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'Realvision' Topics

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Inman: "Real Vision is the real deal for one-stop listing marketing" DanSmigrod 13 3 yearsbryanhscott (843): @DanSmigrod The following is an email reply I received about the availability of Realvision as a product: ------------------------------------------ Hi Bryan, we received your voicemail. Thanks for reaching out. Glad to hear that you like our product! We use our own "homegrown" (as you put it!) software and process to create it. We're not currently active in Denver, but if you are interested in working with us in the future as a...
WGAN-TV Using CallAction Pair with a Sign Rider to See Tour & Capture Lead DanSmigrod 1 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29126): Brandon Doyle, Doyle Real Estate Team with RE/MAX (and Real Estate book Author) ( ICNY19) Hi All, At Inman Connect NY 2019, I spoke with long-time WGAN Forum Member and early Matterport adopter Brandon Doyle (@DoyleRealtor), [url=Doyle, Doyle Real Estate Team with RE/MAX Results]Doyle Real Estate Team[/url] with RE/MAX Results in Minneapolis-St. Paul MN about his latest book, Real Estate Marketing Play...
Has anybody tried iStaging eggardner 3 6 yearseggardner (411): Great stuff, Dan - thank you! Will check it out!
How does Real.Vision measure floor plans? khaled 2 7 yearsJuMP (1966): @khaled I am not a user of RealVision, can't answer your question. But I am working on how to measure floor plan for Matterport space. If you are Matterport user you can try our measure tool JuMP-ME at We use the OBJ result file from Matterport which include a real value of dimension in it. After loading it into Chrome browser we calculate the projection area for the measurement. BTW "Magic...
Warning: RealVision Terms of Service Metroplex360 5 7 yearsDanSmigrod (29126): @Metroplex360 I have reached out requesting an official response ... Dan
We Get Around Network Map on Vacation.Vision DanSmigrod 1 7 yearsDanSmigrod (29126): Vacation.Vision is the Global Vacation Rental Listing Site that requires a 3D Tour in each listing. Props to Vacation.Vision for requiring a 3D Tour!!! To make it super-easy and super-fast for vacation rental management companies around the world to Find a 3D Tour Pro - as well as videographers/drone photographers/still photographers - Vacation.Vision has embedded the We Get Around Network Find a Pro interactive map. To get on the ...
REAL VISION: Anyone Using It? Gransky Jump to first page34Jump to last page 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9432): Thanks, Alex. I wasn't sure so I did make sure to state that this was my guess. 😁
Compare 5 3D Systems: Hosting/Processing DanSmigrod 13 7 yearsmcatino (118): @Metroplex360 thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated. Would be interested in your retouch process and I think I am sold on MP. I agree that it is not photography and therefore we can't stop those with $$$ that get into this as a business. I have desided to use Insidemaps as a low cost solution for realtors on the cheap and will mark up $$ MP service just because there is a huge difference between them. The fact that it uses a iPhone is...
Realvision 3D/VR Platform: Indepth Analysis DanSmigrod 3 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9432): Great = gear. I would love to use my existing Nikon D7000 with Nikkor 10.5mm fisheye. There is no support telephone number on the site... Wish there was.
Technical Comparison of 3D/VR Platforms .pdf DanSmigrod 2 7 yearsJC3DCX (823): Thanks, very informative, and handy,
Chart: Comparing Five 3D/VR Platforms DanSmigrod 7 7 yearsfrstbubble (639): @pcollart Thank you for the comparison! I am still partial to Matterport for 3 main reason and many more sub-reasons. The three main reasons are the Dollhouse View, Mattertags, and the user experience during the viewing.
I see a link for Real Vision (Toursler)? MadHusband 13 7 yearsExpertise (1178): The new gen looks pretty good to me. I already have Canon DSLRs, just need a fisheye lens and a few accessories. I could then shoot a house in 1 swoop, and generate a 3D tour, floorplan and pretty high quality stills from that 1 shoot. So... my math tells me that instead of spending maybe 60 minutes shooting an average house and 90 minutes "Matterporting" it I could just do BOTH in 60 minutes. That's worth something....
Matterport Spaces Tour vs Google Maps Tour alsangio 2 7 yearsUserName (586): Google's rules for Business View photography seem to say you can't photograph homes and apartments. @bCome posted great examples of a place scanned using Matterport and photographed for display in Street View. Matterport tours seem to have more navigation points than Street View tours. That may or may not matter to some users. ( link - see last post in the thread) Matterport PC models have dollhouses that help people explore a model...
What technology is this ScanMan 12 7 yearsVRPM (66): @scanman Matterport bought the lot and shut them down. There is nothing left of virtual walkthrough apart from their sale staff.
Matterport versus Toursler (Which and Why) DanSmigrod Jump to first page72Jump to last page 8 yearsMetroplex360 (9432): Would be cool to see what they would do if they had a cool product like Matterport :). I'm sorry, I just bounced back here from looking at some Toursler tours and I just find them cumbersome to navigate... the improved image quality is nice, but I just don't get the sense of freedom and curiosity that Matterport tours inspire. Toursler is old tech repackaged to look like new tech.
Threat to Matterport Users? Queen_City_3D 8 8 yearsTosolini (4104): If I were Matterport, I'd focus on the magic of their software. The writing is on the walls that the hardware is not going to be a big differentiator in the future, and prices are coming down. I think they are smart embracing threats like Google Project Tango, which allows you to scan a room in 3D using a simple device. The quality might not be there yet, but it's a matter of time that everybody will be able to do basic scans with their tablets...
Anybody body know gofastpro 15 8 yearsal9901 (61): I have seen this too. I wouldn't get too caught up with these 360 photo tours. As Gary said, the future is 3D. I met with one of the countries largest real estate brokers here and they were trying to work out how much it cost for them to back out of a deal they signed with a 360 photo company because they liked the Matterport captures so much better. 360 photos have terrible problems with fish-eye; the photo is projected on to a 3D sphere and...