WGAN-TV CAPTATE is Like Matterport for Pre-Built Properties wit CAPTATE Co-Founder Conor Brady

Hi All,

In this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show (above), CAPTATE Co-Founder @Conor_Brady ...

✓ shows a CAPTATE 3D Tour: it's like Matterport for pre-built spaces
✓ describes two ways Matterport Service Providers can make money with CAPTATE 3D Tours
✓ describes the target audience for CAPTATE 3D Tours
✓ describes what's needed to create tours and a price range of these tours
✓ describes what problem CAPTATE 3D Tours solves for builders, developers, property management companies
✓ Plus, I talk about a special offer for WGAN Forum Members and WGAN-TV Viewers when reaching out via CAPTATE.com

Before you run into a scenario where your potential client says - Wow! Love that Matterport 3D Tour. Can you come back when the models are ready in 18 months - watch this show to see how to make money sooner by helping your potential client now!

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Transcript (video above)

- Hi all, I'm Dan Smigrod, founder of the We Get Around Network Forum. Today is Thursday, December 5, 2019. And you're watching WGAN-TV Live at 5 We have an awesome show for you today. We have the co-founder of Captate, Conor Brady. Hey, Conor, good to see you.

- Hey, Dan, how are you?

- I'm awesome. Conor, ... Captate, It's like Matterport for pre-built spaces. How cool is that? Captate it's like Matterport for pre-built spaces. I just love saying that because I think it's really cool. And you actually do this.

So I think actually, before we even talk about Captate, How about giving us a demo, so we're all kind of looking at the same page, understand, what a Captate 3D tour looks like?

- Sure Dan, let me share my screen. So Dan, as you said, it's like Matterport, for unbuild spaces, for pre-built spaces, as you can see here, we have a apartment building. And we have, this is an actual view that would be from the apartment.

So this is taken by drone from the actual height of the apartment so you can have, he actual view that people want, so most people, it's important what they see when they look at the window under we have to walk in mode as you do in Matterport. So it's quite a similar user experience.

Although, as you all know, a Matterport is a camera and it uses photography whereas we use CGI, Computer Generated Imagery. So the production process is very different. And also the end client is quite different as well

- Before we talk about that Conor, keep giving us a tour you're walking around, show us the other modes.

- Yeah, so here we have panorama mode, which Matterport people will know as, "The Dollhouse." And so you can spin it around and, zoom in and out. And we also have exterior so we're not restricted in any way. So for example, this is a project in London.

And you can see the surrounding buildings, we've just shaded them in, So it's not to take the attention away from the principal building, but obviously, we can do, different detail in relation to the surrounding buildings and then, we have a highly customized way of doing things. This, for example, is an info mode for this project.

And we can click on different apartments so I can show you one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom, for example. And the most important thing here is that, this is all available through your browser. So there are quite a lot of options out there. For offline, where, it's a file on your computer, but we focused on having this available offline. So like Matterport, you can send your clients a link and they can access from there.

- So Captate, for clarification, a Captate 3D tour, is in the cloud and you can use a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone to view it without having to load any software. It just simply runs in A browser such as Chrome or Safari,

- Exactly, and it's easy to share across social media by email, even by SMS.

- Okay, cool, you showed us walk through panorama exterior, I see a button there called info.

- Okay, yeah, this is in info mode here.

- Okay, so we're in the info mode, and then I recall while we were walking around inside, that there are opportunities to display. I think of it as like a [Matterport] MatterTag?

- [Conor] Sure

- A MatterTag, It's a Captate.

- Yeah.

- So let me let me walk through here. And for example, you can have MatterTags, that will display different information, for example, on the kitchen and so on. This is fully embeddable, so this can be video, it can be a form that has to be completed or anything like that, so anything

- That could be a lead generation form within the model itself.

- Exactly, actually just put in a pair connect with us usually can open up the lead generation form directly in the tour.

- Okay, cool. Before you stop the tour, is there anything else that you want to show us?

- I think that's good. just we can do videos, so for example, if this could be a fire, we could have a fireplace and I can have the fire going, which would be just a video that would give a nice, realistic effects,

- And music, sound?

