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How to Get a Mortgage Loan in Three Days with Matterport Spatial Data DanSmigrod 10 2 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Hi All, Looks like my prediction on February 3, 2017 - 5+ years ago (see 1st post above) - has come true: ✓ The New York Times (21 March 2022) Remote Appraisals of Homes Could Reduce Racial Bias | Desktop appraisals, in which an appraiser never meets a homeowner, could reduce discriminatory practices, such as undervaluing homes owned by Black people. The majority of appraisals on home purchases in the United States can now be ...
How to create Unique Matterport Tours threesixty_tours 1 2 yearsthreesixty_tours (32): How to create Unique Matterport Tours & Unique Virtual Tours | Video courtesy of ThreeSixty Tours YouTube Channel | 14 April 2022 If you are wondering how to create Unique Matterport Tours then this video is for you. In the video it also explains how to get an edge when creating a Matterport tour for hotels, colleges, & schools that have several large spaces, buildings or large outdoor spaces like...
Yandex & 2GIS > Can we connect Matterport to these servcies? skyload300 2 3 yearsWingman (4167): you may want to talk with Maxim Bobylev he is in St Petersburg and doing tours for Google and Yandex. Not sure what 2GIS is.
Transfergate: Why not switch to a Matterport Competitor? DanSmigrod 9 3 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): @schaferu Thank you for your kind words and insightful post. And, thank you for proposing how Matterport might solve the pricing problem for long-term hosting: At a minimum, they should have: Simply bad form to upset the early adopters like you whom may now look at alternative tour creation and hosting platforms. Survey? I would prefer to see those affected to share their thoughts in this - or related " transfergate" -...
Didn't realize how badly Matterport treats us til I started writing Expertise 3 3 yearsron0987 (2788): I do bash Matterport on regular bases, in some cases it’s out of pure frustration. I use lots of technology and MP is the only company that does very little to work collaboratively with its user. When the company I worked for bought a Faro laser scanner, there was tons of support. They had seminars, conferences, I met software developers, engineers for Faro and other user. It felt like it was a collaborative effort to make the product better....
Transfergate: I could imagine Matterport CEO Sending this Apology This Week DanSmigrod 9 3 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Great news! Can anyone else confirm? Dan
Matterport Ecosystem: Class Action Lawsuit? DanSmigrod 10 4 yearsAxis360Media (325): Copyright is being litigated in this suit
Class Action Lawsuit: 3 Roads To Travel immersivespaces 28 4 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): @immersivespaces In light of your past discussions with an attorney about Matterport, you may find this of interest: ✓ Matterport Service Provider Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Matterport Dan
BREAKING NEWS: Inman reacts to TOS change. Metroplex360 26 4 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): @Home3D Reminder that the original post in this discussion is from two years ago. Matterport rolled back its TOS, based on the WGAN Forum Community backlash. Dan
Google Street View and Matterport ??????????? leonherbert 21 4 yearsleonherbert (903): @Astroprojector It must be because I complained to them again today :)
WARNING Are you aware of this? GarySnyder 19 5 yearsGarySnyder (2029): Thanks @DanSmigrod, GDPR clearly states that any website operating within the EU need to notify all users that any form of cookies are being attached to the device the viewer is viewing the content. This is why you clearly see a popup notice on most websites that states if you wish to proceed cookies will be added to your device. Most website now go even further and allow you to opp out of non essential cookies but all notify you that cookies...
Petition: Matterport! Stop Marketing to Our Clients DanSmigrod 11 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): @Gerhard I (just) tried this link again. Works for me. Try another browser? Dan
Does Matterport market cameras to Collaborators on your account? DanSmigrod 3 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): @3dshowcaseuk Thanks for documenting. I'll add this ... ✓ Smoking Gun: Proof That Matterport Markets to Collaborators (Your Clients!) Dan
Open Letter to the new CEO mori 13 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): @sbl110 Yup! Matterport must get home sellers to ask real estate agents for Matterport 3D Tour. Period. Adding to the "Wish List" ... publish a dynamic, know issues list with a date/time stamp with status. Dan
Details/Status of announced MP cooperations with Meero,Roomy,Multivista mori 3 5 yearsmori (809): Thanks for the update. I would have expected, that the Multivista-Solution would be provided as a feature solution to MSP´s especially for construction documentation or at least be provided as example code to build your own solution based on this code. I hope really the MSP programme will not be replaced or separated in 2-3 programmes: a) Basic MSP Programme for Hiring via MP, Meero or others b) Pro MSP Programme for advanced partnerships for...
