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'Subscription' Topics

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Can a Matterport Pro3 scanned project be transferred to a Classic Plan? aerialpixels 5 3 months3SixtyNow (481): This is another example of how greedy Matterport is and how they don't truly value the customers that have been with them for years.
Classic Plan - GSV included for a limited time? aerialpixels 1 3 yearsaerialpixels (357): Hi Everyone I am on a classic legacy subscription plan. Those on new regular plans, is this also what you see? ie, GSV included in your subscription for a limited time. Why limited time and when is the limit?
Subscription Services fotoguy 1 3 yearsfotoguy (745): I just want to vent a bit about subscription services. I bet I'm not the only one that feels this way. I signed up for EyeSpy. I really just wanted to do a test tour for myself and be able to show it around. I don't want to pay the monthly subscription fee until I start to use the service on a regular basis. I'm not sure if I can still use my sample tour if I cancel. The same goes for several other subscription services. I sign up and then I...
Space just attempted - Not compatible with your subscription plan VTLV 4 3 yearsVTLV (2676): @pixelray - I've been dancing just under limit line all year dropping unnecessary tours. But this time dropping onto a whole other account seemed odd for getting the email in the first place. @lilnitsch - The middle man account had hundreds of tours on it - doubt it was new. I dropped a tour last week for another middle man company and no email came to my account then saying what i received yesterday. I also converted some 360's to 3D in that...
Matterport Service Provider? Offer Your Services as a Subscription? DanSmigrod 5 4 yearsMiguelea (75): @DanSmigrod Not yet. I am on pretty tight pricing with the client (I am considering to try it on). So I would probably go with Interactive 2D floorplan like this Or video virtual tour like this What do you think?