- Sound no, it's possible but we don't think it's, that necessary, especially because it's through a browser and when sound comes on people can, depending on where they are where they open it, they can they can run to turn it off,

- okay good, why don't you take it out for screen share? So this is pretty cool. We're looking at a Captate, we've been looking at a Captate 3D tour. It's like Matterport for unbuild, pre-built spaces, What kind of pre-built spaces would be the sweet spot for this kind of solution?

- So the sweet spot is usually, multi-family buildings or office spaces, in particular shared office spaces. So for multifamily pre-sales, obviously is the most obvious use where the REALTOR can start to sell the building, and before it has been built, or maybe it's in the process of being built and it's not presentable to people to go and walk around.

And then in the office space, there's quite a lot of pre-leasing going on nowadays. So, before the finance has been done, companies might want to see how it would look, how the office space would look and have already rented a place before it has been completed. Obviously, these Revits can take months, if not years. So there's people like to be prepared beforehand, so it just helps the process.

- So let's assume I'm a builder, either a high rise maybe it's a multi-family community.

- [Conor] Right.

- Have got awesome houses that I'm planning to build

- Right.

- here and let's say I'm here in Atlanta, I'm going to put in a 50 or 100 Unit community might be apartments might be standalone home. What's the what's the advantages of having a Captate 3D tour for my building? Why not just simply wait until the building is totally built, and then ask a Matterport Service Provider, to shoot the models for my building?

- Right, Well, there's two main advantages, the most obvious advantage is that the more you sell before the building takes place, you going to have a reduced marketing cost, for when the project is built. If you have, for example, 80% already sold, you're obviously gonna have lower costs involved later on.

The second, I'm a probably a less obvious advantage is in relation to the developer and the funding, how the projects are funded. So, developer will usually be lending the money and that large amount of money will be drawn down in different sections and different parts.

So, usually the lender will have certain conditions that have to be met before each parts of the money to be drawn down. So pre-sales is a large part of that, if they can get high pre sales early on, that helps the financing and it helps speed up the process significantly. To a developer that's actually a lot more important than reducing the marketing cost because it's obviously a lot larger cost involved.

- Okay, so far I've heard three reasons, to use a Captate 3D tour for unbuild space.

- [Conor] Sure.

- One is, as I've already had my project approved, but I haven't had my money released, as quickly as I would like, so having a Captate 3D tour in order to pre-sell or pre-lease spaces, that's like having money in the bank to have those contracts to go back to members financing the project and say, "Hey, we're selling out the space faster than what we had anticipated, we're doing that today, we'd like our money faster so we can build out the project even faster." something like that?

- Alright,

- So really, we're talking about so far three benefits. One is to pre-sell or pre-lease, So that means getting cash flow started, having orders for the bank and then the third, is if the if the developer can sell out the space sooner than on the back-end, it actually might be less money that needs to be spent on marketing. So a Captate 3D tour could save a client money, help them get the project finished faster, and likely get the financing the money released faster.

- Right,

- Is there is there other?

- Yeah, so sometime a construction project like well, not that I showed you can take, usually five to seven years. So there's a lot of different stages of that process. From the ideation stage, the financing to the planning.

When I say planning, I mean planning authorities and getting all your permits, and then building process and so on. So for pre-sales, pre-leasing takes place a lot earlier on the developer, the owners will need to present the project to different people who may need to come on board. So we call it showcasing. showcasing the project. So, for example, we worked on with the US clients on showcasing a project, high rise multi-family project, that he wanted to get joint venture partners involved.

And actually one week after We gave him, his Captate 3D tour, He got joint venture partners involved so he was very happy with that. So that's one example, there's also date the developer will need to present the planning authorities. This is something that gives the project a bit of gravitas, a bit of seriousness, it allows people to understand that a lot better.

And I think that's it, there are various stages of which which this can be helpful. But I think visually people understand it, and have confidence in it, I think, because you're bringing it to a different level. It shows you have a serious project, and that, especially in the earlier stages of a project is very important.

- So what I heard there was really a fourth use cases is using a Captate 3D tour in order to help get financing.

So the the developer, architect etc, wants to bring a flat two dimensional view of the space into a 3D model and perhaps unlike a CAD file is really hard to share, Captate is actually designed to share and to be viewed easily so I don't need to be in front of a special computer, I don't need to be in a certain place, I could be anywhere in the world and send a link to anyone in the world and they can be viewing the same Captate 3D model.

