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Buy or Sell a Used Matterport Pro1, Pro2 or Pro3 3D Camera Guarantee* DanSmigrod 22 11 monthsDanSmigrod (29141): --- Hi All, There are three Matterport Pro2 Cameras for sale in the WGAN Private Group for Buying-Selling Matterport Cameras and related gear. Best, Dan Friday, 20 January 2023
Should I buy Matterport Pro 2 camera? TakingArt 7 3 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): WGAN 3rd Party Service Providers - such as MP2FP @MP2FP) – can provide floor plans from Matterport tours: regardless of which camera was used to create the Matterport tour. Dan
How Asteroom got me to switch from Matterport. jwaltphotography 16 3 yearsjwaltphotography (55): I have not experienced this. We have shot more than 2 dozen properties since we recently implemented this. Our realtors are much happier with the time savings since I can shoot any house in 15 minutes or less. I have yet to hear a buyer state that "This tour wasn't immersive enough". IN fact, most buyers are layman in terms of cameras and cannot tell the difference. A matterport has consistent misalignment issues in post and it often...
Calls slowed. What would my fellow Forum Members Focus On? VTLV 17 3 yearsadc1967 (79): Commercial Real estate and Property Management companies. Commercial office spaces, etc are taking a hit (covid). Much of those potential buyers and lease customers are out of town. Im seeing tour growth in those areas with my business. I'm getting apartment requests now. Remember I'm a commercial Architectural photographer as well, so Matterport is piggybacking on my main services.
Getting started with little money Fish 30 3 yearsjen_ishayoga (33): @fish Hola and welcome aboard! Question for you ~ what market are you interested in getting into? You had mentioned 360s but later go into real estate and photos. So many of these markets bleed together, which is awesome and you'll probably have a lot of opportunity across the board! My specific focus (right now) is REP. One thing about this area, specifically, is that agents are looking for a one stop shop. You may offer 360s but there...
DSLR gimbal for video tours? 8643d 6 3 yearsahojman (335): Crane, Ronin, etc.
AEC Walkthrough Functionality zenith012 11 4 yearsscott_cupix (272): Hi David, I recommend you setup a demo with our team. Feel free to email me at or phone at 650 785 2122. We have first hand experience in the high-rises and resorts types of building you seem to be targeted. Realtors on this forum can work with current version of Cupix with no specialized training. But the type of software tailored for you would be Cupix Works. We have support offices staffed with application...
Are Labpano Pilot One Tours Live Yet? remaxvictory 6 4 yearsremaxvictory (41): Yeah, it is an awful lot of scans. I also don't like that you can't just click the direction that you want to go. You have to click on the actual scan points.
IMMERSOLUTIONS - Matterport Reseller in Canada - Buyer Beware JCHAFE 26 4 yearsImmerSolution (19): It will be ok for tomorrow. I will send you an email when it's ready to pick up
New Matterport Camera Release in 2020? dpiwow 4 4 yearslilnitsch (5015): @DanSmigrod I wouldn't be surprised if a "Pro3" in production doesn't slip into 2021.
Commerical Drone Convention with Steve Holland VTLV 6 4 yearsVTLV (2848): Try it now. Thanks for the heads up guys.
Anyone delivering Matterport snapshots taken with a Theta Z1 JonJ 1 4 yearsJonJ (1760): I am curious to see if the quality of the snapshots taken with the theta Z1 are good enough for real estate photography? Are they good enough to replace my DSLR? I have a Theta S and am considering upgrading to a Z1. Thoughts? Thanks in advance! Jon J
Is Matterport using My 3D contacts to sell directly to my customers??? JCHAFE 10 4 years3D_Hoffa (143): This post is important and should not be buried *bump*
My First GeoCV Experience Convrts 19 4 yearsMikhailBombin (21): I'd like to mention that the map you see on the device is not final, it only represents the basic alignment of panoramas one by one, and no actual alignment of the ones from different parts of the scan. But of course it's done during further processing, so in 100% cases final model would look better and more aligned then the one you see on the phone. Of course it doesn't mean you don't need to check it time to time, not to miss some serious...
