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Mattertag with Mpembed Cleaner UI Q VTLV 1 1 yearVTLV (2885): Has anyone seen a feature in Mpembed to keep the Mattertag clean like the Matterport displays today. Mpembed appears to be holding onto the old features of what a Mattertag used to look like in a black box. ...
Embed Matterport Tour: switch off all sharing? ukvisualimmersion 10 2 yearsFathom3D (129): Looks like it's a fairly new feature, just announced a few weeks ago. Maybe someone with development experience will chime in with some insights.
Full screen option on mobile on embedded scan virtuallyreal 5 2 yearsVTLV (2885): Big fan of EmbedResponibly. Use it all the time and the complaints don’t come around.
How to incorporate virtual tours on a WordPress page? meehow 3 3 yearsrzphotoman (1837): Best option is to use WP3D Models plug in.
Black start screen in Matterport model tinsoldier 1 4 yearstinsoldier (25): I'm embedding a matterport tour with the provided iframe link, and the start screen with the play button just has a black background rather than an image from the tour behind it. I'm also noticing I'm not getting the "Tour...presented by" coming up after play as it does if I just accessed it via the matterport link. Any ideas why is this happening? Using Chrome and have the tour set to Branded. Thanks for the advice
Looking for nice designs with Matterport embedded webpages SpencerLasky 4 4 yearseverly (25): @SpencerLasky I don't know if I have an example but it's an interesting question and I think that this would be the solution (setting an iframe as a page background using CSS): Since the embed code for a Matterport walkthrough is an iFrame, it should be relatively straightforward to get it onto a page as a background element. It would probably need to have the auto-play...
embed codes, video and MLS fotoguy 2 5 yearsWingman (4267): It is html code that uses Iframe tag. Do you have a youtube channel? If you do, you can upload it on your channel and once it is there click Share under your video. Youtube will show a small popup window and there will be <> Embed in front of Facebook. Click on it and it will open another popup with an embed code. Vimeo probably offers the same feature. If for some reason MLS does not want it to be embed from youtube/vimeo you...
WP3D Models, Wordpress & Elementor Houstonsummers 8 5 yearsrpetersn (2010): Hi Houston - Thanks for your support message earlier. I responded to you there but I think I may have misunderstood what you were after. I thought you were trying to create your own layout template (with Elementor) for a single property view. It sounds like instead you were/are trying to integrate our WP3D shortcode and that is very much possible. Thanks to @GlennTremain & @izoneguy for the assist here. Cheers, Ross
Matterport color: Am I being too picky? izoneguy 8 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): @izoneguy As a WGAN Standard Member, you receive: ✓ FREE! First six months of Cupix Small Plan + Studio Add On Pack (Publish to Google Street View), if you are a We Get Around Network Standard or Premium Member. Dan
Matterport 3 D tour embeded in invoice Buschstu 5 5 yearsBuschstu (24): Wow thanks for all the help . Working late today but you have given me a few things to try.
Google Short URL and QR Code JMEPhotos 3 5 yearsLiam_Tayler (239): Since matterport has useless stats, bitly's give me more information to share with clients.
How to Embed a GeoCV 3D Tour into a Website DanSmigrod 1 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): [geocv][/geocv]GeoCV 3D Tour courtesy of GeoCV Hi All, Embedding a GeoCV 3D Tour is like embedding a YouTube video: just copy-paste iframe into your website. GeoCV 3D Tour iframe example: <iframe src= allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" width="100" height="400"> </iframe> Here is how this iframe looks in a website: ...
Placing External 360 Panoramic in MP Gerhard 5 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): (@PhotoAndVideoEdits) offers item removal from 360º photo spheres. Dan
Best interface to provide floorplan with photo link WindyCityDrones 3 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): @WindyCityDrones As a WGAN Standard Member, you can save 10 percent on Blue-Sketch floor plan services. Please see the WGAN Welcome Onboard Letter for the Promo Code Request Form. Best, Dan
Insert 360 aligning the Matterport blue tour icon brianbenjamen 1 6 yearsbrianbenjamen (28): It seems impossible to align 360 and blue icon to enter tour from 360. The rotation feature allow you to control position for the icon or 360. When you click the green 360 icon on tour to view 360 outside I want client to see the property and the icon positioned on the property. Do you know if you take 10 360's and keep camera tripod in same position but rotate camera head position if one of the 10 will randomly align? See this tour as...
