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'Error' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
error when trying to log in to | Help? sese 3 4 monthssese (45): Hi Dan, I'm using the same one "" as you can see in the picture. Happy New Year! Sesé
"Error" accepting Space transfer - "Provisioning for bundles failed"... Queen_City_3D 5 5 monthsNoddy (352): Glad to hear, no it didn't happen to me yet luckily
Does your Matterport Pro3 Camera sound like this? RichardStanton 10 1 yearHome3D (3713): Our Pro 3 makes a generally similar noise coinciding with the mirror spin. I was surprised at first since the BLK360 mirror appear to spin even faster and makes virtually no sound at all. But the Pro 3 works well, so I've presumed this is normal.
Matterport Pro3 Camera Failure - Error code #80 808virtually 10 1 yearBlueCandle (4): @GamelLarry Is there a firmware update for the Pro3? We haven't seen any prompts to update. Any info you have on what the new firmware addresses would be appreciated. We have had Error #80 coming up. Seems to happen about 40-odd scans into a job. It has resolved without much intervention other than turning the camera off and on again. I am wondering if it is a temperature related issue.
Matterport Axis: "Temperature warning" Scanning with my iPhone 13 Pro DanSmigrod 6 2 yearsDanSmigrod (29855): Axis smartphone rotator | Image courtesy of Matterport Text Me 5 Minutes Before WGAN-TV is Live | WGAN-TV: Matterport Axis Motorized Mount Smartphone Rotator: 1st Impressions | Guests:...
Camera not Stable Error: How can I fix? rodrigocastillo 6 2 yearsMatterFix (384): If you’ve eliminated the mount as a possible problem, then most likely the problem is in the clutch assembly or that the camera is sensing that something is out of alignment internally. We can usually fix these issues by adjusting the clutch or replacing the one of the cameras internal frame components. Typically this error will not stop you from scanning and uploading models successfully but it is annoying.
Strange Matterport scan point placements NC3D 5 3 yearslilnitsch (5424): @MatterFix Playing with camera height can also help when a scan position is being difficult
Urgent: Matterport Pro2 (Error): Recharge Matterport Camera 3DAxs 10 3 yearsMatterFix (384): Yeh, I've heard a lot of people talk about issues with drone batteries. Because matterport uses high quality 18650 cells in their packs and uses a good BMS board, I've never run into an unbalanced battery pack in a Matterport camera. They do have the annoying "kill-switch" feature though that will permanently disable the packs if the voltage gets too low (I think around 6 volts) always keep your Matterport cameras charged to 50%+...
Yikes! Matterport bad map: 180 degrees out of rotation. Help please ... ImperialProperties 9 3 yearsMetroplex360 (9435): I hate to say this, but this is one of those cases where using the one shot 360 cameras fails compared to using the pro cameras.
Matterport failed processing - has anyone come across this before? sonic_nc 5 4 yearssonic_nc (18): Thanks all, I adjusted trim markers in the exterior space as suggested and it processed :)
Having issues with the Ricoh Theta Z1? Time to go with an 8k camera? junior 4 4 years8643d (246): @junior Mine does this as well, usually at least once during a shoot. Like @lilnitsch does, I usually just turn it back on and continue scanning.
What's the worst that can happen? (matterport related) rastas 5 4 yearsExpertise (1178): I'm pretty much a Matterport fanboy. The Pro2 is great hardware, and the processing is never a problem. If there is a glitch in your scan, it is probably due to a correctable mistake you made in the field. Matterport is by no means perfect, but user friendliness is on Apple level.
MP BS Support / 13-UP ERROR BlueImmersiveMedia 5 4 yearsBlueImmersiveMedia (297): @Photography360 In my case I was cold out. I was in NH shooting. I did just do a scan on the porch (with snow) then moved back inside. Not sure that temp is the reason, but lets hope the error goes away. I think my real concern is the lack of understanding of the error code. Feels shady... Like a revenue play. And, its not like me to go there... but it doesn't feel right. If there is an issue with the camera, I can handle that. No answer...
Error HDR stitching Lightroom via Ricoh Theta Stitcher johnstro12 3 4 yearsjohnstro12 (5): Thanks mate :) ;)problem solved :O :angel: :beer:
ErrorStitching HDR with Lightroom and Ricoh Theta Stitcher - Ricoh Theta Z1 Henri 3 4 yearsHenri (1): Thanks, it works!
Help with the Ricoh Theta Stitcher & Lightroom plugin. Pau 4 4 yearsPau (58): Hi @Enri DO NOT select "Auto Align"
Insta360 One X - Wifi Issues. Anyone? pguerreiro 1 4 yearspguerreiro (112): Hello everyone. I've just bought the Insta360 One X and i'm having problems with the wifi connection. It works only if i'm close to the camera. More than 3, 4 metters, loses connection all the time. "Operation couldn't be completed. com.insta360.camerasdk.error error 444" The firmware is updated and i'm using an iPhone XS. I appreciate your help. Pedro...
Blinds & shutter business tour: Matterport stitching problems. Wingman 1 5 yearsWingman (4176): Hi guys, I did a space yesterday for a business selling shutters & blinds. They have really narrow paths between samples, a lot of directed ceiling light and as a result I have come stitching errors. I told it to them from a start that they may be some stitching errors because there is not enough distance to their products but I was checking every scan, did a lot of rescanning and still missed a few. Here is one [ Link] ...
Error Message When Trying to Capture with Insta360 One X and Ricoh Theta V DanSmigrod 4 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29855): Hi All, Good news ... While I got my Insta360 One X working with my iPad, I have no idea why it is working now. I did NOT update the firmware. Hmmmmm... Dan
Warning: Please DO NOT upgrade to Capture 3.0.4 until further notice. VTLV 10 5 yearsJwbuckl (337): Per Matterport Support within the last half hour, the issue has been fixed and updates may resume. UPDATE: This issue has been fixed! It's available in the general release version of the Capture App. Please update your App! Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding. ********************************* If you have already started the update and you get the error: "Unable to Update Existing Data", please select...
Alignment Chaos Shakoure 10 5 yearsShakoure (540): @DulceG ... Thanks for inquiring. Actually, Dee at Matterport support took care of it. On her end, she has the capability to edit/move/align the scans individually, something that we don't have access to. I'm not sure of the actual process but she managed to put it in proper order. I now have a huge appreciation for her role at MP and what she was able to do for me.
What is wrong with this showcase? JuMP 3 6 yearsJuMP (2031): @CarlosFHdz Thank you for advice. It is not my showcase, I just find the issue. And it happened on below beta showcase link only. The normal link below is running well.
Level Split Tette99 5 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29855): @Tette99 BTW, you are not charged for reprocessing ... create 20 variations and used different names to keep track. Good luck and keep us posted please. Dan
Floor processing error - Matterport support 3dshowcaseuk 3 6 yearsPieroBortolot (230): I think with stairs
What to do about billing errors? Queen_City_3D 6 6 yearssrennick (361): I had the same problem last week...with the same reply. They actually didn't even move it. I uploaded it to the right account and the other user deleted the scan from their account. They refused to alter billing.