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How to create a 3D model (& floor plans) super-fast + 360 Video on Steroids DanSmigrod 1 5 monthsDanSmigrod (29825): Urbanimmersive is a WGAN Sponsor --- WGAN-TV | How to Scan with Urbanimmersive Ultra-Fast 3D Digital Twins App and 3D Video Fusion + Floor Plans | Guests: Urbanimmersive Inc. President and CEO Ghislain Lemire and Urbanimmersive Inc. Executive Vice-President François-Hugues Liberge | Episode: 205 | Thursday, 26 October 2023 |...
3D Virtual Tours for Schools: A 24/7 Open Day AlexScene3D 2 1 yearrzphotoman (1831): 3DVista Tours make them better, IMHO Here's a recent 3DVista school project: clickable text
List: 60 Related Names to "Digital Twin" "Virtual Tour" "360 Virtual Tours" DanSmigrod 4 1 yearMeshImages (2670): I’m using Matterport 3D Tour and Matterport Digital Twin for all solutions hosted with the Matterport cloud. And I’m using the terms 360 Virtual Experience and 3D Virtual Experience for all selfhosted solutions with 3DVista. Funny, that nothing similar showed up in the list above - this shows me, that there is vast space for creativity beyond AI proposals. The AI does not even mention „Matterport“. But many of my clients are...
Ricoh Theta Z1 vs Theta X for virtual tour business? linas2569 7 2 yearsWingman (4167): 5.7K video is not that great. We are talking about 360 videos with 2 to 1 proportion that has a field of view of 360 x 180 degree so you need to compare it with a normal video and it is half of its resolution. Probably even more than half as it is just one side with 180 FOV both vertically and horizontally. So I would say 5.7K in 360 is equivalent of 1440P for a flat video with something like 25-50mm focal length.
Video: How to Add Property Lines to Aerial Drone Video DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): How to Add Property Lines to Aerial Drone Video | Video courtesy of Real Tour Vision YouTube Channel | 18 August 2021 From Real Tour Vision YouTube Channel Adding property lines to your drone footage is a must for your business. If you're not doing this you're getting left behind. Also calling attention to bodies of water and other public attractions is important. Learn how to do this today and...
COVID-19's effect on virtual tours? ysabelc 2 3 yearsysabelc (168): We've had 51 responses from all over the world so far, thanks everyone! And the results have been really interesting. Some of it I was expecting, some of it's surprising to me. For example, it seems virtual tour makers in North America had an easier time on average than those in Europe during the pandemic, especially when it comes to getting new clients. At least based on the results we've had so far. ...
Taste of 3DVista Home3D 20 3 yearsandreabortolot (199): @kevin what camera via do you use for shooting? I'm about to purchase Z1 but I see that its photos are not that perfect.. And not what expected from a $1K...
How do I fix this connecting problem with Google street View please? LV360Tour 2 4 yearsWingman (4167): I saw somebody complaining about a similar issue on local guides connect boards about 2-3 weeks ago. I think it is a problem with Google and they are aware of it. I know there are other problems there as well. I have published a tour for my kids school and it is not shown under their GMB listing and only shown on mine. I asked on the boards about it and I was told it is known issue and Google is working on fixing it. Other issue is that it...
Real Estate Agents should be aware of ADA Comnpliance BarnesCreative 2 4 yearsGlennTremain (2678): Don't think he is blowing smoke....this is real in Florida I have 5 clients say they have been called by an attorney wanting $5,000. The lawyer that tried to sue my client for $5,000? THEIR site fails ADA compliance Need more documentation ask florida realtors.this is what they got from Florida Realtors News...
Matterport and ADA Compliant Virtual Tours BarnesCreative 1 4 yearsBarnesCreative (89): The discussion lead by @dansmigrod is about helping Matterport MSP's with info about creating an ADA compliant virtual tour. If you have interest in learning more there is an entire series on the topic:
Matterport and ADA Compliancy - Concerns and Benefits BarnesCreative 1 4 yearsBarnesCreative (89): Talking Matterport virtual tours and digital ADA Compliancy. Check out our full series hosted by @dansmigrod on accessibility and the importance and benefits of ADA compliance:
New MLS Virtual Tour Rules fotoguy 4 4 yearslilnitsch (5412): @Home3D I find myself doing some training with others