Used NCTech iStar Pulsar for Sale DanSmigrod 1 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): Hi All, A WGAN Member posted this today (Monday, 3 June 2019) to the WGAN Private Group: Used Matterport and Related Gear for Sale. If you would like to join this WGAN Forum Private Group, please Private Message me with: Subject: Join Buy-Sell Used Gear WGAN Group Message: Where you are located and what you would like to sell/buy Thanks, Dan ---
Starting a business theone05 10 5 yearstheone05 (8): Thanks for all advices. Somebody of you said something about pricing per building. How much would cost me scanning 2 floor house ? 315 sq meters. I cant find exact pricing list to know how much i profit on the building.
WGAN Collection: Maestro Case for Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and Accessories DanSmigrod 2 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): Hi All, Looking for a case for just your Matterport camera and iPad? Please see this WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ Keep your Matterport Camera Safe with this Lenses Facing Down Pelican Case Dan
Question of the Day: Which iPad Holder do you use while Matterporting? DanSmigrod 7 5 yearsHome3D (3468): My favorite for three years is this simple handstrap case. I've purchased two of them, quick, easy, sturdy, light. LapWorks 9.7 iPad Pro Case with Soft Neoprene Handle with Apple Pencil Holder and Cap Pocket Stand - Adjustable Velcro and 360 Degree swiveling
Matterport Gear DanSmigrod 2 5 yearsRichardStanton (252): Hey there, I use one of these: It is scary but this thing was somehow just MADE for the Matterport II body.. it fits so snugly it does not wiggle in there even before reinforcing. I add a small bit of padding - but the other nice thing is that it is stackable, and has a gasket seal so it is completely waterproof to boot. I find around construction sites I get a lot more of the...
I want to buy GeoCV kit outside US trunganhvux 3 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): @TakedaSan Thank you ... @trunganhvux WGAN Forum discussions tagged: GeoCV Best, Dan
Matterport - unclear hosting prices Drone360vision 1 5 yearsDrone360vision (11): Hello, I've just double checked Matterport's hosting fees, and their sales page. The fees and explanation regarding this has changed. On the purchase page where you specify which camera you plan to purchase and the associated hosting platform, when the Pro 2 Lite camera is selected which previously received no free processing credits unlike the Pro 2. It no longer changes and appears that you now get three free processing credits...
Should I return my Matterport Pro 2 camera? Drone360vision 10 5 yearsJune (411): Yes now that the Beta version is coming to an end for the Theta V and Insta One it won’t even be possible to use those if you already have an account with Matterport. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I thought I read somewhere (or in Dee’s video) that it would only be available to people that don’t already have an account with Matterport.
Checking used Matterport camera serial numbers for usage rzphotoman 3 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): @sbl110 Outstanding. Thank you for sharing. Dan
Matterport Rental Advice Wonderdawg 2 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): @Wonderdawg What's different today than when you and I bought a Matterport camera on a leap of faith is that your friend can: ✓ engage a Matterport Pro to shoot his house and ask to watch the workflow ✓ get 1:1 training from a Matterport Pro near by ✓ subcontract Matterport scans to a MSP until if/when there is enough business to justify the investment ✓ rent a Matterport Camera from a nearly Matterport Pro (other than you :cool:...
Purchase of Matterport Pro2 camera vs Pro2Lite Wonderdawg 3 5 yearsWonderdawg (343): Yep! “Oh it’s just $10 more per scan.” Factor in the credits and the math is like... Rent to Own pricing.
Pro2 vs Pro2 lite Wonderdawg 6 5 yearsWonderdawg (343): If acollaborator is willing to host (no fees) does the Pro2 Lite make more sense? Only because of the lower bar to entry for purchasing. And if the output specs are the same, and hosting costs can be passed along, why not use a Lite?
What Products are you eyeballing before 2019 arrives? VTLV 3 5 yearsVTLV (2848): @Richierichks - Great idea Rich! I have a scan at a local library where I can ask about that. Are you able to connect your certificates over to your LinkedIn account?
