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'Urgent' Topics

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Major MP Camera connecting issues today (Thursday, 22 Feb. 2024) pixelray 9 2 monthspixelray (1040): Well just an update...this issue occurred again this morning. I immediately did the same thing...swap batteries. Boom...worked perfect. I think I have a bad battery in my arsenal. Only thing that makes sense. Maybe it's not giving off the proper power??? Who knows.
Is Matterport down? [10:28 am ET to 12:46 pm ET Wednesday, 31 Jan. 2024] misho73 23 3 monthsDanSmigrod (29837): Tips of the Week --- Tip: How to Get email notifications that Matterport is down @misho73 Thank you for being the first WGAN Forum member to report this problem. And, you post was two minutes BEF bold textORE I received Matterport's official email alert. --- Hi All, Wondering if Matterport is down (...
Tip: How to Get email notifications that Matterport is down DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (29837): Tips of the Week --- Tip: How to Get email notifications that Matterport is down Hi All, Wondering if Matterport is down ( like this morning)? In addition to checking the We Get Around Network Forum, Matterport offers a free email alert service when Matterport is down. You can subscribe to auto-generated...
Issues Restoring Matterport scans: How about you? michaelr 1 9 monthsmichaelr (63): Anyone else having issues restoring scans in their accounts after matterport's changes? I have been trying to restore a few archived scans for the past week and a half with nothing happening after I agree to their new fees. After a bit of back and forth with tech support this is their answer "The team found the issue is code related and not a simple UI notification fix. We have to patch the code but make sure nothing else breaks...
Video: 2.5 month old Pro3 making horrible sound and now not working. ScanYourSpace 3 9 monthsDanSmigrod (29837): @ScanYourSpace BTW, I noticed that your YouTube video has 150 views. One would think that Matterport would want to quickly resolve this problem so that you can add that info to the comments section of the video. Dan
Captur3D down? [Noon ET Wednesday, 15 March 2023] fotoguy 2 1 yearSteven_Kounnas (20): Hi I’ve just checked everything on CAPTUR3D and it is running as expected. Here is a link to a recent tour - If you are still experiencing issues, can you email me at with a tour link so I can investigate further? Thanks --- [captur3d][/captur3d]
Help! Matterport Pro3 Camera won’t turn on after changing battery iPhotoTN 6 1 yearWingman (4167): Since it is happening with all batteries the first thing I would check battery pins inside a camera for some dirt or damage. If there is something on them or they damaged it can prevent battery contacts to come in a full contact with all pins inside the camera
URGENT: iPad closes Matterport app unexpectedly. How to fix?! Flashcutter 5 1 year8643d (246): You will definitely notice your time on site scanning will be faster with your new iPad. Best of luck!
URGENT! Matterport File Uploaded, but not processing. Help Please! fotoguy 10 1 yeardave3d (506): Failure rate for us continues about the same percentage. As of today a minimum of 4 of 74 (5.04%) Sorry if this sounds confusing. Something we are looking into now: We scan for multiple accounts each day. We're gonna make sure we only check to upload scans for one account at a time. No upload checks on scans for any other account until the first accounts scans show complete and processing. Only then will we log out of that...
Need urgent help installing WP3D plugin on new server 3dshowcaseuk 3 1 yearDanielBenion (127): Hi @3dshowcaseuk, I'm sorry if your email was somehow missed, but we would be happy to help. If you would share the specifics via our Support Forum @, we can dig in. Also, I'd love to learn more about what isn't working historically, or what capabilities haven't lived up to expectations. If you're interested, we could spend some time helping you get the most out of the plugin so that you're happy with it. ...
Scanning issues with Matterport Pro2 Camera: Noise/Will Not Align Rebecca936 9 2 yearsRebecca936 (10): @MatterFix Thank you! I truly appreciate all your help.
Urgent - Matterport 3D scanning - Quality problem on some scans Matija 23 2 yearsMatija (20): Sure, if there will be any, as still no answer from them.
