WGAN-TV Matterport Meets Insurance Underwriting and Risk Management with Matterport Director of Accounts Brandon Donatelli and Matterport Account Manager Rodrigo Abrue (Wednesday, 11 December 2019) - Short Story #1169

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At 6:26 in this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1169), Matterport Director of Accounts Brandon Donatelli talks about Matterport 3D Tours being used by High-Net-Worth Individuals: documentation for insurance underwriting.

Have you scanning homes, boats or planes of High-Net-Worth Individuals for documenting assets for insurance underwriting?

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Transcript (video above)

Where do high net worth individuals show up? I neglected to tell you that I have a $10 million home in Atlanta. It's 30,000 square feet, it's three levels. I got a lot of artwork in addition to the bowling alley and the firing range, et cetera. Is that a real-world scenario for risk underwriting?

- Yeah, complex policies, private client groups, there's a number in this country that insure those types of assets, and you can imagine, that's a very real scenario and we do see a large increase in that type of asset. And we're starting to see more of that.

- Is it happening today? Are Matterport scans being used for high net-worth individuals with luxury homes, boats, et cetera, for underwriting?

- Absolutely, yes. We have some pretty impressive work that we're seeing occur with some of our customers and capture partners. I know that especially with some other--

- You have a young daughter?

- [Brandon] Do I?

- No, not you, in any of these high net-worth individuals?

- Don't tell my wife, and yes I still am 25, so.

- Yes, so absolutely, but we see this, and we see great things. Like we see the exotic Jaguar car collection, and the 20-car garage with all kinds of imagery, and it's just, it's really exciting to see things that you maybe see on TV or in movies.

These are things that are really out there and occurring and we're capturing it with our equipment and through our service providers, and strategic partners and customers that are out capturing with it.

And then it gets really exciting when we talk about things like privacy and the technology we have and those scenarios to blur faces on a photo, or blur out a license plate on one of those vehicles, or critical information of privacy issues that our technology is doing a phenomenal job of protecting individuals' privacy and giving our service providers the ability to operate in these environments with less liability to privacy issues like that.