Scanning outside in VR, not 360 Smuller7711 5 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): @Smuller7711 Is this helpful for you to map the outside? ✓ SPAR3D-How to Make Money with PIX4D and Your Drone Dan
Matterport 3rd Party - White Label Panix84 4 6 yearsPanix84 (1): Hello, I believe it does solve the challenge Dan. Thank you very much for helping me out on this matter. I had't come up with the MatterPack concept so far in my research up until you mentioned it on this thread. So thank you once again for helping me out.
Matterport Pro vs MP Pro 2 3dvirtualview 3 6 years3dvirtualview (119): @DanSmigrod Thank you Dan. I will check them out.
What iPad Models are good for drone control? ParkPrince 3 6 yearschermle (4): Hi, I've been using an ipad air 2 for about a year. It's probably the largest one you can fit into the controller cradle. I use the same thing for Matterport scans. Regardless of what you buy, I would strongly suggest you purchace a sunshade for the monitor. Viewing the monitor on bright days can be really tough. The shade probably won't resolve the viewing problems, but it'll help. I think you can get them for around $15. USD
Does Matterport have 3D Videos to use? 3dvirtualview 5 6 years3dvirtualview (119): @sbl110 Thank you Scott! Appreciate the links you shared! Will check them out now.
Matterport getting started.... mjstef 2 6 yearsimmersivespaces (1229): @mjstef Just my opinions here... 1) Go with the Pro 2 3D. If you are the only MSP in your area, your margins will grow rapidly and the overall savings for having the paid plans will be worth it. 2) The average target pricing is between 8.5¢ and 12¢ per sq ft. Personally, I use a sliding scale based on the size of the property. The larger the property, the cheaper the price. I scan a lot of vacation rentals and most sit around the 10¢ per sq...
The Best Benefits of the Pro2 Property3dNZ 15 6 yearsDavidHothersall (55): No effect on the quality of the imagery (apart from the Beta issues with the occasional 'black square') I meant the increase in scanning speed is noticeable and it is possible to move through the scan process much quicker which is a benefit if as I suggested you need to progress quicker because of lighting conditions or just time constraints etc.
Ipad Pro Users Matt19 7 6 yearsVTLV (2848): Order yourself a pack of these and hand them out to your clients when they look at you funny.
What Services did you try out in 2017 VTLV 5 6 yearsJonJ (1760): @Helen, I have set myself up using ViewShoot and after looking into it a bit more, there are some significant limitations for what I am trying to accomplish. Overall, I think it is a good system, but it lacks the ability to embed Matterport tours onto their "virtual tour" sites. I work with some clients with special pricing and there is no way for me to provide them with separate pricing or with a coupon code to adjust their pricing....
360 Marina Tour: 360º Camera for Outdoors Faga 11 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): @Faga Seems like either CartoBlue or ThreeSixty Tours would be a great solution for your Marina project. If you don't have an aerial 360º, you might try this ... ✓ How to Create Aerial 360 with Google Earth Which solution is right for you? Sounds like a person choice. Please let us know which solution you go with and why .... Best, Dan
Matterport Platform Versus [Open Platforms] DanSmigrod 6 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): Hi All, A related WGAN Forum discussion: Alternative for confidential tours - CUPIX Dan
New to Matterport: Tips for Getting Started? rapicammediavr360 2 6 yearsGlennTremain (2533): Welcome. Set your membership here to get emailed anytime someone creates a post. Then go to the Youtube channel and subscribe and then click on the bell icon and set it to be notified anytime a new video gets published. Then treat this forum like a relative owes you money and ask all the questions you want without feeling reserved about it. This place is awesome and you can get a lot of great tips and advice on everything. Good Luck!
FRUSTRATION WITH REALTOR fotoguy 16 6 yearsBrianM (148): .
Minimum Upload speed required melanietp 9 6 yearsmelanietp (4): Thank you wlee1684. Besides the upload of the scans, is there any other time I would need to rely on decent internet speeds? How about the Realtors? Do they have to download to their computers and then upload into MLS etc (my ignorance is showing). They won't want a painful internet experience. Thanks again!
