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Video: How to automate monthly or annual invoicing of Matterport hosting DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (28202): 90 Images Edited [via USD $90 credit with CAPTUR3D] when you use this [b]WGAN affiliate link to create a free CAPTUR3D account. [To be eligible to receive WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport) 1-Year Membership, send your CAPTUR3D receipt for $250 or more to:] --- ...
New Hosting Fees Service feature by CAPTUR3D AlexHitchcock 1 3 monthsAlexHitchcock (334): out our Hosting Fees feature video CAPTUR3D has just released a new Hosting Fees Service feature! This makes it easy for all Matterport users to set up and collect Hosting Fees from your clients. This includes: - Stripe secure payment gateway - Create & manage customer profiles - Generate recurring payments for different properties - Apply custom tax rates - Download invoices...
Matterport hosting question: if I set some of my spaces to private... Buschstu 9 4 yearsBuschstu (24): Dan thanks so much for your insights. I agree 100 percent on the recuring charge. Just hope i have not under priced the hosting so far .(At 10.00 for the year )That they will not want to pay higher monthly fees for hosting.Unless i lower the shooting fee.Nice thing is they cant make me re-shoot too much 1) they dont give much time before the move in to shoot 2) because once rented they have no acess
Monthly Recurring Revenue versus 1x Payments DanSmigrod 24 7 yearshtimsabbub23 (904): The way I see it is, real estate buying and selling will always be part of our society. Build yourself a network of realtors and be trustworthy, honest with your clients and yourself. save money for the "next big thing" because we all know even the biggest companies come and go. But for now these mountains are filled with pretty gold flakes!