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RICOH Theta SC2x

'RICOH Theta SC2' Topics

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Ricoh Theta X first Matterport tour (unedited) lilnitsch 5 9 monthslilnitsch (4355): Pro2, Theta Z1, SC2, & X Pro2 Theta X Theta Sc2 Theta Z1
Ben Claremont Video: Video: Which 360 Camera Should You Buy In 2022? DanSmigrod 4 11 monthsDanSmigrod (28202): Fstoppers (22 January 2022) These Are the Best 360 Cameras for Photo and Video in 2022
Video: The best virtual tour camera 2021 Theta Z1 vs XPhase X2 vs DSLR DanSmigrod 4 2 yearsron0987 (2141): I agree with @Home3D but the problem is fewer people are willing to pay for quality or wait for the product. Everybody is expecting a quality product within 24 hours. So it use to be limited camera's and software. Now having so many camera's, so many software's it hard to balance just the right equipment/software for the right price. I have a developer who wants the DSLR quality but when given the quote we are back to the Matterport. Which is...
Matterport Capture App (26 Oct): Support for iPhone 12; Insta360 ONE R and DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28202): Matterport Capture iOS App Hi All, Matterport Capture App (iOS) updated on Monday, 26 October 2020. According to Matterport: • Adds support for the iPhone 12 for Matterport for iPhone • Fixes a bug that can occur when setting up an iPhone 12 using data restored via iCloud Known issues: • BLK360: battery...
I am thinking about starting a virtual tour/Real Estate Photograph business Malek Jump to first page32Jump to last page 2 yearsVTLV (2633): Do yourself a favor and learn the fundamentals of photos editing. This is a trade, not a get rich quick scheme breaking into a new industry. So many real estate agents get a license and think they'll make large sums of cash. 80% of them make less than $20,000 a year. Agents get in, sell a friend or family members home, starve and drop out to a part time job and rarely get back in. Happening a ton with 360 photographers as well. Ebay always has...
Ricoh Theta Z1/V/SC2 versus Insta360 One X DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsPeter360 (23): On a cursory look the surprises are SC2 which is "acceptable" for cheap 1 shot and conversely how poor the onex is.....
Which 3D/360 software/platform for real estate and vacation rentals? aldorodriguez2005 3 2 yearsaldorodriguez2005 (9): Awesome Dan! Thank you so so much!!
Examples of 360 Tours Created with Ricoh Theta Z1/V/SC2 and Insta360 One/X DanSmigrod 2 2 yearslilnitsch (4355): I like redundancy. I have gotten busy enough where I now send a family member a second direction on certain shoots. My policy it to carry an heir & a spare for all equipment on a shoot. So, each shooter carries two DSLR’s, a Z1 & a V or sc2 for Zillow’s 3D home tours (v or sc2 are just in case) and a Pro2 w/a Pro1 back up. I never want to show up to a property unable to perform due to some sort of hardware issues
Video: Is this the BEST budget virtual tour camera? (Ricoh Theta SC2) DanSmigrod 6 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28202): Red Eye! Yikes! And, BIG THANK YOU for sharing the examples above. Dan
New! $300 RICOH Theta SC2 for Business 360 HDR Camera with Special Timer DanSmigrod 5 3 yearsPeter360 (23): The (not released) but planned latest matterport app beta has listed a: "Split" mode for 360° cameras There is an existing plug-in for the z1 (and v?) which allows one then other lens shooting with 5s delay so I think they have integrated in firmware of SC business and should (?) therefore filter down to z1 in next (not in current 6 feb update) firmware update).