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'Accounting' Topics

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Anyone found an easy way to accurately bill for Matterport hosting? Expertise 7 2 yearsExpertise (1075): Thanks, Dan. This might be the way to go.
Accounting & Fees: Does this sound reasonable to anyone? leeverdon 4 2 yearsDanielleNewson (17): I use Sure Payroll (online) for my S Corp, it's very easy. You just input what you are paying yourself and they calculate the taxes due, pull the amount from your bank account and pay the taxes for you, per your direction. You can generate lots of reports, W2, 1099 etc. They are about $35 per month. I pay my CPA $500 to prepare my corporate taxes. Good Luck! Danielle
Matterport Classic users - Check your October Bill VTLV 10 2 yearsVTLV (2685):
Free SQUARE processing on up to $1,000 in sales in the 1st 180 days DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28416): Grab: this WGAN Affiliate Link Hi All, Free SQUARE processing on up to $1,000 in sales in the 1st 180 days, when you use this WGAN Affiliate Link. Dan Related WGAN Forum Discussion ✓ Offer Gift Certificate NOW at a Discount for Later?
Accounting and Invoicing Software for Real Estate Photographers DanSmigrod 4 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28416): Photography For Real Estate (12 January 2020) What Business Accounting Software Do You Use?
TAX - Outside USA (Europe) MSP invoices LeventeSolczi 4 4 yearsLeventeSolczi (58): Thank you! :)