Matterport Job Opening: Ecosystem Growth Program Manager DanSmigrod 3 5 yearsChemistrydoc (1784): Should anyone over 40 bother to apply? KF
Matterport pitching pets to buy a Matterport Camera (Really) DanSmigrod 1 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Hi All, A WGAN Member - whom is also a Matterport Service Partner - told me today (5 October 2018) that Matterport is pitching his/her pets to buy a Matterport Camera. How did that happen? S/he created an email address - composed of the first and last name of his/her cat (first name) and dog (last name) and requested an MSP. S/he got back three leads (including himself/herself. Now his/her dog and cat are receiving email to buy a...
Matterport uses MSP Program to Generate Lead for Camera Sales DanSmigrod 15 6 yearsRedRock3D (46): YEARS ago I was in the home fragrance business. It was an art and a science, perfected only by experience. It was soon taken over by rank amateurs and (very cheap) imports. Skill no longer played a role. Consumers were drawn to the new low prices and availability of the mass produced product but the quality was awful. It took only a few short years before consumers were convinced that ALL products coming from this particular niche were of poor...
How Matterport can sell more Matterport cameras, processing and hosting DanSmigrod 4 6 yearsChemistrydoc (1784): @DanSmigrod I would enjoy nothing more! Feature all demographics, but especially older millenials, who will be the ones to derive the most use / benefit from MP. End user marketing is generally very effective. KF
Why can you buy MatterPak when the model is private, but not Floor Plans? DanSmigrod 4 6 yearsMetroplex360 (9435): @PetraSoderling, @mp2fp - Pretty much :) Another thing to mention is that there may be legal jargon surrounding the 'Public/Private' button. 'Public' may be a legal agreement to share data with the 3rd party that provides the floorplans. What if Matterport allowed direct ordering of floorplans from multiple vendors that provided them the same profit margin? :)
Well, this sucks.... can deleted model be restored? Queen_City_3D 5 6 yearsrko1 (362): To restore you need the numbers at the end of the link. Very fast and they are very happy to help.
MSP Terms Change Email jasondavidpage 6 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Above is the email Jason references ... Dan
ANNOUNCEMENT: Terms of Service Rollback Metroplex360 Jump to first page68Jump to last page 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): @mori I could imagine that Matterport is busy working on their new Terms of Service ... Dan
Matterport Ecosystem - All WGAN Discussions DanSmigrod 4 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): @VTLV Thank you! Dan
BREAKING: Matterport’s Commitment to Improve Metroplex360 9 6 yearsadvancedhdr (220): Thats amazing stats.. somehow I heard it was 7% market scanned.. wow.. Now can say that, Trend has DOUBLED in popularity in the past year!
Dear Matterport: Please Fix Collaborators DanSmigrod 2 6 yearstocha (166): It does give the opportunity to uncheck the box that says "receive information from Matterport". But that box is automatically already selected by default. I tell my collaborators to de-select it to avoid receiving a ton of unwanted email.
Matterport Ecosystem>Deleted Models Deleted? DanSmigrod 11 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Hi All, A related WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ Dear Matterport: About Your Pricing Plans Best, Dan
Have questions for industry leaders? immersivespaces 12 6 yearsfrstbubble (639): @rzphotoman I believe that there will be a big push of virtual tours in the rental markets. We are seeing more and more companies scanning their base models then linking to the tour when spaces become vacant. This could give us longer-term licensing of the scans and provide recurring revenue based on your business model.
BREAKING: Matterport Expands its Ecosystem Metroplex360 15 6 yearsMetroplex360 (9435): If you have a government mandate that allows you to use methods of piracy against other pirates, Matterport will provide access to any nautical spaces that are relevant, related, or thinly connected with the task that you have been hired for. Matterport does sell directly to privateers as well as providing cameras to pirates (The New Pro-2 Lite is a great option). Just different use-cases. There are a lot of opportunities here and I hope...
