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'cold' Topics

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Does anybody has an idea how to capture/3D visualize a frozen storage? 3dblickwinkel 7 1 year3dblickwinkel (215): @DanSmigrod Thank you Dan, will have a look at it. Only have searched frozen storage.
Cold weather tips for Matterport scanning! MatterFix 1 2 yearsMatterFix (276): Cold weather tips for Matterport scanning! Winter is definitely here and we've had a few customers lately who thought their cameras needed repair but it turned out that the problems were temperature related. The Matterport camera is designed to operate down to 50deg F (10deg C). I have personally operated my camera in the mid 40s F with no problem but you cannot be certain that it will work at those temperatures. The most sensitive (to...
Will Matterport Pro2 operate in -21 below zero Fahrenheit weather rzphotoman 12 4 yearsMetroplex360 (9426): I would imagine that you may have better luck using an insta360 ONE X at these temperatures! No rotation and you can warm the camera in your gloves between shots!
Cold job site with Matterport Camera? Ramblinman 6 6 yearsMarcel (378): Lol we're on the other side of spectrum in Australia. Average temp these past few weeks being 90-100° F. The camera seems to handle it. No problems with scanning so far but omg it's hot... #hotashell #wishitwouldsnow
Capture at Night in the C-O-L-D DanSmigrod 10 7 yearsBredeErickson (4): @DanSmigrod Temps were in the 20's and falling as I recall, it was pretty late in the day when i got to the back yard. I didn't experience any real problems with alignment but i worked the perimeter against the fence so that i had some structure for the Matterport to latch on to. I was outside for probably 30 minutes.