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HELP!!! I Finally gave up Legacy for 3.0 C**p10083

Sandiemcr private msg quote post Address this user
So my stupid question of the day #1

Has anyone else had issues with their 360's changing viewpoint after they've been placed in Highlight Reel? I take various photo views from the 360's and place these shots at the end of the reel. Now that I'm unable to use legacy to do it, I've found that the views move. For example, a shot of exercise equipment lining one wall in the exercise room in condo development. After placing shot at end of my highlight reel, the walkthru becomes a shot of the blank wall on other side of the room. I know I'm clearly doing something wrong. Anyone have a quick fix for me?
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jellofan private msg quote post Address this user
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Sandiemcr private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you. I did see and watch the videos. I am actually curious... I'm not putting a full 360 in. I am putting a 2d pic that I've taken of the 360 in. And is there yet another step I have to take to do that? In legacy, I would take pics of the 360 and put them in the reel at the end. They would stay that way thru the reel. But they don't seem to with this one. They LOOK the same. If you look at them in the reel, they show the pic I have taken. But then they come up at a blank wall. That is very different from legacy program. Am I the only one that did this? Used shots from the 360s?
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