Facebook's Mess is Good for Matterport Pros? DanSmigrod 1 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Grab. | Wednesday, 29 March 2018 Hi All, Facebook is taking a grilling from Members, Media and Legislators about using Member data without the knowledge or consent. In a news story published Wednesday (29 March 2018) by, the author writes: "If you decided to do another take, you could...
An Open Letter to Matterport CEO Bill Brown DanSmigrod 21 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): @Rollinryan Yes! Still not resolved. Dan
MSP Leads Drying Up? CharetteImaging 11 6 yearsRichierichks (715): I've had my camera for a year and have not received a single lead from them. But hey, they are one of the fastest growing companies in America.......Allegedly.......
Matterport Banned Me from their MSP Program? DanSmigrod Jump to first page46Jump to last page 6 yearsBill (285): sure appears they are singling you out - have you heard of anyone else experiencing same?
Oops, they [Matterport] did it again? jfantin 8 6 yearsimad (184): Reference to my post above i believe i owe Matterport an Apology as i rushed to express my anger about them changing the TOS silently, based on a misinformed Facebook post on MOUG. But it turns out later that TOS was actually rolled back and never changed. However the reason i was angry (like most of us i think) was because we saw that Matterport's approach to the long waited echo system was going to cause a lot of trouble for all of us MSPs...
is, WE GET AROUND becoming WE GET YOU DOWN? advancedhdr 15 6 yearsGlennTremain (2678): @advancedhdr thanks for those. With the recent stats showing a huge market still not using it I see 2018 being a huge year for all. Movies, TV shows, commercials , etc all helping to get the agent to see this is not an if but when marketing element. The more we all share notifications of news like simone’s Recent publicity would be great. Every commerical or news article , etc that we can post in our social media helps us all.
WGAN-TV Matterport Ecosystem Town Hall Today DanSmigrod 6 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Thanks all, To see a recording of the show, please see the WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ An Open Letter to Matterport CEO Bill Brown Best, Dan
WGAN-TV: Matterport Ecosystem Town Hall DanSmigrod 7 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): WGAN-TV: About the upcoming Matterport Ecosystem Town Hall Hi All, Anyone can join the WGAN-TV Mattreport Ecosystem Town Hall on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EST | GMT -5) today, Tuesday, 27 February using this link while the show is live. (In addition to the live broadcast, we are recording the show, so please do not join the show, if you do not want to be recorded.) WGAN-TV Ecosystem Town Hall Format 1. A brief intro by me. Then ... 2....
Inman: Matterport Rolls Back Changes DanSmigrod 5 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): @PWIMAGING @immersivespaces Would love for you to be on WGAN-TV Live at 5 tonight asking/discussing this question, whom does Matterport consider the Customer? The home buyer? The agent? The photographer that created the content that has a paid Matterport Cloud account? Dan --- WGAN-TV: About the upcoming Matterport Ecosystem Town Hall Hi All, Anyone can join the WGAN-TV Mattreport Ecosystem Town Hall on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EST | GMT...
When you think it couldn’t get any worse grmngrl Jump to first page41Jump to last page 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Hi All, Anyone can join the WGAN-TV Mattreport Ecosystem Town Hall on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EST | GMT -5) today, Tuesday, 27 February using this link while the show is live. (In addition to the live broadcast, we are recording the show, so please do not join the show, if you do not want to be recorded.) WGAN-TV Ecosystem Town Hall Format 1. A brief intro by me. Then ... 2. Question #1: What was your reaction when you heard the news...
Introducing: the Matterport Ecosystem Metroplex360 Jump to first page36Jump to last page 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Hi All, Anyone can join the WGAN-TV Mattreport Ecosystem Town Hall on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EST | GMT -5) today, Tuesday, 27 February using this link while the show is live. (In addition to the live broadcast, we are recording the show, so please do not join the show, if you do not want to be recorded.) WGAN-TV Ecosystem Town Hall Format 1. A brief intro by me. Then ... 2. Question #1: What was your reaction when you heard the news...
Ecosystem Space removal form??? rzphotoman 21 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Hi All, Anyone can join the WGAN-TV Mattreport Ecosystem Town Hall on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EST | GMT -5) today, Tuesday, 27 February using this link while the show is live. (In addition to the live broadcast, we are recording the show, so please do not join the show, if you do not want to be recorded.) WGAN-TV Ecosystem Town Hall Format 1. A brief intro by me. Then ... 2. Question #1: What was your reaction when you heard the news...