- Right, and that's, one thing like some people will ask, well, what's the difference between what Captate does and having a BIM model or having the architects plans? So we do a 3D rendering process, Which basically means we make it prettier.

We make the project prettier, and for people who are non technical people, but they can understand the project a lot better. For example, a BIM file might show straight lines, no shadows, white walls, a non trained eye and non trained expert might think, "Oh, this looks terrible, this isn't what I had foreseen." Whereas on larger projects, people need to understand that they may not be technical people, they might be people with financial backgrounds, they might be people that have money, but are not necessarily in the building business.

So it's ... for people to understand really well, I'm the project, yeah.

- I'm a Matterport Service Provider here in Atlanta, We Get Around Network Forum Community 13,000 plus in the 129 countries,

- Sure

- maybe have watched the demo or heard how i choose, but what's in it for them? How do we help Matterport Service Providers, make money with what they just saw? So maybe we could start, maybe we'll try a little role play. Maybe it'll work maybe it won't. It is you're a Matterport Service Provider and I'm the developer and you're offering me Matterport.

- Right so I'm offering you Matterport?

- I love your Matterport 3D tours, Conor, they look great, in fact, I think we actually, you and I actually, I'm going to step out of my role for a second, but you and I actually know each other for quite sometime, I think maybe five years that when you first put the Matterport camera so we've been talking for quite some time.

Alright so you walk in the door and say "hey let me show you a Matterport 3D tour on my iPad, using my Matterport 3D Showcase app," to walk into work, look at the tour and I go, "Connor that is super, I love that, that is really cool," Can you come back in 18 months when my models are ready and then I can have you shoot 3D tours of my models?

- Right, So yes, of course I can, i would really love to do that. And in the meantime, we can also offer you a similar experience but before the building has been built. So that people can understand the project a lot better and ... obviously you'll be able to use this in your pre-sales project process, and it's a good all around marketing tool.

- You have something that's going to help me, help me with my pre-sales, get my money released from the bank sooner and you might actually help me reduce my marketing expenses because I may sell-out or lease-out even before I get to they want.

- [Conor] Exactly.

- [Dan] I still wan to shoot my nice models because, I still want them to have been done. And I'd like to have my eyes built. so great, what's the next step?

- So the next step is, you can get in contact with us at Cptate.com,

- [Dan] I'm talking to you right now, so Connor, you just caught me but my phone I love it.

- Okay, yeah, yeah, sure.

- [Dan] Lets get started, how soon can I have it? What do I need to give you an order?

- So we're going to need your Revit files, your AutoCAD files, any files that you have to defaults, we can work off to the plans, obviously, the more information that we have, the better so we will need from your architect, we'll send them they'll send you a Dropbox link and they can drop all the files that they have including 3D renders, including the video files that you saw. Anything that they have if we can work off drawings.

- I know my architect works in Revit, every architect works in Revit,

- Sure.

- [Dan] I have a space planner. I think she works in some kind of other file format and some of this stuff she hasn't built digitally

- That's fine, we have architects on our team, that will be able to do the whole process.

- So all I need to do is put in the Dropbox, the architect's files, what ever they got and then my space planner's files, maybe photos, put it in the Dropbox, and then what happens?

- Then our team will model the building and we will do a 3D render of us, a rough 3D render. So in approximately two weeks you would have a preview of the project, any changes that you need to be made would be made at that stage. So you've been communication with us.

And we have an account manager that will lead you through the whole process, understand your needs, understand the changes that need to be made, those changes will be implemented, and then within one week you will have your project. So what is deliverable is a link, just like with Matterport and also will give you an embed code.

And if your client needs technical help in relation to embedding the Captate tour on some website on to their web page, we have a technical team that will help them.

- Okay, great, so let me step out of my role you and I have been talking where you're a Matterport Service Provider, I've been a big financier, construction project developer or something.

- [Dan] Let's take the view that they, "I've been watching WGAN-TV Live at 5, and I've just watched this conversation between Conor Brady and end developer Dan Smigrod, how do I make money from this, do I want to just introduce my developer to you and then I don't make any money from this?" So talk to me I'm a Matterport Service Provider, which you got looks interesting, I do call on on clients, whether they're developers or architects or builders or property managers.

And I know we have these crazy conversations about come back in 18 months, So, what's in it for me in order to help the client with a Captate 3D tour, what are the different ways that a Matterport Service Provider can work with Captate?