Low resolution on embedded view (+ solution for low resolution on mobile) annevanzwol 4 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): @annevanzwol No room left in headline to add [solved]. That's cool about the key ... Look forward to seeing more examples of how you use that .. Dan
Matterport Text Right-to-Left (RTL) to Left-to-Right (LTR)? geemaps 6 6 yearsgeemaps (94): hi i like to update the subject. the matterport support recommend to do copy past from word / doc page. unfortunately didn't work for me with Hebrew. if you find other option to solved it will be great if you can update. Yossi
Embedding photographs Matterport leonherbert 4 6 yearsleonherbert (903): @Queen_City_3D I know how to do that, it is just inane to expect us to do that, and should be included. Time is money. or so I heard :)
Embedded tour not scaling for mobile BrettMtn 7 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): @BrettMtn If you use WP3D Models WordPress Plug-in, the embed code is responsive design. It's one of the reasons that WP3D Models is an essential tool for Matterport Service Providers. WGAN Standard and Premium Members get the free use of WP3D Models. best, dan
New! Embed WP3D Models and/or MPEmbed in WGAN Forum DanSmigrod 1 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): [wp3d][/wp3d] WP3D Models Full-Screen link used to embed this Matterport 3D Tour in the WGAN Forum | Matterport 3D Tour co-collaboration by Artist Bethany Girard and We Get Around Atlanta Photographer Dan Smigrod Hi All, You can now embed a WP3D Model in the WGAN Forum. 1. On the Content Bar, select: 3D Tour 2. Select: WP3D Models 3. Paste: ...
Mi Sphere Camera Car Interior Question KathySeiler 2 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): @KathySeiler Here are four platforms for hosting, viewing and sharing 360º photos from any 360º camera: ✓ CUPIX ✓ iStaging ✓ Panoskin Pro (to publish to GSV (and embed in your website) [tagging coming for your website embedding] ✓ ThreeSixty Tours As a WGAN Standard Member you get: ✓ FREE! First six months of CUPIX Small Plan + Studio Add On Pack (Publish to Google Street View) ✓ free use of – first four...
Please Help! - Matterport Not ADA Compliant? MagnaShow 13 6 yearsGeorge_WALKINTOUR (85): Perhaps have the label or computer voice tell the keyboard user what the object is when they bump into it? Like a wall, furniture, window, etc? Wouldn't that be a coding thing for Universal Access? It would also have to be an "Accessibility button" to allow the user to enter Univeral Access mode to enable VoiceOver. Similar to the Universal Access controls on a Mac.
3dvista and matterport links peakeagle 7 6 yearsangusnorriss (747): Does 3dvista work with a Matterport camera / scan?
WP3D Models - Footer mykals21 6 6 yearsrpetersn (2010): Thanks @3dvirtualview! I'm not sure I fully understand the issue you're noting. It sounds like this is a ThreeSixty Tours question, any chance you can hop over to our support and upload a screenshot/URL to help explain what you're trying to accomplish?
Mattertags Image Quality Faga 8 6 yearsFaga (34): Here's the update from MP support: "Talked to Engineering and they opened a bug fix - Mattertags billboard image that might look blurry if the corresponding file is large and has many tiny details. Thanks for reporting this issue. I don't have an ETA on a fix yet. " Hope to be fixed soon...
Take a picture of an object and have it linked in matterport tag Smuller7711 3 6 yearsleonherbert (903): You can have a link on to Amazon etc. you just need to have the link to a real webpage that includes the image name and file type at the end. This is a really long example but you can see the image at the end of the url. Just remember that goes in the media box. ...
Matterport on website examples? advancedhdr 5 6 years3dshowcaseuk (1334): Several embedded under spaces in organise
Kuula Pro and Matterport MarkCantu 11 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): @MarkCantu The Co-founder, CEO, Lead Developer at Kuula read your post (above) and emailed me today (25 April 2018): "...we launched an update to the [Kuula] app addressing a lot of the issues that your forum members have been discussing." "Here's the [Kuula] announcement blog post [24 April 2018] with a list of what has changed." Best, Dan
Embed living 360 photos - PanoMoments + WGAN dustinkerstein 12 6 yearsdustinkerstein (25): Hey! I just wanted to share that we opened up the iFrame embed functionality to all users (Free and Pro). Previously, in order to embed here on WGAN you had to have a Pro account. That's no longer required :) We also just "soft-launched" non-360 PanoMoments, so you can upload any video and convert it into a living photo. Go play around. [panomoments][/panomoments]
How to Embed CUPIX Tour in a WGAN Forum Post DanSmigrod 3 6 yearsscott_cupix (272): Let's try another one. ... These 26 Photos ... Created this Cupix 3D Tour ... that was used to Publish to Google Street View [cupix][/cupix] [streetview][/streetview] Works Again!