Matterport: Who is Your Customer? DanSmigrod 8 6 yearsfrstbubble (639): I do not see how we had the wrong perception as Bill stated. It was his newsletter that said "To be clear, as a result of the ecosystem license, Matterport will look to generate revenue from goods and service providers by using the 3D Spaces and our SDK to enable them to engage with property owners and residents through the Matterport Platform. These future revenue streams will fund new technology development like our SDK and a multitude...
How are you feeling? (only photos or videos) DanSmigrod 7 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825):
For Matterport Employees That Are Upset Too DanSmigrod 5 6 yearsShakoure (540): @DanSmigrod ....Thank you, Dan.
Matterport are contacting my clients. eggardner 20 6 yearsShakoure (540): @Metroplex360 ...Sounds like you're among the few doing really well. I'm in the mecca of real estate and can't get realtors to bite. Any chance of getting a few subcontracts from your subcontracts?
Feb 2018 TOS Pros and Cons frstbubble 7 6 yearsfrstbubble (639): @Metroplex360 Thanks for the update!
I am Refusing 2 Sign the Mattport TOS Change GeorgeK 25 6 yearsGerhard (1484): @VTLV Hey, I loved taking on those guys. They are a bunch of millennials getting offended by the truth they cant swallow or cant see even if they were born 70 years ago... I love the facts and the truth. I feel bad for the poor newbies, I get that this must come as a shock to them. Just starting your business and then a month later Matterport hands you some KY and starts winking at you. Then you know somethings up (no pun intended). But we...
Impact of TOS on commercial spaces PWIMAGING 5 6 yearsPWIMAGING (86): Noticed that on the Facebook page. Do you think we receiving another email?
For Sale: 6.5 lb Doorstop immersivespaces 6 6 yearsVTLV (2867): Trade you for my TiVo Paperweight.
On Building YOUR Brand: Technology Changes DanSmigrod 6 6 yearsGlennTremain (2678): @TrustedPhotoDC shows the great effect this map has. It shows the different products including matterport but also complementary products so those that put this on their site are seen offering more service and available everywhere. Now those that have just matterport offerings on your site it's time to go to the member benefits section and order all the free stuff you get from having membership. This map is one of your marketing tools you...
And so it begins... first Ecospace casualty immersivespaces 11 6 yearsHarlanHambright (2073): I predict that MP modifies the new ToS to respect homeowner privacy and to comply with models shot under the old ToS.
My 5 Minute Talk: I Never Mention Matterport DanSmigrod 4 6 yearsjfantin (1733): Just my two cents here: Teodore Levitt used to say that when you go to a hardware store looking for a drill, what you really are looking for is a hole in your wall. You don´t purchase a drill, but a hole. So the company that sells drills, doesn´t have to think that it is selling a drill but a mean to make a hole. I don´t sell Matterport. I sell the improvement in the possibilities of selling a home faster by reaching a new...
Matterport Ecosystem-Red-Lined Agreement DanSmigrod 12 6 yearsnat_vanveen (598): @JuMP Thanks so much for the info
How Matterport Can Fix its Self-Inflicted .. DanSmigrod 11 6 yearshometakes (1134): @leonvanzweel Im surprised your comment hasn't been voted up by everyone.... That was the perfect statement. Hostages, not customers.
Careful not to shoot ourself in the foot. advancedhdr 6 6 yearsrko1 (362): It can always get worse, we are dependant on Matterport. I have business lined up for some time. I am still behind the product, just not management. Its not the hardware, it's not the firmware, but it is the soft minds behind it.
And, the Matty Award for Sneaky Goes to ...? DanSmigrod 7 6 yearsfrstbubble (639): "3.7"(d) Matterport Cloud End Users: to permit end users with accounts on the Matterport Cloud to interact with Spaces in ways beyond viewing, including, without limitation, taking measurements within Spaces, annotating Spaces with Mattertag Content, saving favorite Spaces, and sharing links to Spaces with others. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event that, in accordance with Section 1 of the General Terms, Matterport modifies any...