Pro2 Time to Ship? CLE3D 9 6 yearsCLE3D (193): Ironically enough, the day I post this, I received the tracking number, thanks for everyone's responses!
Best Tripod for Matterport? JAX1979 7 6 yearsTrustedPhotoDC (1108): @JAX1979 for a number of reasons, you really want the carbon version of any tripod you purchase.
Helix Media versus Matterport? Ghagendorf 1 6 yearsGhagendorf (378): This has probably been answered but is there material comparing Matterport to Helix Media? I have a potential client who uses Helix but I need to know more about comparing the products. Thanks in advance, Gordon
Updated Pro2 Discount and Trade-In Programs Metroplex360 15 6 yearsAwesome360 (4): Same thing here. I purchased April 28th 2017 and was told no new cameras are in the works! That is pathetic.
Dear Matterport, About your new camera... StevenHattan 16 7 yearstomasdunbar (88): I have my camera 8 months. I love the camera but this latest development is going to hurt. I will not be able to afford the new camera and it is a huge slap in the face. The price is significantly less for someone else to enter my market than what I originally paid and they will now have a better camera than me. Matterport have lost my respect
Is the Pro2 a Competitive Advantage? DanSmigrod 8 7 yearsjustinv (1044): My prices are going to stay the same with my old camera. I hope everyone in my market upgrades and raises their prices. For the most part, Realtors are cheap here and everywhere else.
Matterport Pro2 Early Bird Increased to $500 DanSmigrod 13 7 years3SixtyNow (484): I received an email today about the updated program to "better support our newest customers" but the trade in value for my camera hasn't changed. So, how is that "better support"?
Pro2: I guess I'm Stupid. NOT impressed. StevenHattan 18 7 yearsStevenHattan (1513): @mike02h You'll have to ask Ross about that overlay. I'm not sure how he does it. ;)
The Matterport 3D Pro2 Camera is a Joy! Metroplex360 23 7 years3dinsights (40): The transfer speed on the Pro2 at 5Ghz is 2 - 3 times faster than the older 2.4ghz wifi protocol. So if the Pro2 is transferring more data its probably not noticeable as its moving from camera to iPad at a much quicker rate.
Matterport Pro2 Camera: Links to Research DanSmigrod 2 7 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): Hi All, I updated the links above. If you are trying to decide to upgrade or buy for the first time - Pro2 - the links above should be helpful. You can locate all the Pro2 We Get Around Network Forum discussions with the tag, Pro2 Dan
Matterport Pro1 Compatible with Street View? DanSmigrod 3 7 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): @Metroplex360 That's great news for all of us that own the original Matterport Pro 3D Camera (Pro1). Thanks for letting the We Get Around Network Forum Community know!!! (!!!) Best, Dan
Matterport Newsletter 31 May 17: Pro2 Camera DanSmigrod 1 7 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): Hi All, @DannyBasting first to spot - and publish - to We Get Around Network Forum the announcement by Matterport of the Matterport Pro2 Camera. Here is the Newsletter Matterport sent today (31 May 2017) to its customers. If you would like to comment on the Matterport Pro 2D Camera announcement, please join the discussion in teh We Get Around Network Forum here: ✓ Pre order new Matterport Pro2 Camera Dan --- ...
The List: 63 360º 1-Click 3D-V-360º Cameras DanSmigrod 4 7 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): Hi All, This list is free for We Get Around Network Forum Members. When you the free We Get Around Network Forum, your auto-generated Welcome Letter includes the password. Already a Member and would like the password? Please Private Message me. Thanks, Dan
SPAR 3D: NCTech iris360 Pro Pano Camera DanSmigrod 3 7 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): @TrustedPhotoDC I could imagine that the image quality form the iris360 Pro will be exponentially better than the iris360. Dan
iPad 9.7 (2017) Vs iPad Pro Vs iPad Air 2 DanSmigrod 8 7 yearsGransky (103): Normally, my day to day iPad is the iPad Air 2. However, due to a broken charging cable, my iPad didn't charge over night so I borrowed my son's iPad Mini 4. Call me crazy, but I felt it processed the scans quicker than my iPad Air 2. Personally, I'm waiting to see the new Pro offerings coming down the pipeline.
