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'Night' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Vendor Needed: Exterior Elevations Created From Matterport Pro2 360 Views DanSmigrod 14 1 yearron0987 (2202): This way is a little cleaner but scale is still an issue.
3D scans night and day Thea_VR 6 4 yearsThea_VR (36): Thanks for all your help guys! I duplicated it now and will proceed on pre editting them (i have 210 scans + 15 360 photos) To have at least 199 scans. I have one suite that is scanned day and night, so prolly i will delete the night scans. Thea
Matterport Scan at Night with People tocha 10 6 yearsnat_vanveen (598): @Rundblick3D Oh wow that is reallllly cool! I love the white interior of the building to offset your two guys! I reckon it's a winner!! :D
Attaching lights to the Matterport Camera? DanSmigrod 2 6 years360Verbeelding (352): Its not that difficult see my treats about this topic. just use a couple of small LED videolights and start experimenting. happy scanning Grtz Rene
Capture at Night in the C-O-L-D DanSmigrod 10 8 yearsBredeErickson (4): @DanSmigrod Temps were in the 20's and falling as I recall, it was pretty late in the day when i got to the back yard. I didn't experience any real problems with alignment but i worked the perimeter against the fence so that i had some structure for the Matterport to latch on to. I was outside for probably 30 minutes.
Capture Outdoors at Night DanSmigrod 19 8 yearssdubose99 (128): How about Home Depot