Matterport Ecosystem Townhall Metroplex360 14 6 yearsPeterMcCready (232): Outrage aside, I personally believe Matterport have established a spectacularly grand, albeit monumentally confusing vision for the future, a vision for the future that I absolutely, positively, strongly suspect the vast majority of homeowners on this planet won’t be remotely interested in in the slightest, even if it’s offered for FREE (in perpetuity ;)). So much potentially wasted energy, so many soured relations with MSPs...
Matterport Camera 30 Day Return Policy DanSmigrod 1 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Hi All, While I still remain confident that Matterport will fix this self-inflicted Kerfuffle, if you bought the Matterport Camera in the last 30 days, you might consider returning your Matterport Camera until you are satisfied with Matterport's response. According to the Matterport Terms of Sale - Revised 31 May 2017 - you can return your Camera within 30 days: 4. Return Policy. (a) Return Policy for Cameras Without Faults. One...
Sell my Matterport Camera to a Realtor? DanSmigrod 4 6 yearsron0987 (2788): Is that so they can buy the MP Lite????????? :angel::angel::angel::angel::angel::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
How Matterport Can Regain the Trust of MSPs? DanSmigrod 2 6 yearsGerhard (1484): @DanSmigrod Is it Christmas in February already??? Dear MP, We can explain. 1. Give us the legal ownership of our content that we own and is legally ours. 2. And whatever Dan wants 3. Keep your unicorn Unfaithfully Yours MP Community
Matterport Town Hall - Deflecting Gerhard 4 6 yearsGerhard (1484): I don't believe we are in their best interest, if we are then change the TOS back and give us ownership, you have nothing to lose Matterport or do you?
eco system & new TOS on Matterport forum rzphotoman 18 6 yearsGerhard (1484): I don't believe we are in their best interest, if we are then change the TOS back and give us ownership, you have nothing to lose Matterport or do you?
Matterport Ecosystem: "Wish List" for MSPs DanSmigrod 12 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): @Snap See #10 inspired by your post. Dan
MisDirection- WORDS -Ommissions r Lies - TOS GeorgeK 3 6 yearsMetroplex360 (9435): Well, George talked to Bill Brown and he's now onboard. Sounds to me like a one-on-one conversation cleared some things up and that obviously, Matterport's intentions aren't as ugly as the TOS changes could lead everyone to believe.
Sorry Matterport frstbubble 6 6 yearsMetroplex360 (9435): Revising the TOS to comply with International Law might be a great excuse to fix the things that I think were unnecessary to achieve Matterport's goals. I think that this could have been accomplished without the TOS being amended and without scaring everyone. Matterport have great ideas, just reckless methods to accomplish them that ultimately won't make much of a difference to all of the people who are scared and angry.
In the unlikely eventI get run over by a bus leonherbert 6 6 yearsMetroplex360 (9435): I was one of the MSPs who was given a very abbreviated pitch about these ideas and asked what I thought. My submission was that Matterport need to take over hosting responsibility to anything that was being absorbed into this program. It solves the 'bus' problem and it enables them the right to claim that they have a database of 800,000 spaces. I think that this could have been accomplished without the TOS being amended and without scaring...
Matterport Sales Team Farming Your Clients? DanSmigrod 2 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Hi All, Please see another example (and discussion) here: ✓ Matterport are contacting my clients. Dan
My Bulk Letter to Agent Clients jasondavidpage 4 6 yearsBill (285): Very well thought out and written. We're holding off before making changes to our terms and agreement until the dust settles a bit more. Sending letters to existing clients with change notification to terms could have negative impact on obtaining future work. For us all clients sign a Statement of Work which outlines the work to be completed as well as abbreviated terms. The abbreviated terms include blurb that says they have read and agree to...
Matterport High-End LiDAR Camera Competitor? DanSmigrod Jump to first page40Jump to last page 6 yearsBill (285): It sure does sound like Effortless Very unusual approach to try to convince investors in asking consumers to invest in something that may or may not happen. I'd look for other investors. The mere fact Matterport has such a large market share would surely insure lesser risk if any competitor comes out with more for less. And IMO the company should not be hiding behind anonymous...
Leaving Matterport but still need scan host tombook 3 6 yearsMatt19 (354): I think returning it as Dan stated would be a great idea! They need to learn that decisions like this will effect their bottom line!
