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'Zoom' Topics

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How to add live video chat, multi-user sync and audio to a Matterport Tour realeshots 10 11 monthsDanSmigrod (28398): @realeshots A follow-up to your original post of 8 May 2020: ✓ Matterport App Developers Use Digital Twins Improve Home Buying Experience Dan Wednesday, 2 March 2022
Free! Introduction to Google Analytics | 11 am - 1 pm EST Wed, 30 Dec 2020 DanSmigrod 4 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28398): @AYODELE I checked my email and did not see the recording of this webinar. Can you reach out to: and reference this webinar to see if they will share a link to it? If so, can you post here? Happy New Year, Dan
How to seamlessly integrate live video chat within a Matterport Tour DanSmigrod 7 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28398): @AgentRelay Congrats on the AgentRelay media coverage in EstateAgentTODAY: AgentRelay “arms agents with a flexible tool to undertake initial viewings in a safer and more convenient manner, meeting the needs of modern time-poor, digital-savvy customers, whilst also limiting exposure to COVID related risks” [...] The technology runs directly in the browser on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones, with integration into...
My Virtual Open House Hack GETMYVR 14 3 yearsWingman (3714): I have checked it today and I actually like it. I do not like their prices though in terms of how many active tours they provide. They seem to follow Matterport example limiting users to 25 tours for $90/month However the good thing for me that they show their price in AUD so it makes it cheaper than Matterport.
Limit a tour's zoom? BrianM 6 4 yearsRPOceanic (214): FYI: Another option.... if you use WP3D Models plugin, there is a check box under options tab to turn off/on the zoom feature.
Zoom on Google Street View Richierichks 1 5 yearsRichierichks (715): I had noticed that zoom on GSV was a little odd and I just figured it out. It actually zooms to wherever your cursor is! It's really odd when your cursor is to one side of the screen and it looks like you are turning your head while zooming! Really cool, I wish Matterport was like that!