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'Wayfinding' Topics

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Non AR Matterport Wayfinding based on Mattertags? ovrlebanon 5 5 monthsMeshImages (2764): I am currently one of the Beta Testers for MPSkins AR solution, which is absolutely impressive. Currently it is just for phone, but as far as I know, they are expanding the AR solution also towards the web showcase (similar to L2VR). But this might take some time.
Are you providing Wayfinding Maps to customers? If yes, with what solution? Queen_City_3D 6 1 yearTosolini (4209): @Queen_City_3D I see. At a high level, you probably need at least the following: - A touch screen or a dedicated kiosk - A mini-PC (e.g. an Intel Nuc or a Brightsign Digital Player) - If you go for the PC solution, you can use an authoring software like Intuiface; if you use Brightsign, they have their proprietary editing tool - A database populated with the necessary info (either online or in Excel) There are a variety of other variables...
Using CAPTUR3D with Matterport integration and AR waypoints? Rob_IM4DM 6 2 yearsRob_IM4DM (22): Thank you all for the reply’s.
Video: CAPTUR3D AR Wayfinding for Matterport - What's New in July 2022 DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): AR Wayfinding for Matterport - What's New in July 2022 | CAPTUR3D | Video courtesy of CAPTUR3D YouTube Channel | 20 July 2022 --- 5 free floor plans [via USD $90 credit with CAPTUR3D] from a Matterport tour when you use this WGAN affiliate link to create a free CAPTUR3D account. [To be eligible to receive WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport) 1-Year Membership, send your CAPTUR3D receipt for $250 or...
New AR Wayfinding for Matterport - released by CAPTUR3D AlexHitchcock 1 2 yearsAlexHitchcock (398): CAPTUR3D has just launched it's new Augmented Reality (AR) Wayfinding app for Matterport called ARConnect - allowing you to to curate wayfinding pathways from your tours, to be used at the physical location itself! This is a game-changer for: 1. galleries 2. museums 3. exhibition spaces 4. malls/shopping centers 5. education/training 6. and much more You can download ARConnect for free from the Android or iOS store, and curate...
Is already any solution for smart navigation in virtual tour? Saulius 2 3 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): Video: ARConnect powered by CAPTUR3D: A New Way to Experience Digital Twins in AR | Video courtesy of CAPTUR3D | 19 November 2020 @Saulius It's likely the way-finding meets Matterport solution that you are seeking is Augmented Reality (AR) of a Matterport digital twin powered by CAPTUR3D. When you use this WGAN Affiliate Link for CAPTUR3D, you will receive 6 free floor plans/site plans (for the same space). Once you join ...
Free Webinar: Matterport Mashed up with AR for Wayfinding, Annotating, IoT DanSmigrod 4 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): Grab. Watching the CAPTUR3D Webinar now for what's coming with the CAPTUR3D ARConnect feature. The first step, is setting up a free CAPTUR3D account. When you use the WGAN affiliate link for CAPTUR3D, you automatically get six free floor plans. Super-exciting! "Delightful" "easy"...
Wayfinding Strategies MattSCrowder 6 4 years4DTours (16): CAPTUR3D are working on an AR Digital Twin of your matterport tour which looks like it will enable wayfinding. It isn't released yet but it does look very interesting more info here
Any Indoor Mapping /Google Indoor Maps Solutions?? Convrts 5 4 yearsConvrts (240): Thanks very much for this info @Zebrajack this is brilliant.... way beyond my skillset but means I know what I need to be looking for! So are you using this?
Matterport Use Cases: Site Documentation, Wayfinding and Verification DanSmigrod 1 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): Stories - Farbod Mehr, Senior Technology Consultant, Arup | Arup brings reality capture to site documentation of the world's structures | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel (17 September 2019) Hi All, This Matterport video (above) is helpful to understand how a very large design firm uses Matterport for: ✓ site documentation ✓ wayfinding ✓ construction verification ✓...
Matterport Meets Machine Learning meets Augmented Reality Meets Wayfinding DanSmigrod 1 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): Grabs showing Augmented Reality (AR) while using Google Maps in Atlanta to find my...
Lost an expo GiG to WAYFINDER click360tours 3 6 yearsGarySnyder (2089): @click360tours, you may still have a chance to capture some business here. I'll PM you for your contact details and we can discuss it.
Creative MatterTags: Training or Wayfinding? jscottsmith 4 7 yearsjscottsmith (110): Good stuff, guys. This is exactly the sort of ideas I'm looking for. I'd love to see other unusual uses too!