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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by @Wingman
I have just come from scanning a local cafe. 30 days of free trial with Google Maps & no charging for scanning. Otherwise it would take them years to agree to pay for scanning without knowing me really well. If this customer wants to keep the tour on Google Maps, it will be $550 for them after 30 days.

The normal cost for scanning with them paying upfront would be $500. So I risk to work for free but with extra 10% added to my service fee.

I am sure they will keep it and pay for the tour as it is going to bring them around 8000-15000 views from maps within 30 days. It is about 35 scan points.

We also agreed on 3 months trial for the Matterport model placed on their website after they pay for the Google tour. It will cost them $180 per year(my normal price is $20/month for hosting) and nothing more. I will try to sell them Mattertags later or charge them for a collaborator account in case they do not mind to create them themselves and save a lot on them.

That's is the first business I am trying a free trial on but I can see how it changes my sales. After I told this business that I would be more than happy to offer them a free trial without any obligations they jumped on board straight away.

I won't do trial tours for just about any business though. I am going to hand pick those that in my opinion will more likely to pay later and have some interesting spaces.

The next one for a trial is some kids art activity business about 5 kms from me. They are kind of unique at what they offer and its owner seems to be quite interested.

If you have offered a free trial, what has been your experience?

The above is from this WGAN Forum discussion:

Example of Charging for Matterport Monthly Hosting, Support and Maintenance

Happy holidays,

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Astroprojector private msg quote post Address this user
This a good idea to try out, especially for people who just starting out. My question is how difficult is it to remove virtual tour from Google streets if the client decides not to continue?
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