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InsideMaps HERO Rotatorx

'InsideMaps HERO Rotator' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
InsideMaps first experience and a lot of questions Wingman 9 3 yearsWingman (4167): @InsideMaps_Gabe @Inside_Maps it seems there has been some update to the app so I have updated it and tried again. It shows the noise on black colour much less now but still plenty of problems: 1)blown up windows almost everywhere 2)weird tone mapping or it looks like there is just not enough colours and it is mapping close...
My InsideMaps 3D Tour shot with iPhone 12 Pro + InsideMaps HERO Rotator DanSmigrod 9 3 yearsWingman (4167): @InsideMaps_Gabe, Guys, any news on the app update to fix quality issues and noise on Iphone 12 Pro?
Video: (Demo) Pairing an iPhone with an InsideMaps HERO Rotator DanSmigrod 12 3 yearsInside_Maps (7): @Wingman When it comes to free 3D tours, there is a signup form on our website at the pricing page. #1 We are currently allowing some people to get early access, scan the properties and get free 3D tours without any payment. The 3D Tour itself is free, but there is an upgrade option if the user wants to get: -Floorplan ($20 per every 1000 sqft) -Photo capture service done by our team ($2 per photo) - #2 This can be done by the client by using...
Borrow an InsideMaps HERO Rotator from WGAN to Shoot with your iPhone DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): WGAN Standard Membership Benefit of the Week -- [insidemaps][/insidemaps]InsideMaps 3D Tour courtesy of InsideMaps. (Shot with an iPhone 11 pair with InsideMaps HERO Rotator Starter Kit) InsideMaps HERO...