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Halo 360 Lightx

'Halo 360 Light' Topics

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LED lights for Matterport Pro2 Camera? AnjumDesign 17 1 yearMeshImages (2179): @Wingman @GETMYVR @Expertise thanks for the insights and shared experiences, so probably I will buy both solutions. I am a city scanner, where portability and durability are very important criterias. We carry all equipment in a single backpack and often move with E-scooters from one job location to the next. During the winter months we could often need some extra lights, so this is where the super-expensive, long-lasting, ultra-portable...
Review of Bushman Halo 360 Light ron0987 5 2 yearsron0987 (2141): I have the Halo360 "Thank you Dan" and found it works great. I like the way the Theta z1 mounts on it and with an additional patch cord that is supplied in the kit it keeps the camera running longer. Big plus and gives 360 degree lighting another plus. But I also found it works it highlights or supplements low light shooting for Matterport. Which would work great job site that has no power. Only down side is I have a cheaper...
Experiment in a pitch black basement setting with Go-Pro 8 with a lume cube Swinc20022002 5 2 yearsWingman (3534): You can buy a diffuser panel in a local hardware shop, cut it with a saw or a stanley knife and make the lightlining even.
Has anyone used the Halo panorama light with Ricoh Theta Z1? PickChuck 12 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28193): HALO 360 Light (Ricoh Theta Z1 NOT included) WGAN Text2Win Sweepstakes: Win HALO 360 Light in this week's WGAN Text2Win Promotion #7! Hi WGAN Forum Members, For your chance to win HALO 360 Light in this...