Newbie Question - Single property website Virtuality22 9 6 yearsmikeland (10): Hi @Virtuality22 - Mike from here... Rela's platform makes it easy to create single property websites for your agents. Our platform is also white-labeled, which allows you to automatically set up the domains for the property websites exactly as you described "" - You also have the option to attach a custom domain like You can give us a try for free by signing up at...
Controlling Matterport Embeds and URL links Andyh2o2 2 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): If you hit the 'u' key on ANY tour you can get an embed link :) You can discourage by turning sharing off and embedding in WP3D Models. But if someone wants your link, there's really nothing you can do right now.
Embeding Matterport is Legal? 3DPLUS 2 7 yearsQueen_City_3D (3144): Earlier in the paragraph it says, " we hereby authorize (and encourage) you to do any of the following", so they're saying that you can and SHOULD embed in your website.
Roundme integration with Matterport DoriN 5 7 yearsHelen (769): @rpetersn Interested in the 2D integration, one of the reasons I have not signed up yet is due to not much aerial going on in the winter to create aerial 360's with 2D I would be able to use maps or photos I already have. Looking forward to you rolling it out! integration with Matterport Liam_Tayler 1 7 yearsLiam_Tayler (239): Hi there, I know that there was a post 2 years ago about integration, but I wondered if anyone had an update on how to incorporate matterport links into rental sites? Thanks
WP3D SEO and Embedding LMTLESS 5 7 yearsGlennTremain (2735): IF you implement all that your standard membership provides it pays for itself and then some. You show up looking more together and showing you know how to market.
the tool to add 360 photo tomattertag alirizacil 7 7 yearsrpetersn (2010): @alirizacil - Sounds great...please reach out if you have any questions re: ThreeSixty Tours. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!
Editing scans RichardByers 4 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): @Property3dNZ About " change colours etc but without warning it disappeared off the website (that was a long time ago now)and has never been mentioned again." Please see ... ✓ What ever happened to Matterport 3D Studio? Dan
Embed on a website Riaan 7 7 yearsGlennTremain (2735): well you can link the gif to the scan I think
Link into Matterport Tour by Room? Dolloff 6 7 yearsrpetersn (2010): All sounds great! Thx Stephanie. :)
Embedding Matterport in Rightmove? bellyjelly 2 7 yearsmp2fp (509): I`ve seen a property in Basingstoke back in August, but they´ve removed it now. As far as I remember there was a play button and the tour would open in a new window, i.e. not actually embedded, but better placed than a link far down in the property details that says virtual tour.
Anyone using PhotoBiz? Help Embedding Tours BrianM 3 7 yearsBrianM (148): Got it fix. For some reason the cut and paste embed code from the Matterport site isn't recognized. I retyped the code and it worked.
Mattertag Link Help htimsabbub23 4 7 yearsnat_vanveen (598): @htimsabbub23 Hi I thought we could only add 1 link per mattertag?
Hilton References for Matterport Bale100 5 7 yearsBale100 (175): Thank you Richard
Audio player 3Dshowcase Apple Device Bryan 1 7 yearsBryan (23): Hi I am new around here guys, I received my Matterport camera a week a go so I am just getting started! I want to excuse for my english, It is not my native language. So my question to all of you!: I am having some trouble with playing audio files on an apple device. I am using Tumblr for audio files because the player is nice and small and there is no company logo or whatsoever. I took me a while to find the best looking player with no...
Extremely excited about Cupix new VR service yoon2366 4 7 yearsCelisNet (233): Thanks for sharing this option but I've seen no difference between the other inferior options like inmoviewr, iguide, etc. Dorky transitions, no dollhouse view. Is there more features that I missed? Once the clients are used to matterport quality we can't present this solutions. IMHO.
Live view through Matterport ? Briski2208 3 7 yearsShakoure (556): This is interesting... I would guess agents will want to pre-screen viewers for live virtual tours. I can imagine that live virtual tours can be just as time consuming, and probably convert no better than in person.