- Sure Dan, So, we have two ways of working with WGAN Members. First is relational referrals, which is obviously more simplified process, where if you got in touch with us I should know that we have a special promotion for people,

- Don't even get into that, so let's first talk about, okay. So i can refer projects to you, how do I make money from that?

- So we give a commission on those projects and see the projects start as $4,000 and can be anything up to $25 to $30,000 depending on the size of the project.

Commission on that is quite healthy. We also offer a white label service which is for people who would have more than one project, let's say it's for people who want to build a business, our products, their own products, and around what we offer, around the Captate tour and we can give a whole, we can give their own branding and their own URLs and so on that nothing would appear from Captate.

We have the whole materials that they can use for their marketing and so.

- So Captate offers a white label solution, so that if I'm a Matterport Service Provider, where I wanna charge the client x, and I want to pay you x, that I'm making the spread between what I charge the client, what I pay you.

So I imagine when the client says come back in 18 months, I say, "Hey, I can help you today, Tell you what, if you just put your files into a Dropbox, I'll send you a link, put them in the Dropbox, your CAD files, your Revit files, anything that your architect has, and anything that your space planner designer has, I'll come back to you with a quote."

So at that point, all this stuff is in a Dropbox, then I can have a conversation with you say, "hey Conor, this is the project," you need anything else in order to quote on it?

Nope, that's enough, then you quote the project to the Matterport Service Provider, they then can decide how much they're going to charge, go back to the client and say, Hey, we can help you with with that, and it's going to cost x and whatever the photographer wants to do in terms of whether they need, cash upfront, or some or all of it, blah, blah, blah.

These are the three next steps of what's going to happen, You're going to write us a check, we're going to go back in a couple of weeks and come back to you with the first pass at it, you're going to give us comments. And so the photographer is in that conversation as the essentially a client, the service provider of the builder, developer, property management company, etc.

And you are totally transparent in this process and I imagine if necessary you'll be on a phone call to help facilitate if and when things get a little bit complex because there may be an architect the space plan or a note or a marketing person, are all involved in the conversation.

- Yeah, and especially especially for the first project will hold hands, will give complete support throughout the whole process, and obviously, for the projects as they come along, that person will be more with the process.

- Okay, you've watched the show, if you know Conor that you saw WGAN-TV Live at 5, or you're a WGAN Member, then this can be a special offer for you.

So please be sure to tell them that when you reach out to him and that will help facilitate whether you're looking for a commission on a project and you're just simply providing a qualified lead and doing whatever appropriate hand off there is an introduction to Conor member of Conors team, to the client, or that you're seeking to do this as a white label solution where you charge the client and you pay Captate and you make the spread on that project.

- Right well

- That sounds pretty good to me. Where other examples that you wanted to talk about? I'm thinking okay, I'm a Matterport Service Provider. What other opportunities might I stumble on?

What does the conversation look like? What should I be looking for? if I want to be proactive, maybe I want to be proactive. In terms of companies that I target, am I going after developers property managers?

- Yes, so there's these projects are obviously quite large. There are a lot of different parties involved in the decision making process. So sometimes it could be the architects that bring the idea to the fore, it could be the marketing company.

It could be the owner themselves, it could be the developer could be the management company. So I think a lot of people in the Matterport, in the WGAN Network, would have relationships with different people and also the REALTORS as well and will have these relationships from dealing with real estate.

And know people that may be developing a project and what they can do is, on their own websites where they have, what services or products we offer, we can help them to develop a page where they might want to explain their own, obviously it won't be called a Captate tour, but their own 3D CGI tour, that clients may wish to have, so they can they can be proactive and tapping into their network people they know, that could be interested in such a service.

- So I think I'm also hearing because the price is at least $4,000.

- Right.

- maybe up to $30,000 in a somewhat of a cookie cutters solution that you offer in order to keep the pricing at a reasonable $4,000 to $30,000, this is not residential real estate, this is commercial space, and the project probably has to be big enough and a long enough build-out that the builder, property management company owner, whatever, that they're going to be able to use the tours for 12 or 18 months while the projects being built to accomplish all the goals of getting the money released from the bank, doing pre-sales doing pre-leasing, and forgive me it was actually that earlier one, if a Matterport Service Provider is lucky enough to be engaged with a builder, even before they've gotten financing, to be using a Captate 3D tour as a way to help facilitate getting the financing.

