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'Unity3D' Topics

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Using Matterport with game engines? Rob_IM4DM 6 4 monthsRob_IM4DM (22): I see, but if you’re using the point cloud file, wouldn’t something like Unreal Engine 5 be able to run this without any issues. I have seen a video of someone taking the XYZ file and making into a 3D CAD file. Would this more work?
How Cities Are Using Digital Twins Like a SimCity for Policymakers DanSmigrod 3 6 monthsDanSmigrod (28149): Politico (19 May 2022) Barcelona bets on ‘digital twin’ as future of city planning
[R&D] Virtual Expo Hall - An immersive virtual event experience Tosolini 1 2 yearsTosolini (3965): Welcome to our Virtual Expo Hall! We created a series of imaginary companies to showcase the potential of branded messaging embedded into 360 degree media. This type of scene works great as a screen-share over video conference calls (Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams) to aid in remote business storytelling. INSTRUCTIONS Link to interactive experience: To explore...
[R&D] Architectural visualization meets immersive tours and virtual staging Tosolini 13 2 yearsTripp (10): @marshallartsmedia Great gallery tour and love the high quality resolution on all the art and the very polished look of the entire tour. Brilliant!
Leica's blog post about BLK360 + VR Tosolini 3 2 yearsTosolini (3965): @Harrycayman Thanks! We are constantly working on new explorations. Stay tuned :-)
Video: Creating a Basic App for 360 Images Using Unity DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28149): Creating a Basic App for 360 Images Using Unity | Video courtesy of IVRPA - International VR Professionals Association | 11 June 2020 Hi All, If you create a 360º app with Unity, please share it here! Best, Dan
[R&D] The Virtual Staging Configurator - A MP mash-up Tosolini 4 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28149): @Tosolini Excellent. Thanks for the clarification. :heart: it! Dan
Matterport Augmented Reality (AR) JamieSher 7 3 yearsJamieSher (200): Hi guys, sorry for the slow response! Tosolini, great tutorial! MP .obj's are really nice in AR! Dan, yes I patched this mesh for a film but now moving the data into AR applications. I'm hoping to send you guys a .ipa (iOS) and a .apk(Android) file soon with more functionality. I will just post it here or in a new thread but would be great to share. Will update you all! J
[R&D] Lake Bill at Microsoft HQ: from 3D scan to VR Tosolini 2 4 yearsDanSmigrod (28149): @Tosolini Thanks for sharing. Cool to see the data view of the space. Best, Dan
Matterport scan to game Engine DannyBasting Jump to first page104Jump to last page 5 yearsDannyBasting (1171): Hey @DanSmigrod, I was actually waiting for the greenscreen studio to be completed, so that I can show it of in Mixed Reality, as video doesn't really do it justice.. But here is some footage: Current trailer: Slower paste walk through: Screenshots: ...