Best embed content service providers? Queen_City_3D 3 7 yearsQueen_City_3D (3144): @Showcas3D thanks
Single Property Website templates for MP JAX1979 20 7 yearssrennick (361): I just want to echo what others are saying about the awesomeness of having WP3D Models. No ongoing costs associated with it and great technical support. Go to the website to check out the samples and then sign up through a We Get Around subscription which is also awesome. So many benefits and great tools for supporting a Matterport based business. clickable text
Newbie looking for input and or input KentoBlanco 4 7 yearsJTR (10): Mine is definitely not an expert opinion but it looks good. Nice beach house (I guess), you should have done some scans outside, I bet it was nice!
Embedded Mattertags live!! htimsabbub23 24 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): Thanks for noticing and explaining the differences. I hadn't analyzed how Multimedia Mattertags are functioning for images, so I missed what the changes were :) I found the change as I monitor the showcase platform for coding changes for this exact reason -- fun discussions! I also monitor changes because I take a great sense of comfort from seeing how well the platform is engineered and how much time and effort is put into it! @Helen - I...
Social Media Integration Idea TourMySpace 1 7 yearsTourMySpace (61): I was just thinking it would be nice if @rpetersn or Matterport created a tool that would allow me to create a tab on my facebook page with a grid of all of my tours or the ones I would like to display. Also the ability to let a client create a tab on their facebook page with their tour embedded into their facebook page. Any Thoughts? Bill
Maps + 3D Tours CartoBlue 5 7 yearsCartoBlue (43): Hey forgot to mention we can white label all of our maps, or brand it for either your business or your client.
Getting more out of your Mattertags Alticon 6 7 yearsRPOceanic (215): Very elegant solution.
WP Matterport Shortcode Issue DSPhoto 4 7 yearsDSPhoto (112): @Metroplex That was it! Like I said- Amateur. Thanks
Const. Critisism Wanted - Mill DollarListing Scannen 6 7 yearsVTLV (2885): You did a good job avoiding mirrors and reflections. I too would have dropped the staircase and done a 360 at the top with a slide reel. Do a couple more 360's outside, especially when this is the first you've done this big. The extra couple minutes shooting outdoor 360's will help you market to more big boys. There are a couple times the door was closed possibly less than 10 feet away, something that doesn't appear to be an issue with blocking...
Matterport dollhouse Resolution difference LeventeSolczi 3 7 yearsJuMP (2031): @meligen Matterport prepared two sets of texture for their dollhouse show. One 3D model in dollhouse required some pieces of texture depend on the size and complex of the area. Matterport APP is always using the full resolution texture (2048 x 2048). For browser showcase it will load full resolution textures by default on PC. If you are using mobile browser (limited to the frame rate performance) it will load full resolution texture by...
Matterport sign deal with airbnb 3dshowcaseuk 16 7 yearsRichierichks (715): Damn, I got Rick Rolled!
Switzerland MLS embedding issues>Help Please lucadeal 5 7 yearslucadeal (162): Thanks @DanSmigrod!
Embed virtual ad spaces inside walkthrough Amaury 12 7 yearsmori (809): The other way round would also be very interesting. Allow a visitor to explore the space and maybe even buy even if it´s closed. A great showcase for that is the adidas window shopping-project:
iframes from multiple sources craigsauer 7 7 yearsrpetersn (2010): Hi @craigsauer - The auto-playing video background ( meant to be used largely as motion "texture" ) is only available on the WP3D "SKINNED" view . Here's an example: However, the still image background option works everywhere, you just have to enable a WP3D "Space/Showcase Branded Intro" found as the first option under your BRANDING tab,...
İmage quality when embeding alirizacil 1 7 yearsalirizacil (162): Hi, My customer asks that when they change the size of the showcase when they try to embed the showvase, they see that quality of thebwording part is decreasing. İs there any solution to solve it? If not, what is the best size one may offer for the best quality?
Facebook post, no thumbnail 3SixtyNow 5 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): @DustinRobinson :cool: Dan
How To Video - Free to use alx3D 6 8 yearsJC3DCX (823): Thank you very much,
unique/personal links to 3d tours JTW_VR 8 8 yearsQueen_City_3D (3144): The hosting of spaces (hosting fees) is the real money-maker for a company like Matterport, so even if the technology evolves to where they no longer give support to new scans, I can't see why they'd ever give up hosting existing ones and getting that recurring revenue for as long as the scans are viewable on webpages or mobile devices.