Index>Comparing 3D/VR Platforms for Scanning DanSmigrod 2 7 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): Hi All, Would you like a free 38-page interactive .pdf of this analysis? It's free when you join the We Get Around Network Forum. Already a Member? Please PM me for the link to download the free .pdf. Best, Dan
Lighting equipment 1stImpression3D 4 7 yearsmcatino (118): Good luck. There are several different things I would do for still work, change bulbs to higher output would be one idea but $$$
Photographer Researching 3D Tour Solutions? DanSmigrod 6 7 yearsblafarm (7): I am admittedly an outsider here and I have not yet even incorporated this product category into my offerings -- so my observations and opinions are nothing more than that of a novice. However, this development comes as no surprise to me. Matterport's business plan seems focused on putting as many Matterport cameras, into as many hands as possible (regardless of whose hands they are), so that they can achieve a critical mass of market...
VR Headsets for iPhone jmprop 7 7 yearsBiggles (43): I email the link to myself and open it on my iPhone
Is InsideMaps too good to be true? MSD 17 7 yearsHelen (769): @Hunter_InsideMaps Hi Hunter thanks for your reply but when it came to pricing I thought I was comparing pennies to pennies and not apples to apples. As I mentioned I do like your system and wish I could offer it as a cost effective solution to Matterport but that is not possible. Lets brake it down by comparing a modest 11 scans per month on an average 3000sqft homes for a year. With features of schematic floor plan and 3D model. My plan is...
#ICNY17 - Matterport Camera - $3,500 DanSmigrod 23 7 years3SixtyNow (484): I think I sent my request to the wrong customer service email. I did get a response and received a credit for $100. I was interested in their customer support more than the money. I was happy with the response time once I emailed the right customer support dept. This has made me a little more confident in their customer support. I keep reading about how long it takes to get a response from them. Maybe they acted quickly because I threatened to...
Refurb / Secondhand Cameras JACKS79 3 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9432): @JACKS79 @LetMe3D While I fully plan on buying a new Matterport Pro camera when it comes out, as inevitably, a new one will arrive, I am very cautious to speculate when one will come out. The current Matterport camera shoots 2K tiles -- much larger than is needed for viewing on mobile. The current Matterport camera, through recent firmware updates has demonstrated that image quality can continue to be improved through software...
Proceed With Caution: Atome 360 Pano Head Gransky 8 7 yearsGransky (103): @chemistrydoc - Please let me know if you receive anything. I too received a notice that it shipped without a tracking number. It's been well over a month for me and NOTHING!
Realvision 3D/VR Platform: Indepth Analysis DanSmigrod 3 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9432): Great = gear. I would love to use my existing Nikon D7000 with Nikkor 10.5mm fisheye. There is no support telephone number on the site... Wish there was.
Getting Started with Matterport? How much? DanSmigrod 1 7 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): Video: How much to get started as a Matterport Service Provider If you are thinking about buying a Matterport Camera - or one of about 20 related 3D/VR scanning Camera/Platforms - keep in mind that getting started costs more than just the Camera, tripod and hosting plan. This video walks you through my recommendations for Matterport Gear and Accessories. ( Shopping List Via Amazon) For example: 1. Get this tripod head or this...
Buy a Matterport Camera in France webmarketimmo 10 7 yearswebmarketimmo (4): Hello Jacques, thank you for your reply. Yes I contacted Matterport UK and here is their answer: : [redacted] is the authorised Matterport Local Reseller for the UK market. Our agreement with Matterport only enables us to distribute cameras within the UK and not into Europe. Unfortunately we are unable to ship cameras to France.
Advise Regarding Tripods Mario 3 7 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): Hello @Mario and welcome to the Forum. Here is the We Get Around Matterport Gear and Accessories shopping list (We recommend this tripod and head for Matterport PROs). ( Buy Tripod | Buy Head) Also, this video (above) will likely be helpful to you too. Happy holidays, Dan P.S. Here is our shopping list on Amazon. ( Tripods, heads) --- We Get Around is an Amazon Affiliate.
