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Are you creating tours for retail clients? christianadams 3 2 yearschristianadams (27): @MeshImages I appreciate your feedback here. We currently only have a Shopify integration, but we do have a CSV upload option that functions exactly like our Shopify integration. So if you have clients that are using Magento, Shopware, Salesforce, etc., we can easily upload a CSV file with that product data to make the tagging of that retail store go much much faster. I will create a separate post on our CSV upload feature to explain more about...
Video: Front and Back-End of the RELA for MSP Photographers Store DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): WGAN-TV RELA Booking System and Billing Platform for Matterport Pros #1226-How Does The Rela Dashboard And Custom Booking Page Video: RELA for Photographers Storefront Configuration Options Hi All, In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1226, above), RELA CEO Mike Land demos and discusses RELA for Photographers Storefront back and front end, including: 1. How your Storefront looks on the front end a. Secure domain (custom booking page as...
Matterport 3D Tour of the Day: Fresh Market DanSmigrod 11 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): @Dolloff Brilliant technique. I do something similar for this project. ✓ Matterport Pro 3D Camera Photographers: 11 Tips for Capturing Magical 3D Models" -- '"Stretching" golden hour lighting, for example, [b]meant capturing the space almost twice. First, to shoot the entire space. Then, to have the luxury of just capturing the "magic hour" scans upstairs and downstairs. In the master bathroom shower, we just...
Scan of Shops/Dept Store/Supermarkets aerialpixels 3 7 yearsAndrewWilliam23 (64): @aerialpixels Not sure if this helps - here are a few examples as close as I could find to what you might be looking for: If these aren't exactly what you want - you could be the first from Singapore. ...