WP3D Models link workflow frstbubble 15 8 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): Some MLSs like NTREIS (North Texas) only allow approved domain names for submission to MLS. In that case, it doesn't work.
Panning Direction Selection homepagerealty 5 8 yearsPedroAvilez (145): Would love to know more about this. The experience from a end-user is completely diferent if we could choose the panning direction and speed.
How to Embed a 3D Showcase in Forum Threads DanSmigrod 21 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): Embed in the Forum Link Example Dan
Custom URL shortening DSPhoto 9 8 yearsDSPhoto (112): @DanSmigrod I know but like I said- It all adds up. I'm trying to not make residential real estate my main focus so I'm not sure if WP3D is the path to take.
Strange mobile view timbaland 3 8 yearsrpetersn (2010): Hi @timbaland ... Initially I thought that your issue may have been related to a Matterport bug that was affecting others, only on iOS. That bug has since (just a few minutes ago) been fixed at Matterport (thx guys!. With that variable removed, I believe that your issue is just related to needing some "responsive" code added, as @DannyBasting notes. One way to generate "responsive" and/or mobile friendly iframe code is...
Is Zillow killing the Showcase link? ArtisticConcepts 5 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): To continue this discussion, please see this We Get Around Forum Topic ... ZILLOW (HELP) Thanks, Dan
theta S 360 embed BrettMtn 3 8 yearsBrettMtn (124): Thanks @dansmigrod you have all the answers!
Anyone providing Mattertag service?- photos Dolloff 5 8 yearsJohnLoser (305): Please share the completed example if you can. I'd love to see the result.
Embedding Issue judysmithre 2 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): @judysmithre Does "video" = Matterport Spaces 3D tour or a YouTube or Vimeo video? Dan
Embed Animamos Video on Facebook jmprop 3 8 yearsjmprop (52): Thanks so much, I'll give it a try.
Avoid redirect to on iOS/Android mori 10 8 yearsrpetersn (2010): Hi @TuanDinh - Sounds great! Please do reach out if there's anything we can do to help. @3DscannUK - You rule....thanks so much for the plug here. So very appreciated. :beer:
Using Tours for Advertising Listings jencoates 3 8 yearsjencoates (13): Thank you, jen
Panorama/photosphere as a Wordpress Backgr. alsangio 10 8 yearsUserName (586): Some say jQuery can do anything. That may not be true but it, or regular JavaScript, can scroll a background for you. You could put your panoramic image in an HTML div and animate it. Here's an example of someone doing that with a few lines of jQuery code ( link) (the moving image is at the bottom of that Web page). As you can see, jQuery makes it possible to use a ridiculously small amount of code to produce this animation effect. If you don't...
Facebook disabled account due to Matterport kenman 5 8 yearskenman (1): Thanks guys, It could sent be to a web page. I didn't want to create a landing page for each scan buuuuut.... I was just thinking that hundreds of links to scans get posted daily and surely FB is not disabling every Matterport users account. The click bait thing sounds reasonable... I didn't make that connection. Explains a lot.
Looking for a Squarespace guru JMEPhotos 1 8 yearsJMEPhotos (36): Hello, New to Matterport and the MUG forum and have noticed some very nice pricing and presentations sites. I am looking for someone that is knowable with the Squarespace platform and could create the following to be added to my existing site. 1. Button on opening splash page to connect directly to the Matterport info. 2. A pricing page along with examples Thanks for your time and look forward to talking to some talented people....
Embedding on Zillow / MLS Boston / Cape Cod Bollingerphoto 1 8 yearsBollingerphoto (60): Can anyone please confirm that there are no issues with uploads to Zillow or MLS in Boston / Cape Area
Avoid redirect to Matterport on iOS-Devices mori 2 8 yearsrpetersn (2010): Hi @mori, I'm guessing you might know that we get around this issue with WP3D Models. Perhaps you'd consider a standalone (subdomain) install of WordPress & WP3D to live alongside your existing site? Many WP3D customers take this approach when the have already invested in another platform (Squarespace, WIX, etc.) for their primary marketing site. Maybe? Thx! Ross
Newbie questions - outdoor scan etc spassmore 3 8 yearsspassmore (1): Thanks for your response Peter, much appreciated!
