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'Layoffs' Topics

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Matterport - the news didn't make sense - maybe here's why Home3D 13 3 yearsMeshImages (2319): @Changesin3d Investors may have a bad image, they may be greedy, but early stage investors are not stupid. You can ask yourself: would you invest another 100.000 USD into Matterport? Would you buy another Matterport camera? Would you make another bet on Matterport with this ridiculous pricing model? Matterport stopped growing. The Facebook MOUG Group sticks below 10.000 users for a very long time now. Most clients/MSPs are not happy with...
SVBJ: Matterport Lets Go 90 job: one-third of Matterport Employees DanSmigrod 8 3 yearsChangesin3d (124): Seems odd that as they are supposed to be gaining more market share with Realtors they would be cutting back. I wonder if there is something about to pop on the market, like a new tour system, or different hardware. I wonder if the GEO CV lawsuit or something else is taxing resources or the ability to raise revenues. A few months ago a Matterport ambassador warned of something like this being possible, I may have to go look for that article...
Matterport Employees Seeking New Jobs as a Result of Layoffs DanSmigrod 8 3 yearsHome3D (3329): Best wishes to all the MP employees affected by the layoffs. For that matter, likewise to the survivors whose workload will double, likely for the same paycheck. We’ve all known the truth from the beginning. • No white label = downplay the contributions of MSPs • No pano enhancing = prevent quality differentiation by MSPs • No pano repositioning = exclude MSP skill differentiation • No MSP mesh editing = exclude MSP editing...
TheRealDeal-3D virtual reality firm Matterport lays off a third of staff DanSmigrod 6 3 yearspixelray (864): Well...should make for a smooth rollout to the new takeover!