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'Stolen' Topics

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Beware of this DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice Scam? DanSmigrod 4 1 yearGETMYVR (1322): I got a call from a customer who I did a Google Street view scan for, who claimed an entity said that the photographer (me) was using technology that they developed without proper licensing. And I did this all through Matterport. Alarmed, I quickly thought through the entire mechanism of my relationship to matterport and matterport's relationship to Google. I told my client to ignore the email they never were bothered again.
PetaPixel: Steps You Can Take to Help Prevent Camera Theft DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (27550): Securing Your Gear On Shoots w/Scott Kelby, Erik Kuna & Jefferson Graham | The Grid Ep. 473 | video courtesy of KelbyOne YouTube Channel | 2 June 2021 PetaPixel (7 June 2021) Steps You Can Take to Help Prevent Camera Theft Hi All, Your thoughts? Best, Dan
Inman: Real estate photographers robbed in broad daylight in San Francisco DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (27550): Inman (8 February 2021) Real estate photographers robbed in broad daylight in San Francisco - The couple was driving from a photo shoot when someone smashed the window of their car and stole $7,000 worth of camera equipment. The driver of a Tesla caught it on video Video of Robbery (in Tweet) Have you had camera gear stolen/robbed? --- Free 90 day trial of Inman with this WGAN Affiliate Code
Can Matterport provide a usage report by Pro2 Camera Serial Number? DanSmigrod 11 2 yearsbriangreul (684): EXIF data is pretty standardized. Canon has a whole other set of data that you can pull if you connect to the camera. Ricoh should be similar. The MP isn't a "camera" in the traditional sense, but a camera array with a microprocessor. I'd almost guarantee it's collecting and sending telemetry, but they are unlikely to tell you anything about it.
Is Lack of Liability Insurance Keeping You from Getting Work? DanSmigrod 3 4 yearsDanSmigrod (27550): @VTLV Much thanks! Hi All, As a photographer, it is essential that you have liability insurance and nice if you had insurance to cover your gear. Imagine that you cause damage to property while on site - or worst to a person while on site. Imagine that's a claim of $1,000,000. That could wipe out your business and your life. Insurance premiums are reasonable. Plus, it is a line item in your marketing materials. "We carry $2 million...
Web Content Security. John29 7 5 yearsMetroplex360 (9426): @John29 You are indeed correct about Flash. I used Pano2VR for many many years when the flash option was optimal and the HTML5 was a fallback for the iPad :). Injecting domain control into the Javascript and then obfusticating the javascript code is something that Garden Gnome Software really might consider implementing rather than having users do it... an example of a service that does this is: If someone is...
Matterport Camera STOLEN Ushflynn 9 7 yearsUshflynn (9): Little update for you all, Thanks to this website and some good research by a pawn broker, our Matterport has been recovered and is safely back in our hands! For anyones information, matterport can indeed tell which camera has performed which scans. Should the occasion ever arise i'm sure they could flag up when a stolen camera was ever used with a new account. Thanks to all involved.
Buying-Selling Matterport Camera Meets Fraud DanSmigrod 5 7 yearsDanSmigrod (27550): Ed, Thanks again! Dan