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'ADA Compliant' Topics

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Video: GUESS Ensures Worldwide Branding Consistency with Matterport DanSmigrod 5 2 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): GUESS ensures brand consistency and 2x productivity with Matterport digital twins Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 11 July 2022
Transcript: WGAN-TV How and Why to Create ADA Compliant Matterport 3D Tours DanSmigrod 4 2 yearsmori (809): Some inspiration from resources I know to this topic: - - - - - - - And of course I would prefer a solution...
What Has to be in a Virtual Tour to Make it ADA Compliant? BarnesCreative 1 4 yearsBarnesCreative (89): What exactly makes a virtual tour ADA compliant? Watch this episode hosted by @dansmigrod for details and catch the whole series on ADA compliancy:
Enterprise Brands Are Often The Target for ADA Compliancy Lawsuits BarnesCreative 1 4 yearsBarnesCreative (89): Enterprise brands are being sought out more and more with lawsuits regarding their websites and media not being ADA compliant. @dansmigrod goes into the topic in this video and deep on the topic in this series:
ADA Compliance Does Not Have to Lead to Poor Design BarnesCreative 1 4 yearsBarnesCreative (89): There’s no need to sacrifice the look of your web page when adding ADA compliant virtual tours. We’ve designed a sleek player that includes all elements to keep you compliant and looking great. Check out our full series hosted by @dansmigrod on ADA Compliant virtual tours:
Many Serious Reasons to make your Virtual Tours ADA Compliant BarnesCreative 1 4 yearsBarnesCreative (89): There are many reasons to make your virtual tours ADA compliant, including potential lawsuits and large settlements. You can see at actual lawsuits that have been brought forth against unsuspecting businesses. Another reason to make tours compliant is simply because it's the right thing to do. You will be opening up your content to 20% more people by investing in the conversion. @Dansmigrod hosts this entire series exploring ADA...
The Undercover Huge Benefit When You Make Virtual Tours ADA Compliant BarnesCreative 1 4 yearsBarnesCreative (89): There's a massive benefit when you make virtual tours, or any media, ADA compliant. Check out this episode where @dansmigrod digs in about this not so talked about feature. There's a full series about ADA compliance if you have interest in learning more:
Digging Deeper into ADA Compliance & the ADA Compliant Virtual Tour Player BarnesCreative 1 4 yearsBarnesCreative (89): ADA compliance is so important to protect your brand from lawsuits but more importantly to open up your content to everyone. Matterport now offers our solution because the demand is rising. Learn more about the importance of accessibility with this series hosted by @dansmigrod.
Explore The Features of an ADA Compliant Virtual Tour BarnesCreative 1 4 yearsBarnesCreative (89): In this video @dansmigrod and I are showcasing the features inside the Barnes Creative Studios proprietary ADA compliant solution for virtual tours. If you would like to learn more about ADA compliance please check out our entire series of short videos:
ADA Compliance is not a scam here is why GlennTremain 10 4 yearsGlennTremain (2705): @immersivespaces yes you are. this is not a whine post this is a wake up call to get your site compliant and stop following the herd to bitch about lawyers rather than work on getting it compliant. First it's not expensive to start...and that avoids lawsuits....NONE of the instances you want to bring up had tried in the first place. In another post I made here I told you how to do it....or at least have lawyers looking at your site, seeing...
Who Could Be a Target of an ADA Compliant Lawsuit? BarnesCreative 11 4 yearsBarnesCreative (89): @glenntremain I clarify several times that we are talking about virtual tours specifically. I also call out during the series that if a website isn’t compliant then the virtual tour status is irrelevant because the site would fail from the get go.
Real Estate Agents should be aware of ADA Comnpliance BarnesCreative 2 4 yearsGlennTremain (2705): Don't think he is blowing smoke....this is real in Florida I have 5 clients say they have been called by an attorney wanting $5,000. The lawyer that tried to sue my client for $5,000? THEIR site fails ADA compliance Need more documentation ask florida realtors.this is what they got from Florida Realtors News...
What are Website Content Accessibility Guidelines? BarnesCreative 1 4 yearsBarnesCreative (89): More from the series on ADA compliancy hosted by @dansmigrod. You can explore the entire series here and learn more about how ADA compliancy may impact your business:
Status 2020: accessibility compliance of Matterport Tours mori 7 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @mori Yes. It's likely that you will have a great conversation with Atlanta-based Barnes Creative Studios Founder Steve Barnes (@BarnesCreative) regarding Matterport tours meets ADA compliance. Please keep us posted. Best, Dan
Matterport and ADA Compliant Virtual Tours BarnesCreative 1 4 yearsBarnesCreative (89): The discussion lead by @dansmigrod is about helping Matterport MSP's with info about creating an ADA compliant virtual tour. If you have interest in learning more there is an entire series on the topic:
Matterport and ADA Compliancy - Concerns and Benefits BarnesCreative 1 4 yearsBarnesCreative (89): Talking Matterport virtual tours and digital ADA Compliancy. Check out our full series hosted by @dansmigrod on accessibility and the importance and benefits of ADA compliance:
What is ADA Compliancy and What Type of Client Needs It? BarnesCreative 1 4 yearsBarnesCreative (89): Thanks @dansmigrod for the conversation around ADA compliant tours. It's a complicated topic that many virtual tour providers are just starting to hear about from clients.
Matterport ADA Compliant Virtual Tours BarnesCreative 11 4 yearsGETMYVR (1892): I'll give Barnes Creative some good props either way for coming up with this idea. It's going to help us all. Took me a little bit to let it all sink in.
WGAN-TV How & Why to Create ADA Compliant Matterport & Other Virtual Tours DanSmigrod 13 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): WGAN-TV How and Why to Create ADA Compliant Matterport and Other Virtual Tours Hi All, Below is the transcript for the WGAN-TV Live at 5 show (above): ✓ WGAN-TV How and Why to Create ADA Compliant Matterport and Other Virtual Tours Best, Dan Transcript (WGAN-TV Live at 5 video above) - Hello, I'm Dan Smigrod, founder of the We Get Around Network Forum, today is Thursday, March 19th, 2020, and you're watching WGAN-TV Live at 5. Our...
Free! ADA Compliant Matterport Digital Twin for Your Website DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): WGAN Forum Membership Benefit of the Week --- Grab of this white-label Americans with Disabilities Act ([url=]ADA) compliant Matterport Digital Twin[/url] courtesy of Oak Creek Homes, simply join the We Get Around Network Forum (free). ( Barnes Creative Studios provided the ADA related...
$40K Client Stops Spending $$$ with MSP: Matterport Tours Not ADA Compliant DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): ADA Compliant Virtual Tours - Convert Old Tours to be ADA Compliant | Video courtesy of Barnes Creative Studios YouTube Channel | 7 March 2020 $40,000 Client Stops Spending $$$$$ with MSP because Matterport Tours are Not ADA Compliant Hi All, Imagine have an enterprise client spend $40,000 with you - and then stop the planned additional $250,000 spend when their corporate office said the Matterport...
Please Help! - Matterport Not ADA Compliant? MagnaShow 13 6 yearsGeorge_WALKINTOUR (85): Perhaps have the label or computer voice tell the keyboard user what the object is when they bump into it? Like a wall, furniture, window, etc? Wouldn't that be a coding thing for Universal Access? It would also have to be an "Accessibility button" to allow the user to enter Univeral Access mode to enable VoiceOver. Similar to the Universal Access controls on a Mac.