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'Panono' Topics

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Matterport versus iGuide? CuttingEdge 9 3 yearsmdezz (4): Just starting out in this end of the business and I already own a THETA z1- but looking into Matterport and now iGuide. Matterport supports the 1 with good results but alas no floor plans. Will dig into iGuide a bit. Thanks!
Panono MIA at 2017 Google Street View Summit DanSmigrod 7 5 yearsDanSmigrod (28205): @PeterMcCready We were both lucky to get our Panonos - and sell our Panonos - before Panono filed for bankruptcy protection. Yup! Time for Matterport to enable full, high-quality exporting of 360ºs ... today - 18 July 2017 – there are 67 360º 1-click camera solutions. That wasn't the case when Matterport launched. Dan P.S. I believe it took 2.5 years for my Panono to arrive. Unfortunately, they did not nail the stitching.
Which 360º Camera? Ricoh Theta S or Panono? DanSmigrod 12 6 yearsDanSmigrod (28205): Scott, excellent video (and viewed 17,000 times. You're a YouTube star.) [ Foundry 45 companion blog post] Seems like it's down to Gear 360 and Ricoh Theta. Sounds like a Canon versus Nikon discussion :cool: My message for the community is that it doesn't matter which one you get; just that you get a 360º spherical photo/video camera and play with it. It will take you six months to master it anyway....
Outdoors with Panono and Ricoh Theta S DanSmigrod 2 6 yearsmarswalker (43): Panono looks great. The theta is fun but I have had poor results using indoors. Outdoors is so so.
Panono Ball Camera for 360º Spherical Photos DanSmigrod 20 6 yearsDanSmigrod (28205): I will be using the Panono and Ricoh Theta S 360º spherical cameras at Inman Connect.