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Alignment Issuesx

'Alignment Issues' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Ricoh Z1 Matterport - alignment issue sdubose99 6 2 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): Yes! Nothing to stitch on the wall: just stitching between the two lenses down/up the hallway. Because that's in the distance, you will not see bad stitching. Dan
Video: Troubleshooting Matterport Issues DanSmigrod 6 2 yearsMatt19 (354): @ThinkLab That is interesting. I have had an Ipad Pro with 515 GB and 4 GB ram and it has always worked great since I have had the Matterport Pro 2 Camera. Did Matterport update something that requires more ram than it used to? By technology standards some would say my iPad is probably getting close to obsolete.
Car dealer virtual tour alignment problems with Insta360 ONE X MarcelloM 5 5 yearsJoakim360 (125): I think you guys have come to the correct solution. Im just wondering,are you shooting the cars with doors open or closed? Open doors align easier with photogrametry (360 cameras). It should be possible to shoot a few with the car doors open and then delete or hide them after everything inside has been aligned.
Moving objects or people in MP scans - problem with alignment? bryanhscott 10 5 yearslilnitsch (5490): @3SixtyNow I was in every scan of the tour above (far too many people to leave my Z1 alone) early the next morning I did go through and re-scan & I am in a scan or two but this was for my own purposes and got a lot of contacts doing so
Processing Error - Need Help !! tejas_mithapelli 18 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): @tejas_mithapelli Glad it worked out. Thanks for letting us know. Dan
Alignment Chaos Shakoure 10 5 yearsShakoure (556): @DulceG ... Thanks for inquiring. Actually, Dee at Matterport support took care of it. On her end, she has the capability to edit/move/align the scans individually, something that we don't have access to. I'm not sure of the actual process but she managed to put it in proper order. I now have a huge appreciation for her role at MP and what she was able to do for me.
Matterport Firmware Beta V623 versus 620? HarlanHambright 22 6 yearsjustinv (1044): Just to let you guys know I was able to complete the warehouse. The last two times I could only get to scan 14 with the firmware. Yes it still has a few issues but if you take a few extra scans, you should be fine.