Craigslist-embedding Showcase Cindiewozniak 3 8 yearsdanmorell (74): Hi @Cindiewozniak, I've done a bunch of listings in Craigslist and they keep you from putting in any HTML in any format. You used to be able to do this years ago, they've since discontinued that function.
3d Model in App Viewtech3D 4 8 yearsViewtech3D (16): Thanks Julien
Wordpress Matterport 3D Shortcode Metroplex360 Jump to first page46Jump to last page 8 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): v1.4.4 - Fixed Broken Non-Dollhouse Images - Whoops
Model is not clickable on mobile nomis11 6 8 yearsShane (91): You might also try the settings in your phone. Some have an option to open internet sites as a desktop rather than a smart phone.
Exported as 360X180 Panorama Images?? Dolloff 11 8 years360Verbeelding (352): Hi JonJ, that looks great. Its time consuming i think but you can capture as much images you like and then stich them together. But again time consuming. Happy scanning, Grtz Rene.
Not able to copy the iframe code in the port BabluN 1 8 yearsBabluN (49): Hi All, I've set the model to "Public" in the portal, but I am not able to copy the embed code from there.....any idea as to why?
Full screen mode not working manolohk 20 8 yearsleeverdon (335): I used a presentation software as recommended by someone on this forum called Visme. It's great because you can embed the Matterport code into your presentation. However, I am still not able to see the full screen option. I'm coming across this more frequently lately which is becoming a nuisance. Has anyone else had any issues where the full screen option isn't available?
HTML Code to create intuitive Facebook Tour Dolloff 4 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): @Dolloff Great! BTW ... Also, your Standard We Get Around Referral Network Membership includes the free use of WP3D Models WordPress Plugin. Among the many features, simply check the Auto-Start box rather keeping track of things like: &play=1 Here's a Summary of Membership Benefits. Here's more about WP3D Models ... Dan
Any trouble linking to MLS? BDPelton 5 8 yearsIPM (34): The realtors I have worked with use the link, using http instead of https. Does embedded code display differently in MLS?
When to LINK and when to EMBED GoneCoastalSC 5 8 yearsCVFD_Madman (1): Good question, thanks smcclell & GarySnyder for answering.
Saving data - Retrieving data? ScanMan 8 8 yearsRobinLycka (727): ok, makes sense now, thanks @DanSmigrod!
Inputting a tour into Google street view Dolloff 4 8 yearsWashingtonState360 (40): By the way, to become a GTP (Google Trusted Photographer), doing standard "photo-spheres", you'll need to attend a training and sign an agreement, which binds you NOT to do those at, i.e. museums and some other locations (which is why I didn't become one yet). Yes. They have a special group doing those. Maybe eventually using a Matterport process would void that portion of the terms, but in the interim, traditional pano-spheres are...
Portal support overview RobinLycka 8 8 yearsBrettMtn (124): @3dscannuk - for sure! helps to make it more mainstream
Embed Code for Mobile Site tommy_1800 7 8 yearsdgbeeby (1): Thanks for the help, although it didn't seem to have any joy. I also have the issue that on Wix there is never a the little expandable box in the bottom right corner to allow full screen? even when I've play a little with the code to allow it? Not sure if they have this blocked somehow as I've searched there forums and many people have the same issue. any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and agoda?? Bobby 4 9 yearsBobby (20): Yes there is already a thread on airbnb. I'm guessing you could possibly include a picture and link it to a model? However I don't think this works on those types of platforms because of their rules. Would be great if someone has approached them? Expedia sent a list to me stating what type of 360 tours they allow. JPG format only. I said we are not 360 tours!
Get default background image JacobClausen 7 9 yearsrpetersn (2010): Hey @mikeE... No, WP3D doesn't currently obscure/obfuscate/hide/etc any of the URL data. One could potentially try to do some of that using Javascript or something, but any decent developer would be able to see through it using a modern browser's debugging tools. I suppose there's a bit of "security through obscurity" you might gain....but not sure how much it'd be worth it. Are you having a problem with people...
Matterport + WordPress (& HTML long titles) DanSmigrod Jump to first page51Jump to last page 9 yearsUnrealerAleksi (49): We don't have an API yet, just our own admin-system to upload and handle content. We might be interested to develop an API if there are multiple customers requesting it.
Floor Plan Sketches & Smart Galleries RenderingSpace 11 9 yearsRenderingSpace (607): Here's a quick video of how the floor plan view is transformed into a schematic floor plan.
