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'Nodal Ninja' Topics

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Realsee Galois Lidar camera tests coming Home3D 3 4 monthsDanSmigrod (30334): @Home3D Thank for offering to compare the following for the WGAN community: 1. REALSEE Galois LiDAR Camera and REALSEE Platform 2. Matterport Pro3 Camera and Matterport Platform 3. Sony a7iv (33mp) Mirrorless Camera on Nodal Ninja (bracketed 3s) using Rokinon 12mm 2.8 lens; and the Ninja images will be processed in Lightroom, blended in SNS-HDR and stitched in PTGui Pro. You may want to consider a 4th test. If you shoot the 360s...
Adding audio/titles to a published 3DVista interactive 360° video BigSwifty 2 2 yearsPau (58): Try this and see if it works for you clickable text
How to use a pole for an "aerial" shot in lieu of a Drone or No Fly Zone DanSmigrod 20 3 yearsDanSmigrod (30334): 10 FAKE DRONE Shots with a SMARTPHONE | Mobile Filmmaking Tips For Beginners | Video courtesy of Learn Online Video YouTube Channel | 26 November 2021
Online hosting for a tour with 100-160mp panoramas Wingman 4 3 yearsJuMP (2031): @Wingman which panorama platform can handle 16k x 8k resolution now by your study? Please advice. Our solution is working for 16k x 8k input, not only from Matterport.
Nodal Ninja closes shop in the US Bill 12 5 yearsBill (285): Only 2 screws but PLEASE contact for support concerns - thx
Mirrorless + Nodal Ninja Setup - Cupix workflow issue (2:1 aspect ratio) flexcopmusic 2 5 yearsWingman (4261): Try this one!topic/ptgui/0LjQU-JLovQ
Video: How to Shoot 360 Panoramas by a Google Business Photos Trusted Pro DanSmigrod 2 5 yearsWingman (4261): I wonder why he is not switching to a Automated Rotator Mecha e1 sold by nodal ninja for $230. It is cheaper than their manual rotators and obviously should be able to do the same or a better job for spinning his camera automatically. I can see though that he charges quite a lot for his panorama services and it should cover all this extra time for taking pictures rotating a camera manually and stitching them.
Nodal Ninja - Cyber Monday Offer ends 8 am (-7 GMT Tues., 27 November 2018 DanSmigrod 1 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30334): Hi All, 360º Pro gear from our friends at Nodal Ninja. Best, Dan --
6 Essential DSLR Equipment to Capture High-quality 360° Photos DanSmigrod 6 6 yearsGarySnyder (2116): I like the Velcro approach. I use a light weight chain like use for hanging plants. I have 3 lengths of the chain that are all linked to one of those simple round key holders on the other end of the chain I have a small quick release fitting like what you fine on some camera straps. I just wrap the end of the chain around the leg of my Manfrotto tripod and its set for the right spread to keep it out of my shot. I use this for stills and 360...
Nodal Ninja Panorama J3d 5 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): @J3d So. I hate to say this, but the pano that you've asked us to look at is very dark, oversaturated, and presented in a manner that stretches it very very wide. It's not the best thing to ask us to comment on.