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Virtual Tours Vs Video Tours Vs 360 Tours – What’s The Difference? AlexScene3D 5 3 daysDataventurer (487): @AlexScene3D I concur with what GETMYVR just posted. And I have the numbers to prove it! I provide photos, Zillow 3D Home Tours, walk-through videos, and a single page website in my package (also includes drone pics and video clips, plus a floorplan). Every week while one of my properties is live, I record the traffic for each of the media. I send a text to the agent with an updated snip from the spreadsheet. It's a way to stay in contact...
Momenzo App 2 Years Later. Is it Photographer Friendly Yet? VTLV 3 1 yearDanSmigrod (29584): this We Get Around Network ( WGAN) affiliate link to subscribe to Momenzo for a Year - WGAN.INFO/momenzo AND Coupon Code: GET25 (Save 25%) - and receive - free - 12 Months WGAN-TV Training U in Matterport. ...
Zillow Video Link Officially Dead - Any Value left in Handheld Videos? VTLV 7 1 yearVTLV (2858): @lilnitsch - That's looking really really good. Your examples always give a run for the money on all the photography schools that popped up with Covid. I was trying to steer this conversation to the short videos like we started with for Zillow Walk Through Video that was shot on their app. Questioning is there a value to low end shorts. In all fairness, that department got taken away and a link was given to us to upload much better quality...
Services that us Matterport Virtual tours to make Walk through video 3dvrwalkthrough 4 4 yearsDanSmigrod (29584): @3dvrwalkthrough Dan
Video walk-through AND Matterport photosintheround 12 4 yearslilnitsch (5312): That is a "Virtual Tour" provider called TourFactory This was a new client but, I know the CEO of this company and worked with them to enable Matterport integration