- [Conor] Exactly

- [Dan] Yeah, so I'm just trying to think so could be an architect could be, it could be a developer could be a property management company could be a general contractor?

- Sure, It could be even sub-contractors, people who may be, have that good relationship with the owner with, there's a lot of different subcontractors that go into such projects, and they make those contacts but they're able to, that they have a level of trust and have a level of and they have the right communication channels open but they might about...

- So what you described, it sounds like it often can be a complex sale, but because if you don't have the person that can say yes, immediately that you may be talking to the architect, general contractor, a subject, general contractor, are you okay with getting referrals at that level?

- Sure, sure, sure, sure

- It maybe easier for Matterport Service Provider to say, "Hey, I have a trusted colleague there, they're the general contractor, they're the architect.

They're not the builder, or not the owner of the property. But I know this property is going to be built in the next 24 months. I think we caught it at the right stage." And I guess what you're probably looking for is a kind of a warm introduction, which would be either by email, or by phone, or email and phone or whatever was appropriate with that particular potential client.

And that way the Matterport Service Provider could say, "Hey, I get it, this is exciting stuff, but the thinking of taking the risk of making the spread on the project and being the account person, I think I'm just overwhelmed on that process." That's perfectly fine, do the introduction, get the referral fee on on the project if it pans out.

And then for those that may be, are used to complex sales and bigger projects and ongoing you may have a relationship where they want the white label solution and they're developing the business you're perfectly fine to to help when needed to step in transparently as a member of their team to help facilitate where you might maybe speak the language of that RVT files [File Format] whatever it might be. A little bit more comfortable speaking the lingo of the architect or the space planner, the general contractor.

- [Conor] Exactly,

- and so forth. Okay cool, I know you talked about the one project where a US based project where they were using the Captate 3D tour in order to get financing with its another examples of clients without naming clients to have either how that project came about. We're kind of, what that conversation sounded like or looked like.

- Yeah, you mean in relation to that specific project or even a different one,

- Even in different one project that you've worked on the say, well out of that, here's what the project, here's what we delivered.

- Right?

- [Dan] But here's how that conversation began. Again, I would say most of the, We Get Around Network the WGAN-TV Live at 5 audience are Matterport Service Providers. This is something new, they're used to, going in and Capturing spaces that exist.

Now we're talking about spaces that don't exist, but can still have a Matterport like tour? So, just trying to understand, what those conversations look like, feel like, sound like, that they end up being developed into a Captate 3D tour.

- Right, so another example would be a project, we did in New Zealand, which was, a shared office space. There's a lot of this in the news, the last couple of months have a shared office space or somehow it's such a booming industry, and a little while back, and it was people who were developing a space and it was an old warehouse that they were transforming into shared offices.

And they wanted, so they approached us saying that they want to start leasing as soon as possible. And so particular one, we did two projects for this company. The first one was in, in Christchurch, which is in New Zealand, and that was that they had an earthquake a few years ago. So there was a lot of construction went on at that time, and there was quite a high demand for offices and and they want to strike while the iron was hot.

So there was a lot of demand and they approached us saying, look, "we've got people who are interested in offices, but we can't, we obviously don't have the project up and running," and so we developed, they gave us their own architects files and everything, and we got it up and running and in a couple of weeks, they got some pre-leasing based on the Captate tour, people would see it, they had confidence that, it was going to be a real project that it would be realized.

And, yeah, we were very happy with that, our client was very happy they got their clients signing contracts before building had taken place. And that facilitated a whole financing process for them. That in the building, having the money the money to complete the build is quite important obviously. And if you can, if you go to your bank or your whoever your lender is, and say, "Look, we've already have listed all the offices." That's quite an easier so

- Okay, cool, So are we kind of at the beginning of the timeline for seeing 3D tours of pre-built spaces? Or is this like so new? That it's, totally open, and it's unlikely that let me say how to say this, that if I'm a Matterport Service Provider, and I'm talking to a builder, a developer, a management company, that this is going to be totally new to them, they will not heard of this is a ... are we really at that point?

