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'Dollhouse' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
An alternative to download the Matterpak of the Matterport dollhouse? PhilDark 7 13 daysWingman (3968): actually it is not RenderDoc problem, it is MapsModelsImporter add-on for blender 3D does not want to recognise data since it is not Google Maps data. I chipped in in one discussion for the add-on on github where one user asked for Matterport already. Nobody answered to them but I added my request to do the same to his thread. It may be very easy for the developer to fix but whether they do it or not I have no idea.
Matterport Dollhouse in Blender? How to Tutorial? PhilDark 4 2 monthsPhilDark (28): Thanks for your help. But finally this is not a matter of normals, as they are in the right direction for all the faces. I solved the issue using BackFace Culling, which hides backsides of faces. This video helps a lot : And it works as you can see
Zoomed Out Dollhouse View when Starting Matterport Virtual Tour? lifestyle72 7 3 monthsron0987 (2351): @lifestyle72 if you have not reprocessed the model after removing out lying data, my guess is the start parameters for that view are set and will not change from the original processing.
Would love some feedback on Matterport tour of dolls house and video CATHAL 6 7 monthsCATHAL (22): Thanks, the house owner is Emma Wssdeil of Dolls House Grand Designs. It's a spectacular dolls house and was even used to fool Airbnb see link