Matterport Incident: Models Processing Slow - 11:52 am ET Tuesday, 7 Dec 21 DanSmigrod 5 2 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Status eblast received 11:05 am ET Wednesday, 8 December 2021 Hi All, Good news ... --- Incident resolved This incident have been resolved. We are re-queuing the affected models, so that they will be processed. Thank you for your patience. Source: Matterport Status Report eBlast (above) -- Dan
Urgent: Matterport Capture app won’t start up? [In the midst of scanning] NC3D 5 2 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): @NC3D That's great news! Thanks for sharing how you solved the puzzle. Best, Dan
URGENT: Capture App says ‘Waiting’- Onsite! Need Help (Please)! mk4au 6 3 yearsmk4au (58): BTW, it was the app that updated, the scanner still needs to update, but that will happen tonight 😳 😁
Facebook is down, along with Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Oculus VR GlennTremain 7 3 yearsThinkLab (386): @GETMYVR cant wait for the 60min with the Matterport employee whistleblower going to be epic :beer:
URGENT! Help! Capture app won't open (10 AM EDT Tuesday, August 3, 2021) Noddy 11 3 yearsHarrycayman (418): Hi issue seems to have resolved itself. i too have no problems now so not sure and cost me a new ipad too. harry
Matterport navigation and loading issues BenAdgie 2 3 yearslilnitsch (5412): @BenAdgie I am guessing this is the issue in reference
Uploading issue - please help!! trevornelson 12 3 yearstrevornelson (25): Sorry for not responding sooner - it looks like it must have been a server issue (?) as it's now back up and running like normal. Scared me for a moment, but I think everything is okay, thanks for the replies!
URGENT: I get broken diagonal lines win my scans MolinaPhoto 5 3 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Excellent solutions! I would add to that, if you need to order floor plans from Matterport, duplicate the model that includes Ricoh Theta Z1 "scans" and then delete the Ricoh Theta Z1 shot "scans" (because Matterport will not create floor plans that include 360s shot with a 360 1-click camera. Dan
Emergency Check List: Matterport Capture App DanSmigrod 13 3 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): WGAN-TV Live at 5: Top 10 Matterport Pro1, Pro2 and Pro2 Lite Camera Repairs with @MatterFix Founder Mike Vorce | Wednesday, 11 November 2020 Transcript: WGAN-TV Top 10 Matterport Pro1, Pro2 & Pro2 Lite Camera Repairs Free! 12 months of WGAN-TV Training Academy Membership with repairs of $250 or more.
Urgent! Traveling! Help Please! SLOW transfer after firmware update. Sibee 15 3 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Video: WGAN-TV Top 10 Matterport Pro Camera Repairs with MatterFix Founder Mike Vorce-#1633-Show Overview And Camera GPS And Wifi Antenna Repair with @MatterFix Founder Mike Vorce Hi All, For those that are not DIY included for a Matterport Pro2 WiFi Camera repair, check-out WGAN Member: Mike Vorce @MatterFix ... ✓ Matterport Camera Repairs - topic of the day - WiFi antenna issues In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1633, above),...
Help! Urgent: Matterport Capture App Keep Crashing Ipad Pro 2020 11” tresdepro 11 3 yearstresdepro (372): @toddwaddington I also bought the iPad pro for the same reason, is so frustrating to see crash after crash... Thanks for sharing your experience Wish me luck
Urgent! Help Please! On Site; Camera not connecting Cabrahams 5 4 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): @Cabrahams Anything here helpful in this Emergency checklist for Matterport Pros experiencing problems while on site? Dan
Deformed objects: wrong distance, wrong light or wrong camera? Alex77 12 4 yearscastaway (78): Second the more scan positions and make sure no closer than 24" from anything in any direction (including the edge of the table)
MP/Embed: your connection is not private? rzphotoman 16 4 yearsWingman (4167): Not really, it is just not possible to tell every user plus it is still a security problem and some devices may not even provide an option for "proceeding at a user's risk" . The new SSL certificate should be applied on a hosting side to each host where the SSL has been expired and renewed. It has nothing to do with website users, it is a hosting problem only.
Urgent: TIA - AprilTags in large repetitive spaces. Help please briangreul 5 4 yearsbriangreul (684): As for the logistics... I have no idea what they are doing with the model. I can tell you one thing - if it was my client I would have managed expectations alot differently. I seriously doubt they are going to generate a floorplan from it. They have blueprints and Facility Managers. I think they are going to use it for a Leasing Walkthrough and if that's the case I absolutely would not have scanned every room. Nobody who makes leasing...