Time To Talk Matterport Alternatives? immersivespaces 6 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): You we're focused on my every word? Nearly half of all real estate agents would prefer to engage Pro, according to Zillow. I have asked them for more info about the study. Additionally, there's some secret sauce magic in how best to (successfully and easily) shoot a Zillow 3D Home. Watch for it in the video. Think of it as just another tool in your tool box. It might be in addition to Matterport ("Would you like fries with that?" to...
Matterport Pro2 Camera GPS: Trojan Horse? DanSmigrod 3 6 yearsimmersivespaces (1229): My attorney pointed out the same thing.
Is the Matterport MSP Program going away? immersivespaces 12 6 yearsPeterMcCready (232): From reality capture to reality distortion within 24 hours ;) Bill, I firmly believe you can do the right thing and turn this fiasco around: Let content creators OWN/CONTROL the destiny of their own content. Properly INCENTIVISE content creators to OPT-IN re Ecosystem. SUPPORT your MSPs, you've nothing to pitch without their paid contributions.
How to opt out of the Ecoystem???? BrianM 5 6 yearsBill (285): I'm not a fan of this whole ecosystem license (EL) myself. We had older client reaching out to Matterport directly asking them to reactivate a model which was taken down after the home sold over 2 years ago as per our hosting agreement. Apparently the house went back on the market and they needed the model. I was surprised with response from Matterport. Here is abbreviated ticket: Client: The link for the following address is not active any...
Matterport: Chief Ethics Officer Wanted? DanSmigrod 5 6 yearsrzphotoman (1831): @rko1 I agree and will join with you.
Matterport Raving Fan or Raging Fan? DanSmigrod 2 6 yearsrzphotoman (1831): Right now it seems like everyone is RAGING!
Turn off Matterport Pro2 GPS xavierchardon 4 6 yearsrzphotoman (1831): Not sure...there's a lot to read thru, but I bet something about that is in there. I would read it thru before attempting to disconnect it.
Get Ready for a New Feature Roll-Out! Metroplex360 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 6 yearsMetroplex360 (9435): So that new feature I'm sitting back and waiting for seems to further away than I expected despite being ready to roll out with assets already being generated. I suppose it will be beta'd first.
MP Ecosystem: Post Publicly or Privately? DanSmigrod 4 6 yearsMatt19 (354): I heard a lot of complaints about Matterport before finally pulling the trigger at the end of the year(2017)! Now they come out with a 1,500 dollar cheaper camera less than two months. Have to wonder who is making business decisions like this?! Term of service change like this too?!? Have to wonder!
Matterport Ecosystem: A Must Read DanSmigrod 1 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Hi All, A "must read" from a year ago: ✓ Why Google Will Acquire Matterport Highlights What is not so obvious is the value over time of Matterport Service Providers scanning the world of indoor spaces. In x years from now, Matterport will reach sufficient critical mass to license an API to its Matterport Spaces library. Imagine for example, – a Matterport alliance partner – including with all...
Matterport Ecosystem: My Post a Year a Go DanSmigrod 1 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Hi All, When I wrote this post a year ago, I incorrectly assumed that Matterport would compensate us for the use of "our" data. ✓ Matterport: Getting a Mortgage Loan in 3 Day Even if you disagree with how I described the Mortgage process could work, the point that this is an example of the power of the data that we capture with the Matterport Camera. I have reprinted the entire post below: Dan -- Matterport...
Matterport Ecosystem Meets Zombies DanSmigrod 2 6 yearsMatt19 (354): Hi all, It said that it would only be private if the link did not go public (collaborators option) or if the owner requested to be private going forward. This seems like a terrible new structure. It’s one thing if we weren’t paying a subscription fee and then they pulled something like this, I would understand. Kind of like Gmail where you get a free email but they also get to use all your data which is actually pretty scary, when you think...
What Bill Brown Said. (With responses) Metroplex360 2 6 yearsBlairBryngelson (25): 👌🏼
Tell me again why the H😤😤😤 I bought Pro 2 ron0987 19 6 yearsPeterMcCready (232): @LilyCollins I'd say so, I've colleagues at work already expressing an interest, the pricing's spot on for them for occasional use!
Matterport User Group Forum Changes Name ... DanSmigrod 7 8 yearsLizzg (183): Yes, the name change was a great idea!
Should I change the name of the MUG Forum? DanSmigrod 11 8 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): @PetraSoderling I :heart: it! #1 out of 690,000 search results. Dan