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'Objections' Topics

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Question of the Day: How do you answer, "The house will sell anyway." DanSmigrod 6 3 yearsGETMYVR (1904): You attract more intelligent and pre-qualified buyers. Future home sellers are scanning the market and they're paying attention to who has professional photography and realistic virtual tours on their listings as they secretively vet real estate agents as potential listing agents. This is your chance as an agent to shout to the world, that I am the best in to market your home in the digital age, hire me.
Question of the Day: Handling objection that "the house will sell anyway"? DanSmigrod 7 3 yearsWingman (4261): I think a smart agent can sell a property very well even without a tour if they use all means to show it to as many people as they can using social and may be even paid ads. However they still will leave behind those who are far away and simply cannot buy something that expensive using just photos or videos. I would say that even with a lazy agent who does not do any social advertisement a property still has a better chance to be sold for...
Matterport is "too accurate" sandhun 11 4 yearsVirtusRealis (77): @sandhun Main part of my customers are architects and technical engineers. That's why I'm really psychorigid when it comes to accuracy. I double check my measurements onsite with a laser. So I can say that measurements within 1% of reality (even 2%) is the worst case. Mine is actually 0.20%. So I really handle it carefully since it tends to deviate. As a BIM modeler, the argument that a virtual tour (or a point cloud) is too accurate is just...
Realtor states MP tour too complicated fotoguy 14 4 yearsjericreson (84): These issues will resolve themselves. I've been training agents for 30 years. Theres a reason real estate technology lags 5-7 years behind other sectors. Focus on the agents who get it. 80 year olds aren't driving the real estate market...There's plenty of agents who focus on the populations who do crave these tools, And the rest will get it, Or not.
Facing objections by realtors angusnorriss 6 5 yearsangusnorriss (747): @ftosolini awesome. There’s a shift in purchasing behaviour. 3DVR sits between the physical view and the static image, extending the emotional connection with a property created by the agent, making it permanently viewable with friends, family influencers and other key stakeholders seeking to purchase that property. It accelerates the decisions making process. View in 3D and go for it, Or stop wasting everyone’s time. Also... 2 agents...
Question of the Day: #1 objection you receive about doing Matterport Tours? DanSmigrod 6 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30334): Hi All, Other objections? best, Dan
How do you handle the objection: We want people coming to an open house ... DanSmigrod 4 5 yearsrzphotoman (1834): @Oboldyrev I agree...I always tell them that 3D Tours will bring more qualified buyers to the open house. I also give the agent a copy of the 3D Tour with music on a continuous loop that they can let run on their laptop or iPad during the openhouse to show potential buyers that they use the latest techkno;gy to market their clients home. That's something most had never thought of and when they hear it, a light bulb goes off in their head. SOLD!
How do you handle this objection: "There isn't any privacy in the tour ..." DanSmigrod 4 5 yearsWingman (4261): And the same TV, computer or electronics are on pictures. I do not think it is any of a privacy concerns. It is just an excuse not to use tours, probably because they will show vendors that even an agent can be replaced with a tour.
How do you handle the objection: “I don’t want to pay for it.” DanSmigrod 3 5 yearsmichaelakinyemi (87): We think of how we can leverage on the relationship if we are offering it for free. We have scanned some expos in the past in exchange for an exhibition stand at the expo.
Question of the Day: What's the silliest objection that you have heard? DanSmigrod 6 5 yearsWingman (4261): Thanks for your feedback. Why do you think that voice is expensive? It will just go as IP traffic with voice over IP technology and it will only cost an agent a mobile data. However it is not that much of data and coded it can generate a little traffic. It should not be a specially employed person, it can be an agent that has an app installed on his phone. When somebody calls from a tour it will just start loading it to an actual viewer...
What's hurting your business? leeverdon 6 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): I can imagine why people think a virtual tour opens up a virtual map for potential security problems -- however, at the same time I think it's paranoia as these incidents are few and far in-between. Just like leaving your door unlocked might increase your chances of being robbed -- chances are that a potential robber was already prepared to break in and you only made his job easier. If a client brought this up to me, I would tell them...