Urgent: Duplicate Your Matterport model on iPad before doing Cortex Merging DanSmigrod 14 4 yearsRichardStanton (252): @PieroBortolot from my experience on two iPads if you put yourself back to the beta you should be good to go as of now if you still needed those jobs back. The change that they made appears to be a bit broader than just a fix for this issue. They changed the behavior of first load to do an asset assessment/load from the ground up. This apparently solves several issues. You could always then just downgrade again if you felt it necessary.
Urgent: Uploading to Matterport FAILED multiple times? rzphotoman 11 4 yearstresdepro (372): Just an update guys ...Well finally it went through All I did was duplicate the model on the iPad and upload it again :)
URGENT: help scanning this Penthouse (Matterport) skyload300 13 4 yearsExpertise (1178): Wish I was in Brickell right now! Happy hour at Trulucks, I'm buyin! Anyway- I'd be very concerned about that staircase. Hopefully, there are some differentiating features in there.
Urgent problem scanning a large camper area inside Pro 2 and outside BLK 3dblickwinkel 20 4 years3dblickwinkel (235): Thank you all for your support here. Tour has been stitched from MP, thanks to MP too. [wp3d][/wp3d]
Urgent: Matterport capture app not opening; help please? leonherbert 2 4 yearsrzphotoman (1831): @leonherbert The capture app worked fine for me all day today. I just tried opening it up again and had no issue.
Urgent: Matterport Capture App shuts down when i press floor icon alirizacil 9 4 yearsalirizacil (162): After 2 months, problem has not solved yet. Congrats Matterport...
Anyone Ever Encountered This Problem w Capture App? Chemistrydoc 10 4 yearsleonherbert (903): @Jwbuckl there has been discussion on this issue for the last few weeks (17 days)
Matterport Pro 2 Camera not connecting to iPad App Ghagendorf 3 4 yearsleonherbert (903): @Ghagendorf This is absolutely got to do with the firmware, I had the same problem a few weeks back, and a few others have as well. Matterport sent me a new camera as well. Matterport should have done something aggressive to make users aware of this, but they did not. I did get an email telling me to update the firmware, but that was only after I had sent the camera in already. It is not in Matterports interest to fess up and say that this was...
"Urgent! My Matterport Camera failed!!!" (We will loan you our Matterport!) DanSmigrod 6 4 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Hi All, Please see this related WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ Matterport Pro 2 Camera not connecting to iPad App Dan
Cant reprocessing GeoCV model trunganhvux 8 4 yearssameerak (46): @trunganhvux Thanks for asking about this issue. We are looking into it and working to resolve.
Urgent: MSP needing a camera in Chicago now. Camera stopped working. 9thsensevisuals 12 4 yearsalirizacil (162): There is a solution for you guys in USA. What will i do if something similar i do since i am 8000 km far away from USA:(
Urgent: Matterport camera connection to app Ghagendorf 16 4 years9thsensevisuals (19): This happened to one of my cameras last weekend. I tried everything, but the only solution is exchanging it via matterport. It's part of an issue with one of the beta firmware updates. Sorry!
Processing Error - Need Help !! tejas_mithapelli 18 4 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): @tejas_mithapelli Glad it worked out. Thanks for letting us know. Dan
Error Message When Trying to Capture with Insta360 One X and Ricoh Theta V DanSmigrod 4 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Hi All, Good news ... While I got my Insta360 One X working with my iPad, I have no idea why it is working now. I did NOT update the firmware. Hmmmmm... Dan
Warning: Please DO NOT upgrade to Capture 3.0.4 until further notice. VTLV 10 5 yearsJwbuckl (337): Per Matterport Support within the last half hour, the issue has been fixed and updates may resume. UPDATE: This issue has been fixed! It's available in the general release version of the Capture App. Please update your App! Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding. ********************************* If you have already started the update and you get the error: "Unable to Update Existing Data", please select...
New update for capture ron0987 8 5 yearsTHRHHI (292): I use Imazing. Easy to use on my Windows machine. Just copied all the project files from the iPad to an external drive hooked to my PC.
