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'CGI' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Real Home gets 3D Upgrade ftosolini 2 2 monthsDanSmigrod (28780): @ftosolini That's awesome! Thanks for sharing. And, more awesome with Paolo @Tosolini making a cameo! Enjoy your weekend (in your new virtual home). Dan
"Replace a real character with CGI" with Wonder Studio by Wonder Dynamics Wingman 2 2 monthsMeshImages (2420): Great share, thanks for posting - I’ve just requested access to the closed beta.
How to build a full CGI Matterport tour? skyload300 29 9 monthsskyload300 (249): hi, yes sure, I will put one together and share it for everyone to benefit. I am on the road these days.. Will post here once done. H
🖲️💠 Matterport Android Tablet specs ? skyload300 13 10 monthsWingman (3952): I do not know if it is any help to you but you can compare these two. This tour has been generated from DSLR 360s in 72MP that I have captured for Google Maps. And these are original 360s on google maps. I cannot say if resolution is the same but something happening with 360 images after import. They seem to be much brighter than original. And it is not just me, others are noticing it with their...
🚀360 CGI Export Settings? anyone did it ? (Matterport Tours) skyload300 3 10 monthsskyload300 (249): Thank you 👌😊
Matterport CGI tour bethereeu 6 1 yearWingman (3952): @CharlesHH it seems you have missed this thread Matterport new features(beta):Import 360 Images & scans manual placement
Demo of CAPTATE: It's Like Matterport for Pre-Built Properties DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28780): WGAN-TV CAPTATE is Like Matterport for Pre-Built Properties #1144-Demo with CAPTATE Co-Founder Conor Brady | Part 1 of 2 WGAN-TV CAPTATE is Like Matterport for Pre-Built Properties #1145-Tour Presentation And How To Add Elements | Part 2 of 2 Hi All, At 0:00:53 (video 1144 above and continuing into 1145), CAPTATE Co-Founder Conor Brady gives a demo of CAPTATE. CAPTATE is like Matterport for pre-built properties. To see the entire...
RE Developer Seeking High-end CGI Fly-thru DanSmigrod 1 5 yearsDanSmigrod (28780): Hi All, A WGAN Member is working with a real estate developer. The Developer seeks high-end CGI-Thrus. Can you suggest a high-end service provider? WGAN Pro writes ... --- Here's the Project Brief: Property developer seeks highly polished CGI production of off-plan property developments. ✓ virtual staging ✓ VR walkthroughs ✓ fly throughs on mobile and desktop ✓ Resort flyover They can supply construction...