- I think there has been quite, a few providers in the offline 3D tour space and, in relation to be or so obviously, two years ago, there's a lot of hype around VR and the headsets and yeah, there you go, the cardboard, and but those projects, they were large, photorealistic tours, which take up need a lot of processing power, and they're actually quite large bottles. They can be, two, three, four, gigabytes. And so they're usually set up in a sales gallery or a sales office and people have to physically go to that office to be able to view the job.

Obviously, they look very good. But the practicalities of people having to go to the plate, as you know and our the digital age that we live in, and people don't have time and people may be looking at four or five different properties that they're looking to buy. And if yours is not visible, obviously, you might may not be considered, and so, the answer to your question is yes, there are similar things but not in an online basis.

- Okay, so yep, so I think that's what I'm hearing is that the opportunities here are wide open. And this is not a crowded space. I might call this a blue ocean meaning that you're swimming but there's no competition so you don't you don't see any red ocean, there's lots of competition for what you're doing, you might ... so what is differentiating I guess what am hearing Conor is that, the opportunity to have a cloud based 3D tour of a pre-built space that works on tablets, laptops, desktops, smartphones, this is the piece, it's totally new.

And that if you do run into a prospect that says, "Oh yeah, we've we've talked about doing that, but likely what that means is an offline experience.

Somebody has to come to a sale center and be in front of either a specific computer or be within a virtual reality experience that only takes place in that sale center, and what you're really about is being able to make these Captate 3D tours, like Matterport for pre-built spaces, available to anyone anywhere.

So I would imagine, if your Matterport Service Provider is in a second home market, I think of you're at the beach, five hours from Atlanta, there's a lot of properties on the coast of Georgia, that are multi-million dollars there. Well, that's probably a bad example because they are standalone homes, but yeah, you putting up multi million dollar units that are sold as second homes, to people that are out of the country or not in that market, they're not coming in to go sit in your sales Center.

This is the opportunity to take the 3D tour to them in their country, in their location in a different part of the world in order to begin that pre-sale, which may be either enough to make a decision when you get to a certain point in life. And your time poor, your not money poor, you are time poor the fact that you can look at a representation of a space that's about to be built and say, "Okay, yeah, I'll take it may not even need to have a person show-up in person, but very least, it's still might encourage that person to come to the sale center and do that conversation on site.

- One example I'd like to use for to speak quite a bit more common is ski chalets and ski homes. And that could be in different parts of the country.

So for example, we know one developer that's developing second homes in Montana. for example, somebody living in San Francisco or New York or LA or the Tech Hubs, of largest cities may be looking to buy a ski home, but may not want to fly to all these different places. Right, and Dan just going back to what we were talking about earlier, you got to think about the sales funnel, for these properties, if somebody is in your sales office, they're already way down the sales funnel, right?

So we're, able to kind of talk to people at a higher stage of the sales funnel, basically digital marketing so that they can be used as campaigns social media, so on that people can be flicking through. My cousin Bobby is going to buy a place up in Montana, what do you think? And you know, that could be sent a few different people you and I know that digital marketing is very important. So yes, it's a way to facilitate that.

- I can imagine it's also sometimes the spouse issue, meaning the spouse may be at the sale center, but the other spouse is in a different part of the country or in a different country completely. And so, again, the digital twin of that space that's going to be built can be used to help close the deal ... facilitate because people are elsewhere.

So I think the ski thing is probably an interesting thing, because if the developers putting in multiple multiple million dollar homes, and the likely buyer of these homes are really second homes, third homes, certainly second homes, people not living here year round. So they are elsewhere, and so this is an opportunity to have the conversation take place months before the buildings or the homes are actually built.

- People want to understand the size of rooms, the amenities that there are, the surrounding, area and so on. People want, people expect, like Matterport has led the way and that people expect to have full information on places through their browser.

- So, Conor, I know you and I ... gee met, Again, I think five years ago, so when We Get Around Network Forum ...pretty long ago, and you were Matterport Service Provider, What are you doing in this Matterport for unbuild spaces, business?

- Well, I had an Matterport Cameron in 2014. I think I bought it in 2013, and one day, actually and a REALTOR was asking me, "Oh, I'm working on this project, which is a big multi-family developments, but it isn't built yet. Would you be able to do me something similar? I was showing the Matterport tour, you'd be able to do something similar for this, or would you be able to do the with the Matterport tour work with this is actually had to implement?

