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'Feedback' Topics

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Would love some feedback on Matterport tour of dolls house and video CATHAL 6 15 daysCATHAL (22): Thanks, the house owner is Emma Wssdeil of Dolls House Grand Designs. It's a spectacular dolls house and was even used to fool Airbnb see link
ONE thing you wish you could change about the Matterport Experience? tosch 7 4 monthschristianadams (27): @MeshImages There isn't a formal place for the masses to submit dev requests, but if you use Slack, we'd love to open up a direct channel with you so we can talk with you directly about ideas, updates, features, etc. Or if you prefer email, we can do that as well.
First Matterport Tour - Feedback, advice and suggestions are welcomed. tmroberts 17 2 yearstmroberts (155): @lilnitsch thanks for sharing the videos! A LOT of very useful information.
Feedback from a client: How to help eliminate these Matterport challenges? Shawn_P Jump to first page38Jump to last page 2 yearsExpertise (1063): I'd email the guy: "Matterport and 3D tech in general is new technology. It is not perfect, yet. Someday it will be. Until then we have to live with minor glitches".
1st Commercial Matterport Scan- Feedback Requested ahagert 8 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28196): Grab 5 Grab 6 @ahagert In Highlights Reel, when you transition from floor 4 to floor 5, for example, you might try adding a dollhouse view for floor 4 (Screen Grab 5) and then adding dollhouse...