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'Poaching' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Spotted New Matterport PRO3 Camera Pictures ThinkLab 11 3 yearskwreece (85): As a company they will learn quickly enough that not delivering the growth and profit promised to the investing community will have a very short lifespan. Then changes will be made rather quickly I would imagine. All the more so when they hear that the company is/has lost the faith of its user base.
How to reduce Matterport Capture Services poaching of Collaborators DanSmigrod 9 3 yearsbriangreul (684): I agree with your concern about their competence and execution. I'm not so convinced they won't muck it up first. If it was really easy, everyone with a lidar-equipped iPhone / iPad would be using those devices to light the World on fire. It's possible that Marriott could hire someone in-house. But chances are that they would discover what the rest of us already know. Matterport was designed for houses. Scanning commercial is do-able but...
How to help reduce Matterport poaching of your Collaborators DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): Grab: See Capture Services icon at the top and Matterport Capture Services now available in selected regions (Box to the right). How to help reduce Matterport poaching of your Collaborators Hi All, Unfortunately, Matterport apparently continues to solicit Matterport Service Provider clients that are Collaborators...
Video: Matterport Capture Services....The End of Matterport? DanSmigrod 8 3 yearsMeidansha (661): @Gerhard this is not in the MSP terms and conditions but I wonder just what counts as "the business purpose" that Matterport is allowed to process our personal information such as customer names (collaborators etc). "2.5. Matterport will process Personal Data only (a) for the Business Purpose, (b) as otherwise initiated or instructed by Subscriber or its Data Subjects (e.g., via email, support tickets or instructions for...
Matterport New editing software htimsabbub23 5 4 yearsleonherbert (903): Personally I think the new updates have made the program better, especially the fat finger syndrome. I do not like the fact that you cannot select multiple images and transfer and create a new floor with them. I normally shoot a few (3) shots onto a new floor from the old floor and then move them to new floor in the app. It is cumbersome now.
Matterport Shoots Self in Foot Again (and Matterport Service Providers) DanSmigrod 18 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): Open thread to view post.
Contemplating hitting the War Button with the Sales Team VTLV 22 5 yearsChangesin3d (125): Well @Jwbuckl why do you not go get an ATTORNEY'S opinion from the Matterport team.... you are really no more that a PR guy that is trying to make people love a system that they have major faults with. You play word games and use half truths. You should run for political office, just my opinion. You want to compare Matterport to GEOCV let's do that. Tell me where I am wrong, if I am, GEOCV will allow people to host their files and give...
Smoking Gun: Proof That Matterport Markets to Collaborators (Your Clients!) DanSmigrod 16 5 yearsmori (809): A first attempt I can think of to make them aware: try to collaborate by merging your accounts via cooperations. E.g. if 100 MSP´s ask MP for a special offer to bundle all their single accounts and spaces and then cancel all their single subscriptions they may start to listen? [redacted]
Another MP Attempt At Poaching Clients? Snap 7 5 yearsJamie (2013): You and us all :/
Petition: Matterport! Stop Marketing to Our Clients DanSmigrod 11 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): @Gerhard I (just) tried this link again. Works for me. Try another browser? Dan
Does Matterport market cameras to Collaborators on your account? DanSmigrod 3 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): @3dshowcaseuk Thanks for documenting. I'll add this ... ✓ Smoking Gun: Proof That Matterport Markets to Collaborators (Your Clients!) Dan
Deleted Matterport Spaces in this Data Set? DanSmigrod 10 6 yearsMontreal3D (202): The data is worth way more than the money they are making from the hardware and cloud processing. It's simply not something accessible / of any value to the current Service Provider Network.
For Matterport Employees That Are Upset Too DanSmigrod 5 6 yearsShakoure (556): @DanSmigrod ....Thank you, Dan.
Matterport are contacting my clients. eggardner 20 6 yearsShakoure (556): @Metroplex360 ...Sounds like you're among the few doing really well. I'm in the mecca of real estate and can't get realtors to bite. Any chance of getting a few subcontracts from your subcontracts?
Careful not to shoot ourself in the foot. advancedhdr 6 6 yearsrko1 (367): It can always get worse, we are dependant on Matterport. I have business lined up for some time. I am still behind the product, just not management. Its not the hardware, it's not the firmware, but it is the soft minds behind it.
Matterport Sales Team Farming Your Clients? DanSmigrod 2 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): Hi All, Please see another example (and discussion) here: ✓ Matterport are contacting my clients. Dan
New Matterport Terms of Service 1 March 2017 DanSmigrod 28 7 yearsPHILG (79): Can you point me to that document or share it with me. I can't seem to find it
Matterport Shoots Itself in the Foot (Again) DanSmigrod 12 8 yearsJonJ (1760): @3dshowcaseuk, What you are asking is completely doable. This is exactly how one of the companies that outsources work via the WGA network operates. They create unique credentials and the MSP sourced, logs into their capture app with those credentials, scans the property and uploads it to the contracting companies account. The MSP is not responsible for processing fees, but can log into the account to verify the scan and...
Matterport stealing our customers jfantin 8 8 yearspirusan (184): There might be 5 threads about the same issue Matterport is marketing to our customer base. In no way I am going to defend Matterport Marketing strategy of which I have been always critical. But I humbly submit that this very predictable race to the bottom was led by many Matterpot owners who are willing to scan properties for values that barely amount to minimum wage per hour. With that said, we thought that many photographers were using...