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'Irrelevant' Topics

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WGAN-TV eBook: How to Make Virtual Tour Competition Irrelevant with Mashups DanSmigrod 2 1 yearHome3D (3329): Here's another type of 'mashup' - 3DVista with embedded Matterport models. Roam around this LA charter school campus. The architecture is far from glamorous but the workability of hybrid tours makes virtually (pun intended) everything possible. In the Auditorium, there's a video on the screen, too. Giving credit, this tour was shot by myself and Gray, one of our team, and assembled by Eric my son. ...
How to Make Money with ThreeSixty Tours; Making Your Competition Irrelevant DanSmigrod 8 3 yearsjunior (55): Wow! simply great video, Russ. I like the background music too, it fits very well. Can you share how you blended the video file to the Matterport Tour? I am new to this but I can't see how a client wouldn't love your work, I am very impressed, Jim
WGAN-TV Live at 5: How to Make Your Matterport Competition Irrelevant DanSmigrod 4 4 yearsDanSmigrod (28404): WGAN-TV How to Make Money with ThreeSixty Tours while Making Your Competition Irrelevant with Matterport Service Provider Ross Zanzucchi (@rzphotoman) with Grays Lake, IL based 3D Rooms Scapes. Hi All, Matterport Service Provider Ross Zanzucchi (@rzphotoman) shows and tells How to Make Money with ThreeSixty Tours and WP3D Models WordPress Plugin while Making Your Competition Irrelevant on today's show (above). Here is the link for: Grays...
Blue Ocean: Make the Competition Irrelevant DanSmigrod 2 6 yearsUserName (586): Thanks. I'm going to listen to those one day because it looks like critical information -- especially the part about needing to know if you're a premium product producer or a loss leader. I did a quick scan and heard him mention this term: Blue Ocean Strategy. I found their Web page that summarizes it ([url=]link[/url]). Here's one of the Blue Ocean strategy points ... == It...