place one order for Matterport scans in multiple markets.

For example, you get the business from a [restaurant], [apartment community] or [builder] that also has more [restaurants], [apartment communities] or [buildings] in other locations outside your service area.

Your trusted clients is exactly that: they trust you! They want one quote from you. One invoice from you. One point-of-contact: you! They don't want to talk with multiple Matterport Service Providers.

So, how do you handle this kind of one-order-for-many markets business?

Well, obviously, you are going to make the spread between what you pay Matterport Service Providers across the country and what you charge the client, but where do you begin?

Now imagine - before the above scenario came up - you had the opportunity to do a Matterport scan for a company that is already offering one quote, one order with one point of contact.

The challenge is that the project pays significantly lower than what you are use to. That's because they are a sophisticated buyer of Matterport scans. Because they are placing orders with so many Matterport Service Providers, they know what at least one Matterport Service Provider will accept to do the job.

I'm not saying that you will be happy with the pay, and it doesn't reflect your worth, it's just what that job pays (because there is at least one Matterport Service Provider in your market that is willing to do the Matterport scan).

So, you be the one to accept the project so that you will learn:

1. Scope of Work - how companies describe projects
2. Contract - the paperwork that you need to sign to do the work
3. Non-Compete - what does the Contract say about soliciting this client in the future and for how long?
4. Getting Paid - how does the client pay you? PayPal? Check? Other?
5. Terms - how long did it take to get paid?
6. Deliverables - did you upload to the client's Matterport account?
7. Other Services - were their other requirements for the job such as laser measuring or photos?
8. Scheduling - what was the scheduling process like?
9. Availability - was the client available if you had questions during the scanning?
10. Travel Expenses - did the client pay you for mileage?
11. Other Paperwork? - did you have to submit an invoice to get paid?
12. IRS W9 Form - did you have to submit an IRS W9 form?
13. Insurance - were you required to have insurance?
14. Special Gear - did the client require you to buy a hard hat, safety vest or other gear?
15. Scanning Window - were you able to do the job around your better paying projects?
16. Logo - able you able to include this client's logo on your website as a client?
17. Example - are you able to include this scan in your portfolio of samples?
18. Interaction - did you interact with one person or multiple people on the project?
19. Skills - how did they determine that you were qualified for their project?
20. Automation - how much of the project coordination was automated and with what kind of process?
21. Other Learnings - what else did you learn?

So, while this Matterport project did not pay a lot, it's likely that you learned a ton.

It's that learning that will help you when you have a trusted client that wants to place one order with you for multiple Matterport scans outside your immediate scanning area.

You will make far more money when you are outsourcing scanning to multiple Matterport Service Providers.

Now you know why and when to accept a Matterport scanning project at a deep discount.

Your thoughts?

Happy holidays,


P.S. Another takeaway is that you might decide to partner with the company that engaged you for the above project! Ask them for a referral fee to take on the potential project; or, ask them to be your back-end white-label solution for getting the project done!