5 3D Cameras>How long to Shoot/Scan a House? DanSmigrod 1 7 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): Video: iGuide Speed Test | Video courtesy of iGuide Five 3D Camera Systems: How long to Shoot/Scan and Publish a House? How long does it take to scan a house with the following 3D Platforms: ✓ iGuide (formerly Planitar) ✓ immoviewer ✓ InsideMaps ✓ Matterport ✓ Realvision (formerly Toursler) In the single most comprehensive hands-on side-by-side analysis, We Get Around Blog Guest Columnist,...
Comparing Hardware Cost of 5 3D/VR Platforms DanSmigrod 4 7 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): @Tosolini Yes. Thanks to @pcollart for this serious primary R&D and for allowing We Get Around to publish it and share it with the We Get Around Network Forum Community. Happy holidays, Dan
A-B-C-Ds of Matterport Camera Serial Numbers DanSmigrod 8 7 yearssrennick (361): S/N 043 Model is same as yours @metroplex360, MC200 purchased just before you in May/June of 2015
New Matterport Camera Coming Soon? DanSmigrod 18 7 yearsUserName (586): I was hoping InsideMaps allowed you to use your own capture camera. If they did, I could buy a hover camera and use it to capture 360 views of rooms and upload it all to InsideMaps. But, they say it only works with an iPhone sitting on their special tripod. That doesn't mean we couldn't come up with our own processing service that converted images taken from a floating hover camera into 360 pano tours the same way InsideMaps converts iPhone...
New MP-ad & landing page for Pointcloud mori 15 7 yearsAlex_iGuide (361): With more scans you collect more data and, as a minimum, that data will result in a denser point cloud and finer mesh. That will increase computation time and storage requirements, so MP must draw a line somewhere for practical reasons and may limit how dense the point cloud is and how fine the mesh is that they store and make available for download. If you leap-frog along the wall with more scans, the overall room length error will be smaller...
$900 Off $4,500 Matterport Camera ->30 Nov16 DanSmigrod 9 7 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): If you bought your Matterport Camera in the last 30 days, you may (still) be able to save up to $900 by emailing Matterport Support to either honor the discount or arrange to return your Camera. A number of Members have shared with me that they were successful in doing this. In most cases, they asked their Matterport sales rep (whom referred them to Matterport Support). The above is possible because of the Matterport Pro 3D Camera Terms...
Is Matterport contemptuous toward us? hometakes 7 7 yearsPedroAvilez (145): I agree with @Metroplex. The usd70 campaign was a rookie mistake but has show how MP deals with MSP's. Probably MP was not expecting such a negative and compreensive reaction by MSP's but I bet this will not change their agenda - just remeber what happened with 3rd party developers and all the changes in the TOS that were done. More, all this have show up how much MP understands Realtors mentality... Let's get back to MP goals and agenda. MP...
Matterport Vs. Google Radie842 2 7 yearsjfantin (1733): MP and GSV are two different animals that happen to use similar concepts. In my opinion they complement each other but are not direct competitors because the value proposion is different. Quality is different and the navigation experience is superior with MP. The dollhouse is a killer feature for some customers (although not to everybody). While with Google StreetView you get more exposure because any time a user searchs for a business or a...
Investor needs hard numbers 3SixtyNow 6 7 years3SixtyNow (484): I want to thank you all for the advice.
Which Matterport case is right for you? DanSmigrod 2 7 yearsmpmare00 (7): Has anyone tried a larger case that would allow you to store the camera and tripod connected?
Which Wordpress template do you recommend? AAS 6 7 yearshtimsabbub23 (904): Exactly what @rpetersn said. I also use Avada theme, and use the avada users group on facebook for amazing advice and website examples. Avada makes it very simple to set up a website. Good luck.
Matterport deal I received at a trade show. jmprop 2 7 yearsGlennTremain (2533): Congrats
why i couldn't find matterport in Dubai Muhammad 2 7 yearsSedry (10): I believe the KELLER Williams office in Dubai has or uses a matterport camera. So I don't think there is a ban, but you might want to check with them.