Urgent: If you are using Matterport Capture (Beta) App via TestFlight DanSmigrod 1 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): URGENT From this WGAN Forum discussion .. Dan P.S. Much thanks to @THRHHI
Capture app won't open jscottsmith 14 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): @jscottsmith I agree with you about the bookkeeping. That said, I consider this "temporary" solution of 4+ years best for 98 percent of Matterport Service Providers. If iMazing works for you, that's great. Dan
Alignment Chaos Shakoure 10 5 yearsShakoure (540): @DulceG ... Thanks for inquiring. Actually, Dee at Matterport support took care of it. On her end, she has the capability to edit/move/align the scans individually, something that we don't have access to. I'm not sure of the actual process but she managed to put it in proper order. I now have a huge appreciation for her role at MP and what she was able to do for me.
Urgent: Is matterport processing down? [3:38 pm EDT Wed 3 April 2019] alirizacil 4 5 yearsalirizacil (162): Hi, Matterport support solved my problem. This is their replay. "Hi Aliriza, Regarding Sinpas Aqua Manors, sorry for the delay in processing. There is a bug that Engineering is working a fix. I went ahead and requeued your space for processing. " Thanks...
Matterport slow processing rzphotoman 6 5 yearsrzphotoman (1831): I did re-upload all 3 scans and they were finished in a few hours...the original 3 are still processing. Thanks everyone.
HELP! Matterport Pro 3D Cameras wont charge?? aerialpixels 4 5 yearsM_Wasserman (22): FYI, storing any equipment with batteries for extended periods of time, you want to charge or deplete them to about 50%. You never want them at 100, they can explode, and you don't want them at zero, because the cells will die.
Urgent: Duplicate and Original Matterport Disappear from App DanSmigrod 8 5 yearsbrianbenjamen (28): Thank you for your response , yes firmware is current.
Sensor Error - scan unable to complete due to sensor error. Jerry_D 12 5 yearsMetroplex360 (9435): I have seen all sorts of things and have owned many different Matterport Cameras. Support will often send you another camera to use before you send yours in. They are quite gracious if you are within your warranty, or the failure is on their part. I've sent in cameras that have started to not align well and outright fail. I've sent in a camera that worked beautifully looked like I threw it down a flight of stairs (because I threw it...
Question of the Day: Should Matterport publish a list of known issues? DanSmigrod 12 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): @Metroplex360 Thanks for sharing. Hi All, WGAN Standard and Premium Members get the free use of MPEmbed. Happy New Year, Dan
Urgent: Is Matterport Down (10:15 EDT Tuesday, 4 December 0218) Integratedman 6 5 yearsMatt19 (354): @Integratedman My thoughts exactly!
Matterport Big Camera Issues & Errors costing loss in revenue Gerhard 17 5 yearsgeemaps (94): Recently, I have a lot of problems. The time to transfer information from the camera to the iPad takes about a minute to a minute and a half. normal time 25 sec In addition, there are quite a few faults of improper placement of the scan in an inappropriate place. Two days ago at the beginning of the work everything went really slowly and each scan took more than a minute to pass and then straighten the lines. Instead of 30 minutes job it took me...
Urgent Advice Needed - Models Not Uploading Chemistrydoc 21 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Open thread to view post.
Matterport over-exposing issues rzphotoman 23 5 yearsJune (411): I have used the Theta V and was not happy with the quality. Maybe there is something better???
Help- Tours not uploading- upload stating at 0% stephdolloff 5 6 yearszsolt (52): just trigger with small modification.
Help! My latest MP scan won't upload... RobertGalletta 16 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): ABBA, Here we go again .... Help- Tours not uploading- upload stating at 0% Dan
Urgent: PLEASE HELP! On site...Matterport capture app crashing AlexTC54 9 6 yearsiTours360VR (74): @AlexTC54 Had a similar issue last week that was deduced to be a bad scan that kept closing the capture app. Matterport Support advised me to reshoot the problem area with some overlapping scans as a new project. They were then able to stitch the two projects together.
