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'HDR Photography' Topics

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Video: How to Create GIRAFFE360 Virtual Tours, HDR Photos and Floor Plans DanSmigrod 3 11 monthsDanSmigrod (27531): | Book a Free GIRAFFE360 Demo | Book a Free GIRAFFE360 Demo | Text Me 5 Minutes Before WGAN-TV is Live...
Question of the Day: How long to shoot 2D DSLR photos/2,500 SQ FT Listing? DanSmigrod 3 1 yearExpertise (942): Depends on quality they paid for. If we're shooting all ambient it should be 45-60 minutes. Mid-level (ambient plus some on camera flash) will take 90 minutes. Ambient plus multiple flashes will take about 2 hours. We would typically deliver about 33 images on a nice 2500 SF house.
HDR photos from the InsideMaps 3D tour with your choice of DIY or Curated DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (27531): WGAN-TV How to Shoot and Create InsideMaps 3D Tours for Free with an iPhone-#1693-HDR photos from the InsideMaps 3D tour with your choice of DIY or Curated Hi All, In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1693, above), InsideMaps Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Gabe Knox (@InsideMaps_Gabe) discusses HDR photos from the InsideMaps 3D tour with your choice of: 1. Let InsideMaps curate the HDR photos for you 2. DIY HDR photos To watch my...
"Virtual Site Tours: Should They Be Your Next Marketing Move?" bryanhscott 7 3 yearsbryanhscott (837): @johnwheatley So far as retail price, I think you have to get paid for your time. Speaking specifically about pre-move-in rentals (short or long-term), owners or property managers, if you normally charge $.10psf for a 3D tour, then I suppose it's worth that minus any of the usual add-ons you provide for a listing agent or seller. Part of the problem is that a 3D tour shows a lot, but won't always capture items that should be documented on the...
Entry Level SLR Camera Recommendations? leeverdon 4 4 yearsleeverdon (287): Thanks for your suggestions. If I'm going to go over the $1k mark (body only) then it would make sense to go with the Panasonic GH5. Great for video and stills, it can shoot HDR images using the bracket feature. Lots to consider.