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'Dollhouse' Topics

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Tips Needed - When Matterport Dollhouse view is critical kaliforniatuffy 6 7 hoursWingman (3320): I always make all big & noticeable black holes covered at least on jobs where it is possible. In some spots like on a couch with a lot of pillows stacked it is just much easier to remove pillows and do one scan in front rather than trying to fill holes between pillows from 2-3 sides. Also using low sitting tripod where needed.. for example to scan inside sinks in kitchen/bathroom and do two scans inside a bathtub to cover it all. However I...
Matterport + Exterior 3D Models (External Dollhouse) - CAPTUR3D Webinar AlexHitchcock 1 1 monthAlexHitchcock (312): Hi everyone! Just wanted to share a recent CAPTUR3D webinar we conducted with the awesome Michael Gula from INGOS Prešov on how to add exterior 3D models to your Matterport tours via photogrammetry. I thoroughly recommend giving this a watch for anyone interested in adding this feature to your client offerings. Thanks Michael and Wade Angelo! If you haven't signed up to CAPTUR3D yet, you can do so via this special WGAN link, which will...
🐞Tips for Scanning Tops of Cars/Vehicles with Matterport? 🚗🚌 skyload300 11 5 monthsskyload300 (164): @ThinkLab hello ThinkLab, thanks for the advice, insta360 has proven not good with cars, however great for stores/buildings. I don't see Dollhouse as a gimik since it's a main driver for end user's entertainment..this is their way in to spend more time on the client's model. I do not own a Pro2 yet, but I will keep your advice in mind (using both Pro2/Insta to complement each other). What is your website/insta ?
Transcript/Video ShopTalk 33: Matterport Product Updates with Paul Reynolds DanSmigrod 1 6 monthsDanSmigrod (27553): Matterport Product Updates with Paul Reynolds | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 4 February 2022 From the Matterport YouTube Channel In this episode of [Matterport] Shop Talk, Amir hosts our [Matterport] Director of Products and 3D experiences, Paul Reynolds, to talk about some new tools and features including updates to the Dollhouse Trim tool, the Blur Brush, Schematic Floor Plans,...
Question of the Day: Is the Matterport Dollhouse Valuable? DanSmigrod 6 7 monthsWingman (3320): @CharlesHH That is my point. When we compare systems for a speed of use we first need to match all what is coming as their default features. It is kind of not rocket science but even that came to me recently when I saw a badly produced Matterport tour for the same property I did in full. That tour had everything disabled but in a nutshell it was still a tour made of 134MP Matterport can deliver with a pro 2. It took me about 5 hours to do...
Matterport Dollshouse trim beta ukvisualimmersion 2 10 monthsDanSmigrod (27553): @ukvisualimmersion Thanks for sharing. Please see this earlier discussion on this topic: ✓ Post-process trimming in Workshop! Thanks, Dan