ICSF16-13% off Matterport Camera+$200 Rebate DanSmigrod 1 7 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): Within the Inman Connect San Francisco 2016 (ICSF16) app is a coupon code to receive 13 percent off the Matterport Camera ($600) + by visiting the Matterport booth at #ICSF16 to receive a $200 rebate on...
Ipad for 3D showcase app RobinLycka 2 7 yearsJonJ (1760): I have an ipad mini 3 and I think the display is too small for an office demo. If you are looking for a cheap option, I have had no problems running it on a 16Gb ipad 4.
Help for shopping list sebbes 3 7 yearsWyzlo (100): @sebbes Matterport MT190XPRO4 Manfrotto Tripod Aluminum 4 Section Legs with Q90 Column (Black)this one comes with a level Ipad pro A bag like this one Bag I bought the Desmond DLEV-1 Level Leveler for Tripod 3/8 but with wrong Sunway clamp. so I haven't used (I believe is not necessary With the clamp and tripod levels you can adjust the levels very fast. SunwayFoto DDC-60L Screw-Knob Dovetail Clamp Also has another level I...
Tip: Just Starting out? Get the iPad Pro 9.7 DanSmigrod 11 8 yearsWashingtonState360 (40): Thank you Dan! My wife and I drove over to the Seattle side of the Cascade Mountains to an Apple Store today to pick out a newer iPad (only have an ancient iPad 2 now). Matt, the rep who helped us out, also suggested we NOT get the bigger iPad Pro, but rather recommended exactly the same Pro with full features as you had...
Buying a Camera in the UK JamieK 8 8 yearsJamieK (1): Hi all I'm now officially in the Matterport club but I'm having some trouble sorting an account out for hosting! How fast are the support people usually in setting up new accounts? Thanks in advance Jamie
Used Matterport 3D Camera for Sale on eBay DanSmigrod 5 8 yearsRenderingSpace (606): Although buying or selling on ebay is easy and provides protection, Ebay takes out a massive 10% charge. That amounts to $300-400. Plus shipping. If anyone is considering buying or selling a camera, find another way if possible. Also, it's important to keep in mind that when you buy a used camera, the warranty doesn't transfer.
VR : Samsung S6 and VR BabluN 5 8 yearsRobinLycka (727): Cost is USD 500 pr model, turn around time is at least 2-3 weeks. The converted model has to be installed as a sideloader to the Matterport app on your device.
My order for Matterport 3D camera RossCo 10 8 yearsdanmorell (73): Hi Candy4Me, 3 days is great. About a month ago it was 7 - 10 days.
The necessary equipment to make it happen Wyzlo 11 8 yearsWyzlo (100):
Bags & Cases for Matterport Camera Wyzlo 10 8 yearsMaria (106): We use a Nanuk 925 case with shoulder strap for the Matterport and charger. We use a Manfrotto MBAG70N tripod bag for the tripod and door stops and use any case, bag, backpack or just carry the iPad. This allows us to easily fit this in our car and less weight. I don't see a need to have a water tight hard case for the tripod or door stops. I use he iPad for more than just Matterport so I don't keep it in the case, although I probably could...
Buying a Tripode Wyzlo 4 8 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): @Wyzlo Our Matterport Gear and Accessories Shopping List begins with a discussion of which tripod I recommend and why. In our We Get Around Blog Post ... Matterport Photographers: Tripod, Leveler and Bubble Level Solution ... I outline which solution I recommend (which is s different tripod and head than Matterport recommends) :cool: Dan
What specs are necessary for mobile device? sdandphoto 3 8 yearsBabluN (49): As per the website : "An Apple iPad Air 2 or higher is strongly recommended for the best experience. Apple iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, and iPad Mini 3 are also supported. All iPads require iOS 7.1 or higher."
Short Survey for data gathering Tateo 18 8 yearsfranmts (181): Maybe it's a matter more of technology adoption timing and familiarity. What I mean by that is that any agent knows what to do with good quality photos and videos, 'cause they play nicely on MLS, any portal, people click and it plays. On the other hand we're selling mostly software, which isn't featured yet in Zillow and yet gives brokerages quite a hard time to embed on properties, there's lots of improvement on the back-end yet to be done......