Placester Websites itiannuc 1 9 yearsitiannuc (1): Does anyone have experience embedding these tours in placester real estate sites? I'm having a difficult time getting the HTML to reflect. Just want to make sure it can be done.
Opening the 3D Showcase within a mobile app. tejas_mithapelli 6 9 yearsfranmts (181): Any good news here Tejas? Best.
Adding Video Links CathieRasch 2 9 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): @CathieRasch Yes. It's on our technology road map for by the end of 2015 to make it easy (as adding a YouTube video) to embed a Matterport 3D Showcase. No need to convert the 3D Showcase to video to embed ... In the mean time: How to Embed a 3D Showcase in Forum Threads Best, Dan
Zillow virtual tour are not featured anymore inna 2 9 yearsCathieRasch (115): Inna, I don't know but I hope that they do, I just got my camera and would love to use that button! How else are you marketing your Matterport, both with buyers and sellers. I am working on my marketing plan and would love to corroborate if you're interested.
Best way to make a walk through video. Aghachi101 18 9 yearsJerry_D (31): Created this using snagit. Worked really well. It's more a promo video but includes a 'walk-through'
Deactivate Fullscreen on ipad BLee 2 9 yearsrpetersn (2010): Hi @BLee, chiming in here. My guess here is that Matterport changed some of their local code and is now forcing their models to play fullscreen on various mobile devices, especially iOS-based devices. This force-full-screen is triggered when a user clicks on the "3D Showcase" button and (as you note) it seems to ignore the "allowfullscreen" iframe attribute. A workaround is to auto-load those models so that a click is not...
Email Marketing Matt 2 9 yearsCarlosFHdz (605): Mail chimp is a great email marketing tool, it's free and they have some great templates.
How to embed virtual tours in presentations Tosolini 7 9 yearsKracka60 (73): wow - that is fantastic. Great find !!!!!
Gov agencies requiring secure MP Model Links Rentertainment 7 9 yearsDoyleRealtor (512): Have you considered Toursler? There has to be a way to keep the content private. It has been a concern for a few homeowners we've shot for already, but we were able to just delete the scans of areas of concern like offices, closets etc. The public not wanting their private residences completely mapped is a legitimate concern. Most of the homes we've been doing are vacant, but we already present it as an option. In most cases the pros will out...
E-commerce & smart journalism CKC 1 9 yearsCKC (85): Hello, I have got clients asking how we can integrate MP and E-commerce and even VR-based reportage...right now what we can offer is a) the link, b) the embed code and c)obj files...are these enough for clients as a base to further create online shopping experiences and virtual reporting? Big and perhaps a bit vague questions, thanks!
Using Matterport iFrame code in Squarespace SummerMayhugh 4 9 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): @SummerMayhugh In Squarespace, look for the </> Code button. Paste either the Matterport iFrame embed code (in 3D Workshop view) or using code generated by as described in this Matterport User Group Forum thread. For Content Management Systems (CMS) – that may be a better solution that embedding individual 3D Showcases with iFrame embed code, see this thread (and the We Get Around Gallery for an example...
Matterport + Squarespace DanSmigrod 3 9 yearsSummerMayhugh (34): just seen this thanks!
Listing Presentation PowerPoint-Googleslides SummerMayhugh 5 9 yearsDoyleRealtor (512): Clients need to experience it hands on, I send links in advance and show them in person on iPad. Its much more intuitive
Better embed HTML for mobile craigsauer 7 9 yearsrpetersn (2010): That's what I like to hear! :)
The facebook solution. alx3D 6 9 yearsalx3D (719): For those of you ordering several of these I will do 4 for $25each or 15 for $20 each. PM me.
Branding grantmuller 23 9 yearsalx3D (719): Just saying: If Paul and other people from matterport are looking at our content and reading what we post and have an issue or want to relay info they should just join the forum and post. I think we could get a lot more accomplished together and with first hand info than a he said she said type deal.
Facebook sharing markmc90 4 9 yearsDoyleRealtor (512): Screenshot a photo & link it directly to the tour. I've had the best engagement from the screenshots of doll house view. You can also boost the post, so more agents in your area will see it
New Player/Viewer Launches a New Tab GarySnyder 7 10 yearsGarySnyder (2119): Great news, the viewer is now behaving correctly :)