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'Software' Topics

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Which Overlay was used for this Matterport tour? jamal2022 5 1 year3dblickwinkel (235): @meidansha Haven´t read your first comment correct. Sorry. They really look very similar.
What Software/Online Services do you use? (Here's a List too) Sdoughtie 3 1 yearMeshImages (2670): I´m working on two operating systems - Windows machines in the studio and MacOS and iOS devices at home and in the field. File Management and File Transfer: My Dropbox Pro subscription runs on all systems - perfect for multi-platform. My current image management system is Excire Foto, a local AI powered foto management software. My bookmark manager is RaindropIO - one of my most important tools to organise online knowledge with tags...
Matterport Alternative for larger tours jamal2022 2 1 yearMeshImages (2670): You should think about the Pro3 for Outdoor scanning. And mabe indoor with the Pro2. You can bulk export the panoramas from the tour with MPEmbed (in 4K). And there is a way to buy the highres panos from Matterport, but I don´t know the link. If you want to use another system than Matterport, take a look at 3DVista. The Editor is very fast and the skin can be customized in any imaginable way. You can now also integrate 3D Models and make...
Can you recommend a 3D virtual tour platform/software with 1x payment? Szrami 16 2 yearsron0987 (2788): Also if your talking about 360 degree Dslr panos if you use the Matterport android app it will let you import 360 degree panos, Android app is in beta version for this.
End of spherical panorama editing on Photoshop aidanashby 12 3 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): The NEW BEST 360 Photo Editing Workflow | Video courtesy of Ben Claremont YouTube Channel | 2 September 2021 From the Ben Claremont YouTube Channel Photoshop has now DISCONTINUED their 360 photo editing mode, which was a popular editing solution for 360 & virtual tour photographers alike. So in this video i’ll share NEW workflows that avoid Photoshop completely AND provide a better overall 360...
Stand alone 3D? CharlesHH 6 3 yearsCharlesHH (640): Hi Dan PTGui Pro looks like a good way of stitching panoramas together but not what I was after. Pano2VR is definitely cool. Check out the examples on their home page. It would also seem to be able to do what we were after. Stand alone. We will need to spend some time trying it out. thanks Charles
New software? or custom skin? Incapture 2 3 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): @Incapture "Circuit is a software platform developed in-house. Hope that helps!," writes a representative of the company. Best, Dan
WGAN-TV Training U | Intro to 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro with Kevin Dole DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): 77A-WGAN-TV Training U: Intro to 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro with Kevin Dole of 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro Software WGAN-TV Training U | Intro to 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro with Kevin Dole of...
If You Could Only Pick 1 and Why JayInLA 13 4 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): @JayInLA Which Which 3D/360 Virtual Tour Platform and which 360 Camera are great questions, EXCEPT the answer typically depends on for whom and for what use. For most WGAN Forum Members, here's the WGAN short list of: ✓ 3D/360 Virtual Tour Platforms and Single Property Websites for Real Estate These WGAN Forum resources may be helpful too: ✓ List of 140+ 3D/360 Virtual Tour Platforms and Single Property Websites for Real...
Introducing Show & Tour Software // 25% Lifetime Discount for Beta Users JoshMais 6 4 yearsDanSmigrod (29837):
Apple Update IOS 13 starts today on Iphones VTLV 3 4 yearsVTLV (2867): I had hiccups dropping wifi this week on the Iphone 7. After the above update my ipad turned into a paper weight. A prior choice to replace a cracked screen at 1/3 of the original purchases price from a non approved vendor versus having Apple do it for 2/3's the original purchase price a couple years ago voided my opportunity for a trade in.
Need Recommendation: 360 Photo to 2D Snapshot Chemistrydoc 5 5 yearsChemistrydoc (1784): Thanks @leonherbert . I was just going to post that same FAQ response. It works! KF
Any VR video software with menu alirizacil 8 6 yearsGarySnyder (2029): Once you get your head around Vista you can create a VT that looks and feels like a MP tour. You have to create your own floor plan but that's straight forward and easy to do. The advantages of Vista is it give you unlimited possibility in creating VT and VR production. You can also use Vista for all of your 360 video productions In both cases you can turn anything in the image into a hotspot to launch anything. 3DVista is the most versatile...
3D Object Scanning benn1973 5 7 yearsJuMP (2031): @benn1973 You can try photoscan from With some photos around the object you want to scan Photoscan can generate the Mesh with color. The cost is only USD179.00 for the Standard Edition. That is enough for most object scan. We use photoscan for many years, and there are higher resolution solution with higher price also. For example: and
Mark Features not working VTLV 1 7 yearsVTLV (2867): How is your Mark Features Option working on your app? My mark windows and mirrors feels useless this month. Are you getting loads of spray in your scans creating blocks in the walk throughs?
Pixel Pitch/ image quality BenedicteDamm 5 7 yearsBenedicteDamm (26): I need to firmly establish the viewing quality, eg how detailed and how high quality of detail is from certain distances. Eg how clear can one see details 1 mtr from the camera. 5 meters from it and so one. Pretty much "How clearly will we be able to count Michelangelo's nosehairs in the ceiling"- kind of answer. However, it needs to be solid data, not "really good" or "somewhat blurry", I need to provide data...
How long is iGuide post processing time? Chris_iGuide 1 7 yearsChris_iGuide (337): I was recently asked how long it takes to process the data from the iGuide camera system before submitting it. Here is a short video that demonstrates the process from start to finish: The answer will vary from house to house but in this case the answer is 2 minutes and 45 seconds. Chris
MatterPort OBJ - SolidWorks LRA 3 8 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): @LRA I could imagine that the Matterport Object File (.obj) is too large to manipulate. You may want to convert the .obj to a file format that is manageable. Any of these Matterport .obj conversions by Veriscian ( @JoshReadhead ) helpful? Best, Dan
Is iPad the Only Way to Upload? PhotoJoe Jump to first page34Jump to last page 8 yearsPhotoJoe (13): Final update: Matterport was able to process my models and I could open them in my workshop. Some of the 360 images were missing but I can live with that. One more question. There are now seven identical versions of each model. They each have a unique URL. Can I safely delete all but one of them? Thanks, Joe
KoaWare Property Site Platform KoaWare 29 8 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Here are two more @KoaWare examples we delivered to our client yesterday (17 March 2016). Branded – Custom URL / 2 Years Un-Branded - Default URL /2 Year We included the Single Property Website – powered by KoaWare – in our one price bundle for this client. If you are providing your clients with Matterport links and embed code, you may want...
Best OBJ file software Kracka60 18 9 yearsNoel (94): Hi This might seem a silly question, but once you have downloaded and made the changes, are you able to upload back to the portal, or do we (the photographer) need to host on our own server. Thanks for any info.
API al9901 4 9 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Please see Matterport User Group Forum Thread: Matterport Developer Program - Sign Up For other API Threads, please use the Search box to search the Forum. It's powered by Google. Thanks, Dan
Tagging image software Andrew 1 9 yearsAndrew (224): Hi all! May be this service will be helpful for you Andrew