URGENT. Matterport Capture Keeps Crashing! Help Please... Networker 13 6 yearsNetworker (157): WGAN Pros, A follow up as promised. Yes, it's true. The little digital magical gremlins at Matterport can--and will go behind the scenes and splice two completely separate tours together. Note: I stopped on tour and started the next tour within a few feet of the first tour's finish. Let's give Dee J a round of applause for her digital trickery! Take a look. BTW, the walkthrough is flawless--just like I created as on complete tour. ...
Urgent: processing time today (3 July 2018)? ajabba 3 6 yearsajabba (25): @Property3dNZ Thanks. I did call support and they actually called me back and said that occasionally happens. She started processing it again and it just took a few hours then.
Urgent: Matterport not opening OpenHouseOptics 3 6 yearsJune (411): I had a issue after the camera update. I got a huge amount of misalignments. Ended up having to treat the floors as two different properties and Dee combined them as one for me. Only happened the once and I had used it several times before it did that and with no problem. I realize that is not the same issue but contact support and run it by them. I also did not upgrade my iPad firmware as it is not a newer model and everything I read said the...
Camera Battery not charging... Lbelland 14 6 yearsCKC (85): Looks like I am having a similar issue to Lawrence's....
Matterport hardware - damaged mainboard - Can you help? gustavovc 7 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): @gustavovc Thanks for keeping us posted. Dan
New Capture App and firmware update crashing tocha 6 6 yearsVirtualView (28): What model is your iPad? Maybe it doesn't have enough memory for the speed that you are moving at?
Urgent: Matterport Capture App Crashing! Networker 6 6 yearsNetworker (157): @rko1, @DanSmigrod WOW! Thanks. The checklist will come in handy. Also, I did not either reboot the camera nor did I erase a few scans. Is it just me or, should Matterport be working diligently for these types of issues, not to be happening?
Major Alignment issues: Fast Scan Related? pixelray 11 6 yearsShakoure (540): @pixelray ...This won't be much help if you've already covered it, but... If you haven't gotten and installed the updated bug fix to the first fast-capture firmware upgrade, then your alignment issues might be related to the bugs found in that first upgrade.
Snapshots slow to arrive via email? Queen_City_3D 9 6 yearsQueen_City_3D (3102): The pics I selected for download yesterday showed up 3 hours later. I downloaded some others later and it was less than 20 seconds, so I don't know what was off the first time!
Urgent: Gigantic ooppps on matterport s part 3dshowcaseuk 9 6 years3dVuz (489): Relax people. Could have been worse. Shit happens and we move forward. Breathe
Urgent: error 503 certificate expired? JCHAFE 6 6 yearsRadie842 (254):
Capture Software crashing suncoastskyview 2 6 yearsBrettMtn (124): Have you updated the firmware recently? I had a similar issue the other day after updating to the latest firmware. It was taking forever to transfer after each scan and although mine wasn't crashing, it would get an error saying I was too far from the previous scan point (which I usually wasn't). Ended up shutting everything off and restarting both the ipad and camera and it seemed to help. Was able to finish the rest of the tour with very few...
Alignment issues, advice required angusnorriss 10 6 yearsangusnorriss (744): Most helpful thank you. I can’t seem to exit the downstairs living room and enter the hallway by the front door. I can only enter the living from the other direction via the front main entrance of the house. Any reasons why? Lack of scans in that area?
Urgent: Upload Hanging at 0% .SWL File MIA DanSmigrod 4 6 yearsrzphotoman (1831): Thanks, good info for everyone to know.
Connectivity Problems - Ricoh Theta V Snap 11 6 yearsSnap (194): Thank you @VTLV. I will have a look. @DanSmigrod the 360 camera question was meant for everyone including yourself who gave me feedback on the Ricoh Theta V. I was hoping to get opinions from people who actually use their camera of choice to help avoid those products that have known technical problems. I would presume that a DSLR is the best option for quality but being unfamiliar with the process, it sounds like a lot of backend work,...
Matterport 360 views in separate scan virtuallyreal 11 6 yearsvirtuallyreal (34): Nope sorry - client wants to keep it confidential!