Note to non photographer newbie/buyiers... Dennis_N 8 8 yearsDennis_N (91): @DoyleRealtor Yes I ordered from B&H today.
Matterport Hosting should be Bandwidth Based Metroplex360 11 8 yearsJamie (2013): @metroplex360 If you die, that's not a nice thought :) It is a good point however. I'm not sure if matterport has considered this, but for the publicity alone they should take over hosting models that the scanner/us no longer can or want. Seems like a smart thing to do to have a product saturation in the market (to a point)
Matterport Pro 3D Camera Package for Sale SurfaceAndEdge 7 8 yearsSurfaceAndEdge (4): It is sold. The buyer said it wasn't even going to be used for business. Seems like an expensive toy,don't you think? On the bright side, one less competitor.
Amazing new tech justinS 10 8 yearsDoyleRealtor (512): I have owned many phantoms and currently fly a inspire 1, what would you like to know?
Anyone selling camera? aschoof0010 1 8 yearsaschoof0010 (1): I am a Realtor looking to buy a Matterport camera. Would also be interested in purchasing accessories. Please send me message if interested. Thanks!
Scanning the market Bo911 11 8 yearsDoyleRealtor (512): Agreed, I'm anxious to see what they come up with. In review of my previous comment, I probably should have proof read it and clarified some of my points a little better.
Buying USED Matterport camera lexshan 8 8 yearsccctucker (154): If your going to go through eBay to make the sale at near new prices, buy new and take advantage of the full warranty and zero possibility of issues that may pop up after the eBay process is done. We didn't have a battery problem until after 6 months of use...
Camera for Sale jessetutt 9 8 yearsjessetutt (67): Thanks Dan! For those interested. This camera has to move, so I have dropped the price! Jesse
Wanting To Buy - Australia destef1 3 8 yearsdestef1 (1): Thanks mate that would be great!
Buy a Camera - Shipping in France Bcome 5 8 yearsAltitudeCinematic (7): @fabien Id love to hear more about what your doing! too bad we don't have any DYI hackers or something that could repurpose the matterport or expand it for more..
Virtually New Matterport Camera for Sale shannonbloemker 6 8 yearsavvideographer (1): HI Shannon was the camera sold ? Thanks! annie
Looking to buy a Matterport Camera edg1931 2 8 yearsjonrr52 (1): Hi, I am selling my barely used Matterport camera. I have all original packaging and will include overnight shipping in the sale price to anywhere in the USA (I am located in metro Detroit). Price is $4,300 OBO. Please email me at Thanks, Jon
Used Matterport Camera Wanted RenderingSpace 2 8 yearsjackye (13): My camera in like new. 2 shoots. How much are you willing to pay? Jackye Ferreira
Buying or Selling Used Matterport 3D Camera? nadia007 3 9 yearsBryn (133): I have one on ebay now. Here is the link.
Which Tripod are You Using and Why? CKC 12 9 yearsGarySnyder (1990): @DanSmigrod I to have a second tripod which I use for my Cannon to shoot for Business View. It's a Giottos Vitruvian VGRN 9255 which is a sweat little tripod. It's so compact and light, an ideal tripod to carry on my backpack. And no your're not obsessive. You like me believe in having the right tools for the job :)
Matterport Camera available now!!!! captureguy 3 9 yearscaptureguy (4): It says why we are selling it on the listing. We are being completely transparent. Same camera. We had not had time to list it until now and were not happy with 3K offers.
want to buy Matterport Camera WeinigerHomes 2 9 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): @WeinigerHomes Here's a Matterport 3D Camera available on eBay. It's mentioned in this Forum thread.
Looking for a camera in the EU Breezz 2 9 yearsDanSmigrod (29141): @Breezz Here's a Matterport 3D Camera available on eBay. It's mentioned in this Forum thread.
Anyone want to sell a camera? Canada 4 9 yearsTim (355): Ahhh, sort of...not for people that don't have them...