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Ever lost business because you were too slow to respond? How to solve this!10271

Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Screen Grab: via

Hi All,

How long does it take you to reply to an inbound lead?

✓ Within 5 minutes?
✓ Less than 30 minutes?
✓ Less than an hour?
✓ Less than 4 hours?
✓ Less than a day?
✓ Less than two days?

And, what if the lead comes in at night or weekends?

If you are not responding to inbound leads within five minutes 24/7, you are likely leaving money on the table.

That's because the lead likely has sent the same email to multiple Matterport Service Providers in your market. Are you the one that takes an hour, four hours or a day or two to respond?

The first warm body that gets back to the prospect likely wins the business.


Google, "How Quickly Should I Follow Up With Inbound Leads?" And, Google, will return this result:

"Dr. James Oldroyd published the Lead Response Management Study, which found that the odds of making a successful contact with a lead are 100 times greater when a contact attempt occurs within 5 minutes, compared to 30 minutes after the lead was submitted." (Source) Primary Source: Harvard Business Review: The Short Life of Online Sales Leads

If you have lost any business because another Matterport Service Provider responded faster, then how do you respond instantly - 24/7 - and win the business?

And, how do you respond instantly without burning yourself out checking email constantly (and without incurring the expense of a 24/7 answering service?)

Here's a free workflow that works best if you have a public rate card and much of your business is the same service such as residential real estate photos, video, Matterport 3D Tour or various bundles.

Step 1: Set up a free CAPTUR3D Booking Platform account. CAPTUR3D enables your clients and prospects to instantly book you. (CAPTUR3D syncs with your calendar and you set up services (and the duration for delivering that service) and the time between appointments. (Don't get hung-up on if the appointments are not booked as efficiently as you would like. Get the order first; then juggle with the client about the shoot day/time.

Step 2: Use two different email address:

1. One that you give out publicly (website, business cards, social media, etc.)
2. One that you use to respond to email

Step 3: Set up your public email account with an instant auto-responder that includes a link (like this) [powered by CAPTUR3D Booking Platform] to your website that include an embed of the services that you offer (and calendar for prospects to pick time/day).

Step 4: Set up your pubic email account so that the email address you use to reply also receives a copy of the inbound request.

Step 5: Be pleasantly surprised when clients - and new prospects - simply select a service and book a time/day for you to shoot. Every new order does not need to be a back-and-forth-by-email-and-phone to do business.

You book an Uber or Lyft without talking with anyone. Why shouldn't booking your photography services be that easy!


I could imagine that your auto-responder includes:

✓ link to your website that includes an embed powered by the CAPTUR3D Booking Platform
✓ links to examples of your work
✓ pricing page
✓ your signature block (name, company name, website, phone and email)


See This Workflow in Action

1. send an email to:
2. you will automatically receive a reply via my auto-responder on this email account
3. one of the links will be this webpage (powered by the CAPTUR3D Booking Platform)
4. book a service (and then a time/day). You will not be asked for your credit card. This is a demo account.
5. once you book, you will receive an email confirmation with the booking
6. the email confirmation will include icons to add the event to your calendar
7. you will automatically receive reminders of this photo shoot
8. now that you see how easy this is, set up a free CAPTUR3D Booking Platform account and additional email account for your auto-responder. (Tip: you might use your existing email account for the auto-responder and use the new email account going forward for your follow-up emails)
9. a copy of your email send to automatically get cc'ed to
10. If I write back to you personally, I will use:
11. Note: I set up the auto-responder so that it will only respond to you once


While this may sound confusing, it's not to your potential client. It means that 24/7 - while you are shooting or sleeping, your potential client can get pricing, availability and examples of your work, and then book you immediately (without waiting for you to personally reply).

Since your calendars sync with the CAPTUR3D Booking Platform, you don't have to worry about conflicting appointments.

And, for the one percent where there is a problem (because your calendar was not up-to-date, for example), it's super-easy for you to move the booking and automatically send email notifications about the rescheduled shoot.

It's best that you get the booking first and then make scheduling adjustments, as necessary.

Once you implement this workflow, you will wonder how you lived without it. I look forward to hearing how you booked a new client instantly without ever talking with them. (You can always follow-up by phone to introduce yourself prior to the appointment.)

Your thoughts?

Special Offer for WGAN Forum Members

✓ Sign up for the free CAPTUR3D Booking Platform via this special WGAN link to receive 6x free floor + site plans, tour overlays and Highlight Reel productions.


Dan Smigrod
Founder and Managing Editor
We Get Around Network | WGAN-TV | WGAN-TV Training U

Screen Grab 1: CAPTUR3D Booking Settings

Screen Grab 2: CAPTUR3D Edit Service

Screen Grab 3: CAPTUR3D Show Services

Sreen Grab 4: CAPTUR3D Settings Splash Screen

Screen Grab 5: CAPTUR3D Booking Form Link (link example)

Screen Grab 6: CAPTUR3D Live Demo Example of Embed

Here is the Embed Code: <iframe width='100%' height='640px' src='' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen='' mozallowfullscreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' onmousewheel=''> </iframe>

Screen Grab 7: CAPTUR3D Calendar Showing a Booking Example
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bryanhscott private msg quote post Address this user
@DanSmigrod Carefully thorough and complete as usual Dan! Question: When you receive inbound phone calls after hours, do you point them to the scheduling link in your "out of office reply" or how do you handle?
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Great suggestion to direct to scheduling page

If you call me - 404.303.7311 x1 - your call will be automatically transcribed and emailed to me. That helps me reply faster. (We also use professional voice talent.)

If you like, you can try it (and I will forward the transcription to you).

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bryanhscott private msg quote post Address this user
@DanSmigrod Just tried it on "for size." Very professional! Just curious as to which vendor you use to facilitate; Ring Central, or similar?
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

We use

In addition to the transcripts, I receive an mp3 file of the voicemails.

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