And I said no, because it's photography. And they said, "well, would you be able to see if you can do something?" So that led to one thing I began researching. So there was not a viable alternative. So that led me into world of Captate. It took us quite a while to develop the product. And it wasn't easy we didn't make it easy for ourselves because we wanted to be online, and obviously there's, file sizes and so on, that has to be taken into consideration. So that that was quite a challenge, but it's something we came through and we're really happy with where we got. We're really happy with where we're going. Yeah, I think the sky's the limit.

- So, you mentioned "we" so it sounds like you're not the one that actually designs this, You don't?

- No, I don't, I work for a company

- No I've worked more than at your company and the kinds of talent that you have working on this kind of project?

- Sure, so and my two co-founders, I have a technical co-founder who is a software engineer? Roy, and my other co-founder is a 3D modeler. So obviously, that we do a lot of the 3D modeling and the 3D rendering. And so that was a process that we obviously needed someone who was an expert at that.

And then in relation to our platform, and the technical side of things, that's Roy who helps And then we have a wide team for 3D modeling. I suppose the more we do, the quicker we're going to get. We have a wide library of models and so on. So, I think two or three weeks is what we're at now, but we really hope to be getting that, to a week within the next year [2020],

- terms of turn around.

- Yeah, exactly.

- Okay, cool, any questions from our virtual studio audience? If you do please text me and I'll bring you on screen. If not, we'll wrap it up here shortly.

- Excuse me, sorry. Who's calling while we're on the air? maybe my wife, Okay, third caller ... will take a call...

If anyone wants to get in touch with you, I imagine they go to Captate.com? C-A-P-T-A-T-E dot Com?

Okay, they'll be at "Contact Us" page, from that "Contact Us" page. There's room to type, so you should say, "hey I watched WGAN-TV Live at 5, Love Dan's hair and that let them know you want it you want to talk to Conor.

You got either something you want to talk about referring a project or you have a project or you have a potential project for white label or you want some tools for your website, at least put up on your website, a white label tour that does not say Captate, so that, if you're bringing people to your website, say, "Hey let me show you what's on our website, that's a service that we offer," and then you can decide on that particular project of whether it makes sense to say "hey, let me refer you to Captate," or 'Oh yes, happy to help you, "and then begin that conversation we talked about earlier.

And again to let Conor know, you heard, saw, read We Get Around Network Forum, WGAN-TV Training U [in Matterport] wherever you've watched the show it actually is distributed in many places. Just let Conor know that you saw the show and do something extra for you. And before we wrap it up, Conor anything else that we didn't cover you feel like we should chat about?

- I just I just want to say I heard about, We Get Around I think was five years ago. And I think you're doing a great job there, Dan. I think you're connecting a lot of people. I think it's a great resource and I wish you the best to look in your future endeavours. And thank you for the opportunity to talk to your audience. I look forward to hearing from them.

- Yeah, you're welcome thank you for your kind note, only possible because of all the Members of the We Get Around Network Forum, that are giving and getting help and I think that's it's really magical to have a community where people kind-of come together ...that share a common interest all over the world.

I know many of us have made friends through We Get Around Network Forum ... waiting for the first wedding that would be exciting. It's great that we have a Community that is all about giving and getting help. And, and I know kind of when you and I started ... our roots at that We Get Around Network Forum, was very Matterport centric and we still discuss, Matterport. But there are things that are related to Matterport

- like Captate - and so I'm really excited to be able to introduce that, introduced Captate to the We Get Around Network Community. I think it's particularly special because you actually having started with Matterport in the early days you actually speak the language.

You understand, what all that is from a MSP standpoint. And then help them succeed faster when these opportunities for pre-built spaces exist. So Conor much thanks for being on the show.

- Thank you very much Dan.

- We've been visiting with Conor Brady, who is co-founder of Captate, Captate is like Matterport for unbuild or pre-built spaces. If you missed any portion of the show today, we have been recording it. We will place it in the We Get Around Network Forum by Friday, March 6th. Excuse me March? By Friday, December 6, 2019. The show be available in the Forum.

Thanks for tuning in. For Conor and for me, Dan Smirgod founder of the We Get Around Network Forum, you've been watching WGAN-TV Live at 5. Thumbs up, thumbs up! We will have a little thumbnail for looking at, for our YouTube channel. Okay, all right, thanks, Conor.

- Thanks Dan. Take care.