URL working for some but not others kaybaum 2 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): @kaybaum The link works for me. Perhaps a period or other character got added to the end of the URL? Also, are you using address specific websites that point to the URL? They cost less than $4 for a year and many either bundle or up-sell for $25 or $49. Plus, great link for a magazine. Much better than the Matterport URL :cool: One of our examples ... ✓ WGAN-TV: How to Create a Vanity URL, and ... Best, Dan
Update your site plugins tonight ASAP GlennTremain 1 6 yearsGlennTremain (2678): and post this on your facebook to help your agents
Matterport Pro2 "Wifi Fault" Error firoze 20 7 yearsfiroze (25): Yes, this was one of my suggestions after the second camera failed... but didn't push it much cos no one knew at that time, what was causing that error on pro2. After they diagnosed it, took them around 2 weeks to realize that firmware update is not going to come out soon so they sent the pro.
Matterport Capture app crashing dtavres 4 7 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): @dtavres Hmmmmmmm.... What does Matterport say? (3:30 am in Atlanta. Going back to ZZZzzzzz.... Dan
URGENT: Matterport Workshop Not Loading DanSmigrod 22 7 yearsmori (809): Have also experienced some issues. maybe more important: the platform seems to show issues on reuploads and duplicates and adds these when renamed or corrected as new spaces and I guess MP wants to charge them. I am really worried about MP future when I have a closer look at their development speed, quality of code & platform services. Looks like they get a 2nd Soundcloud. Soundcloud is a bad example showing how fast 100 millions...
Matterport Cloud "Saving" to Pause 12 July DanSmigrod 6 7 yearsQueen_City_3D (3102): Ugh... still can't edit details, save any snapshots or do anything else in workshop as I'm getting a "read only" error message too. ... 6:23pst currently and counting.... EDIT.... 6:42 pst and it seems to (finally) be working now.
Matterport Capture App Shutting Down: Update Invelop 9 7 yearsRadie842 (254): What's MSC?
Matterport Capture App Shutting Down Invelop 6 7 yearsInvelop (121): Update - figured it out by virtue of extensive troubleshooting, updating, power cycling, etc.
Urgent The Mark FeatInCapture App Not Woking abalkhail 12 7 yearsabalkhail (40): @DannyBasting yes we have, but we get an error -11 even on the duplicate model.
Urgent: Do NOT Update Matterport Capture App DanSmigrod 17 7 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Matterport Newsletter to all Camera owners today (Wednesday, 21 June 2017) includes this item: New Capture App - 2.3.2 Last week, we released a new version of the Capture app which supports the new Pro2 camera, improves scan preview performance, and enables iOS location services. Version 2.3.1 had an issue that in rare instances may have caused some of your scans to have misplaced markers (trims, windows, etc.) or mixed scans from...
Matterport Hardware Sensor error - help! Rootsyloops 13 7 yearsFlightMedia (77): @kenangiguere I had the same issue when we last used our's. Internals went without a problem I wanted to try taking the scan outside on the decking, it was an overcast day but could not get the camera to align after 3/4 attempts at different heights though I'll carry out a few 360's instead, on the second 360 this same fault came up and the camera froze, rebooted and still no joy so abandoned it as a waist of time.
Urgent help needed [8:45 pm Tokyo Time) 3dshowcaseuk 16 7 yearsmp2fp (509): Great - good luck with the rest of the scan :)
Matterport Camera indicates Hardware Error GoneCoastalSC 20 7 years3DSense (4): I had the same issue today with my camera. It only managed to do a half turn and seized up. Hardware error - motor fault or similar. I finished the scan and wanted to do some 360 outside shots, when it happened. Will contact Matterport ASAP. Any tips dealing with the support?
Matterport Camera Error Sensor Fault PANOPTICMOTION 1 7 yearsPANOPTICMOTION (19): Hi, We have had an error message showing - Hardware Error - Sensor Fault.... The camera will not not work even after rebooting several times. Has anyone had any experience with this? The camera has not been dropped or abused before anyone asked. It has however been working almost non stop for the last 7 weeks, so not sure if its just not built to last as a full on commercial tool!?
Urgent: do NOT update iPad iOS v9.3.2 DanSmigrod 14 8 yearsBayAreaAdam (70): @DanSmigrod Thank you, Dan!
Urgent onsite with Camera Issue THRHHI 9 8 yearsNoel (94): hum, "known problem" so who pays for the freight to send back? Sound like warranty issue, faulty product! Are there more local service centres around the world?