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Error Message Loading Matterport E57 file: help please AnjumDesign 1 4 monthsAnjumDesign (36): Just bought E57 file and it is not opening in cloud compare. I am getting below error. Any help appreciated
Matterport Error/Message: Unplug Camera sese 3 2 yearslucadeal (159): Ahi Ahi Ahiii Sese!.. It happened to me as well, in my case I've dropped my Pro2 down the stairs :eek: I got in touch with Matterport, they've sent me these following instructions, I hope that helps! buena suerte! Luca
Theta Z1 Bizarre screen message and malfunction - “1 Sec” Charleso 1 2 yearsCharleso (11): Hi all Has anyone else had this message on their Z1? - see photo but screen shows Wi-fi, GPS icon with exclamation mark and message 1 sec and a flashing green light. This happens sporadically and effectively locks the camera, fails to record image and looses Wi-fi with Theta app. The camera may do 10 or more images before it happens, then hard reset it can go again faultlessly for 2 or more or repeat straight away. Camera on latest...
Help please! Oculus Go problem with Matterport CharlesHH 5 3 yearsKumar (544): this should help. 1. install mp vr app on oculus go 2. browse couple of tours - make sure you download and explore them (at least 5 spots in each 3. Quit the app completely. 4. Connect your oculus go to pc - allow access on oculus go 5. locate the file recents.json (folder - Androiddatacom.matterport.vrshowcasefilesDownloadedModelsroot) 6. Edit the .json file. You have to replace the space sid (space id) that is of the model you just explored...
Matterport Editing/Photo capture ron0987 6 3 yearsron0987 (2141): @leonherbert I am not familiar with the incognito mode. Please explain if you got a chance. Thank you